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  2. Check out that carbon fibre weave detail, looks amazing! Don't think i've seen another Aerox that is more modified than this one! And it's an Aerox 155 V2 to boot! I think the new facelifted headlights are a really nice touch! Enjoy the pictures!
  3. Excellent video, i think the new headlights are an especially nice touch. Any current Aerox owners upgrading to the new 2021 Aerox?
  4. My aerox also can... It is the rider cannot...
  5. Certainly looks like it. @Pisces44 Your Aerox can?
  6. power la who said aerox got no power hahaha. shared from biker whatsapp group 46853211_207474110967999_9048666968326203464_n.mp4
  7. aerox keyless is w abs aerox R comes w gas tank rear suspension & front wavelike disc wheel (something like that). Use key & no abs.
  8. Official owner's / user manual for the Yamaha AEROX 155. Like and share with your fellow AEROX owners! 452645314_YamahaAerox155OwnersManual-SingaporeBikes.com.pdf
  9. Hello Aerox club members, Looking through the sales listings i see many variants of the Aerox for sale, some keyless, some with key, some are stated as the "R" variant. Does anyone knows the specification differences between these models? Would be very helpful for current and potential Aerox owners! Thanks!
  10. it is the default matt red u can see on the road everyday.... so far only change the rear suspension (RCB).
  11. Btw, any pictures of your bike? Have you done any mods to it? Thinking of getting a 2nd hand Aerox to do food delivery..
  12. Welcome! Hope to see the Aerox community on SBF grow! Facebook & Whatsapp/Telegram is great for informal chat and arranging meetup kopi sessions, but unfortunately none of the data and information is kept to help owners in future and the same questions keep getting repeated over and over again. Hopefully with clubs on SBF, we can retain good knowledge on the maintenance and servicing of Aerox, common problems, and best modifications to do!
  13. I am the 1st one .... Riding a red aerox 155 keyless ....

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