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Riding Skills Series: Slippery When Wet

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60% front

40% back

LEAF departure is B`cos of WIND pursit or TREE didn't ask her to stay?

U YEARN for wat u FANTASIZE den 2 realise who U should TREASURE...



你期望你所è¦å¾—, 但å´æ²¡æœ‰å‘现到你所真正ç惜的



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hmmm....to me.. ride slowly and steady during raining day is the most important

Once A Biker..Always A Biker



Curiosity Kills The Cat, Ignorance Kills You!!

2003-2003 Cagiva mito7 FM7837*

2003-2007 WR200 FP8814*

2005-2007 Super 4 Vetec FR5088*

2007-2008 K1 750 FZ2880*

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Guest aird

cannnn, the shop is at Tampines there. Don't know what that place is called lah but it is inside the industrial park nearest the Tampines SAFRA. If i remember correctly the shop is called Jackspeed. Don't know still there or they still selling it. The price quite expensive but i think its more useful than a full face helmet...

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wonder whether u all came across this cruve road from BKE into KJE.. there're these saw-tooth drains across the road, 2 of them are on the straighter portion of the road, so no problem. but the last one is across quite a sharp curve, everytime i can sense my rear tire skid at bit going through it on raining days.. a bit of phobia liao....


:weep: well , i am also one of the victim of those saw-tooth , happened at the merging road from toa-payoh to PIE(jurong) .. .. .water plus cornering at saw tooth = skid on tar road for 10meters . .. .. :cry:

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Not to mention these metal plates, but even in wet conditions... those road markings / paints r kinda slippery as well. Got a rude shock and felt my rear slide a little when I negiotiated a left slip road with zebra crossing when i first got my license. "phew"...

"Contemplate thy powers, contemplate thy wants and thy connections; so shalt thou discover the duties of life, and be directed in all thy ways."

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Normally rainy days I use 75% rear brake . If skid I prefer rear tyre skid easier to control if front tyre skid :giddy:


I experience once rainy day expressway front tyre skid cause put more brake on the front (clutch worngly) nearly fall off man.


Another thing I like to add avoid the paint on the road during rainy days there is more chances of skidding on that area.

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the bukit merah exit from CTE(city) danger man. when the road is wet, better watch out. when i buanged that time, another bike buanged minutes later and a car skidded all the way out

Current rides: Ducati 999 and X9 500 SL

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Another Danger/Accident area is at the exit to Bedok along PIE toward Changi Airport. I see vehicles (mostly cars) skid almost everyday!


Although an "Accident Area" sign board was there for years, I still see many vehicles skidded along this flyover. So guys becareful. :pray:

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened.

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The Best thing to do on raining days , is dont speed,

go about 40km/h or less, Remeber life is precious,


You dont one ne1 crying :pity:


:pity: :pity: 40km/h road hogging leh..

ard 50-70km/h is alright larh..

2003-2004 NSR SP150

2004-2004 DUcati Monster 400

2004-2006 Suzuki Gixxer 400

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Can do those drifting turns like those Dirtbikes anot.

POwer SKidssss

Stylo Milo!


If got the guts and skill, why not?


but when you fall it's not falling on dirt bro.... it's the rough and hard road plus the barriers, cars, and lorries and all.....



Even the smallest spark can start a massive forest fire...


Quotable Quotes: If you ride a motorcycle often, you will be killed riding it. That much is as sure as night follows day. Your responsibility is to be vigilant and careful as to continue to push that eventuality so far forward that you die of old age first

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i fell braking on wet road is best done with more engine brakes than applying direct preassure on the brakes.


DO not panic and jam the brakes hard, this is the last thing you wanna do on a wet road.


By tapping the rear brake consistantly than slowly applying preasure to it does help stop safely.



Power is nothing without control



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Don't go Fast on Wet Weather.

Cautious. :shades:


"But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. Now if you know what you're worth then go out and get what you're worth."

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Guest ZZR-Pilot

Actually, wet weather riding can be fun because it forces you to be better at everything, especially throttle control.


I've gone on trips with really fierce-looking Ducati riders complete with leather suits, but the minute it rains... wah liao... they all damn scared... take corners all stiff upright... damn slow some more...


Riding in the wet can be quite revealing of your riding skills.

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Tomolo prac 4 e-brake~ :giddy: Today pass prac 3 1st try! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


[¯*林德金 超級摩托 飆車隊 *¯]

** signature editted. unauthorised advertising **

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Guest ColdFusion_GT

i think on rainy is best to use 50% engine brake while 20%front and 30% rear.its is more safe to use engine brake and its sort of abs system haha and as for IRC tyres...the very day i bought my new kips i change the tyres to dunlops one already soi really dun know hw lousy irc tyres are.but i wont risk it! CheerS!

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i change frm IRC to Metzeler tyres upon buying the bike. Better to be safe thn sorry :sweat:.


Bicycle skids more easily cuz of lightweight. Whenever there's rain and i'am riding on rd, a car infront e-brake it will send me skidding behind. So, this makes me to ride more carefully on m/cycle whenever it rains. cuz car brakes much better thn us. Though m/cycle brakes better thn bicycle bt it's harder to control if it skids. When riding in rainy conditions, reduce more speed and lean more carefully the moment ur nt riding on tarmac. cuz they don't grip well especially when wet.


happy riding :cheer:

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I think tyre and brake is very important...i mean dun save on this stuff...one +- year change once only...(unless u hard core rider lah then i lan lan). But no matter rain or shine...pls ride with care...what for you rush, save on 5-10 min...think- we rider are surrounded by wat and other mode of transport driver are surrounded by wat? we buang into them, we injure ourself(death sometime) and still must pay them $$$...they buang into you, u get $$$ but u also get injure...for wat, not worth it... (plus kana fine/pts sometime)


last time i just pass my 2B i admit i was reckless too...but after one accident, i realise: reckless = accident rate higher = accident happen = money spent on repair = not worth it at all.


if die die wanna have high speed thrill...PLSSSSSSSSS go track or somewhere safe(i dun know in Singapore got or not). Not for urself but for others.


i understand ppl when first pass will wanna try out their new found access to speed...here i just hope that ppl out there will think first b4 any action.


for me it take me 1 accident to wake up. hope other will need not even 1.

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