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~~~Never Buang B4~~~


Buang B4?  

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  1. 1. Buang B4?

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U all got kana when pushing bike with both legs while sitting on bike doing a U turn in carpark... den front wheel kana plastic bag, u press front brake and fall down slow motion....


2003-2004 NSR SP150

2004-2004 DUcati Monster 400

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Originally posted by raptor0x@Mar 20 2004, 02:38 AM

1st month to 6th month


1)Front end gave way ( IRC tyre)

Mistake : Jam brake when riding over fresh liquid form cement

Location : outside Pan Pacific Marina square


2)Hit curb while filtering and checking blind spot ( IRC tyre)

Mistake : Concentrate too much on checking blind spot and hit curb

Location : outside houngang Police station


3)Front end gave way ( IRC tyre)

Mistake : Jam brake when going down slope when suddenly lights change to red.

Location : Upper Thomson going toward AMK ave 5


4)Jam brake and did a "fail stoppie" unintentionally

Mistake : was day dreaming and nearly hit a wrx, jam brake and bike flipped foward like doing a stoppie... it was 180 degree the bike flipped

Location : Outside NYP , AMK ave 10


5)Hit my friend's pillion pegs

Mistake : was tailgating and suddenly he jam brake.

Location : Jalan Kayu


6)Taxi hit me

Mistake : He was turning right and i was going straight ( i was on the right of way).

A little bit slower im under the taxi.

Location : North bridge Road infront of Bugis junction


7)Rear wheel jammed

Mistake : riding a skipper when the rear wheel bearing gave way and jammed the whole wheel. Was doing 60km/h and fish tail all the way till it stop as skipper got no clutch.

Location : Lentor Ave


8)Front end gave way

Mistake : Raining and was doing a u-turn. when over the drain and fell.

Location : Selegie Car Park


9)Front end gave way

Mistake : This ang mo crossing the raod and he dance cha cha ( go to cross and went back) infront of me, jammed brake and skidded

Location : Mohammed Sultan RD on 21/3/2004 1pm or so

ya you are right, just now only... damn....


Not counting i drop my bike in carpark + lending my friend the bike and he buang due to lack of experience..


Its a whopping 9 accident i got for myself in my 2 years of riding.

I must thank god that he gave me chances after chances for me to try again..



Hope i had learn from my mistake and so could you ...

Actually, most of the above accident can be prevented i had been more alert, going at a slower speed and using correct and recommend equipments..

power sia :giddy: :giddy: :giddy:



I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. --- by Winston Churchill (1874 -1965)


Always expect the unexpected!


Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind.


Driving on the highway is not a competition. It is a cooperation, the sharing of a limited resource. --- Matt Reed


STOC #5806

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so far buang dun have..., only kana ride n mount kerb, bike fly! so goes my heart.. squeese taxi leg hit taxi backside damm pain.. pillion helmet kok car side doors...im against buang,ride safetly ride alert ride patiently. dun believe taboo believe yr skilL! peace to all ! =D

'R6' RedlineRocketRedesignRazor sharpRevolutionaryReward 6.


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Haha....good question...Even the best riders in MotoGP buang before....Every rider will have an accident..if not major,minor one. "touch wood".Its not to curse people but riders will tend to fall or skid or watsoever....Even people who drive will get into accidents....Its like a trend... :smile: For myself...i never buang during my 2B days but buang during my 2A days...sad but true...No escaping... haha :smile:



I just broke my record for JB-KL timing

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me buang one time only, it in the driving centre at the e-brake station.

i think i lost concentration then suddenly jam the front brake without jamming the rear brake. The bike skidded , luckly no serious injuries , just my jean a bit torn n a minor stratch on my knee. Becareful when riding a bike , once u lose concentration or made a mistake, it fatal n dangerous. Hope all riders dun buang or get into accident .......

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i mostly buang due to traveling at high speed.1 time buang because tyre panjek during a cornering bikre skid.........so till nw everytime before i ride i always made sure my tyre got air.

tis r some of the habit i practice


1)clamped ur leg togther on to the fuel tank always.tis give better(control) feel when riding, conering and also during e brake(tried it on the down slope fm changi

towards pasir ris on raining day.bike skid but manage to pull the bike straight (heng!!)


2)when during conering .u vision should aim for the exit of the bend.u react faster if u feel that ur bike is difting.


3)use counter steering when 1 2 avoid objects on road


4)put two finger on the brake lever if too many traffic on rd.tis give me faster reaction time


tis is my 2 cent :sweat:

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Kissed a proton wira at toa payoh near the MAC..Luckily uncle more worried abt me than his car. In the end,paid him a sum for his spoilt right rear light. My friend went down at the bend going into marina south.Kenna rubbish truck water andplastic bag.. He was behind me, i tot he bua his footrest :cheeky: luckily just a skid but damn loud.. :giddy:


~My 2 stroke never fails to set my heart racing~

I am slow please don't bully me.

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4 cases altogether, all very minor ones.


1st case - lack of skill:

1997, in Phuket rented cub kia, throttled too hard, released foot brake too hard, bike wheelie, wobbled and fell, bike slightly scratched and knee slightly scratched, pillioned wife, also knee slightly scratched. paid abt $100 to rental coy for damage.


2nd case - lack of skill

2002, fell when pressed front brake wo pressing rear brake, bike dropped, no damage, no injury.


3rd case - 3rd party fault

2003, taxi hit me from behind at slip road, bike fell, driver helped me to pick up bike and paid me $20 for slight scratched, repainted myself with a can of paint costing $15.


4th case - over-estimate myself, take risk

2004 hit rear door of car when I tried to squeeze trafic, raised my hand to signal sorry, car driver signal ok, heng. Went home cannot find any scratches.



5th case, no more, I hope.


Hi, guys, if u can classify ur cases into various root causes, then u'll learn from it and do not repeat the mistake.

People ask me, "Why ride bike?" I ask them back :"Why drive car?"

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wow lan b4 i even got my cl2B already kana knock by car inside SSDC:giddy:

during my first 18mths of cl2B buang 1 time, kiss the front vech once and kock a van on the side once:sweat:


phew, since then ride very defencive, touch wood :cheeky:

1991-Katana125 1992-GN125 1993-Terminator250 1995-Intruder400 1996-ZX-7RRP1 & Charade1L 1996-Vulcan800 1998-Accent1.5L 2001-CorollaXLI 2002-TDM900 2005-Phamton150 2006-FJR1300 2007-KLE500 & WRX JDM 2010-Spark135 & Legacy GT 2012-Focus SW & Sylphy 2015-V Strom 650XT & D Tracker, 2016-Cross Country & RS4 125, 2017-Moto Guzzi V7ii Stone

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**** i've never had an accident involving a collision and i hope i never will, u people talk about these mishaps as if it will happen to everyone, i wonder when my turn will come :(


worst 'accident' that ever happened was an e brake thks to taxi cutting in front of me to pick up a passenger, ended up with a small stoppie and my crotch on the fuel tank. yes

not on the seat but on the top of the fuel inlet hatch. luckily i managed to slide back down and slowly ride to the road side to curl up from my busted balls. (hey im still potent phew*)

SingaporeBikes Forum Rules & Regulations

Please use the search function if you have a question.

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A major contributor to bike accidents is the lack of concentration. Mick Doohan was quoted as saying that he was able to win for so long because his level of concentration was highly intense. Even among top racers, the rider's mind can lose attention on the race... eg thinking of the scratch on his car that morning etc.


Even for us road riders, I think the same applies. For me, I must constantly tell myself to get back to focus on the road conditions and traffic and riding, instead of thinking about all the little problems at work, at home, where to eat etc etc... I know I definitely ride more carelessly if my mind drifts.


Ride safe bros.


"Thy fate is the common fate of all;

into each life some rain must fall" - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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i also wanna thank god for letting me live after numerous close shaves, got this one time the mech change flat tyre for me, forgot to put back ball bearing, din realised it until next servicing.. wtf!! all along riding w/o front ball bearing in my wheel...

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Originally posted by wait4me@Nov 26 2005, 05:02 PM

buang but still alive is better than buang and not alive

i have a friend who buang for onli that 1 time and he is no longer here already

bless him

Wat happen? How did it happen? Care to share wif SBF ppl?


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Originally posted by wait4me@Nov 26 2005, 05:02 PM

buang but still alive is better than buang and not alive

i have a friend who buang for onli that 1 time and he is no longer here already

bless him

shall revive this topic hehe


a fren of mine was like that too... but that was more than 10yrs ago...


he was only 16 and in school... buang once and its the last for him... sad...

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