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  2. Thanks for the info. I thought I'd seen the pricelist before but couldn't find it when I went looking again. Must admit the prices are a LOT more than I paid here in Australia - more than 3x. Do you know if quoted prices include COE or if that is additional? Might have to look into the complex import process as it is under 3 years old so I understand will be ok.
  3. Hello @FraserY, welcome to Singapore! It is almost impossible, if not extremely difficult to import your vehicle into Singapore. Unless it is a classic model, which you can then import under the Classic Registration scheme, you would almost certainly be better off selling your Ducati in Australia and buying another one in Singapore. You can find a price list (albeit a few months old) of the official Ducati Singapore dealer here in Singapore located in the thread below: The current Monster 950 is retailing for S$39,800. If you do swing by, mentioned SingaporeBikes.com and i'm sure the guys there will take good care of you!
  4. Fellow Ducati riders...... I am moving to Singapore in the next 6 months (with any luck). I am contemplating importing my Ducati Monster 659 from Australia but it looks very complicated. I am finding it difficult to find prices for a Ducati Monster in Singapore. I have found a dealer but prices seem a bit of a mystery on the web at least. Any advice appreciated.
  5. In the spirit of giving, the guys at Ducati Singapore spent a fulfilling Saturday with their fellow Ducatisti to share the joy of this Lunar New Year festivity to children from under-privileged families.
  6. Just for laughs.. Those knobblies do look awesome on the Panigale though.

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