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[Group] SBF Honda Wave X

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Hi, I will rename dis thread for Wave-X :thumb:








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eh this really looks cool ^^ think thats the next wave for me ^^

Low Life Helmet Stealers shld just DIE

05-06 - FU*7*7A NSR SP (Proj Bee)

06-07 - FY*3*3L Wave S (Proj Bass)

07-07 - FN3**3M RVF 400 (Proj Black)

08-08 - FU**9*U KAWA ZX (Squeaky)

08-09 FBB***9D Pulsar DTS-i (Black)

10- FBC**98S SYM GTS

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its called a honda supra 125 x over there.




Supra 125 X like the one u are quoting is Indonesian Version of the Thai Wave S 125 06 model.

Look carefully.


Small pic.


Much bigger pic.



It's a totally different bike.

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I'm not interested in the body parts.

I'm going to get the exhaust system. Looks much better than the current model(like aftermarket) and furthermore it's legal.


The body kit won't be cheaper than the current model cuz need to purchase new head lights, tail lights and signal lights.

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