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[Info] Basic Malay & Thai Language


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I'm adding some more phrases useful to read road signs and to pay for your petrol in Malay, and sorted them out in alphabetical order :)


This will be the FIRST COPY. Any subsequent addition or proposal for addition will be updated in this list to keep this thread tidy & neat.


The following terms are general terms u may need to use for communication with locals or from traffic signage:



Saya tak boleh cakap (Pronounced: cha-cup) Bahasa Melayu = I don't speak Malay

Saya faham Bahasa Inggeris saja = I only understand English.


Numbers: (Note: they're somewhat the same structure as how you say it in Chinese)

1 - satu

2 - dua

3 - tiga

4 - empat

5 - lima

6 - enam

7 - tujuh

8 - lapan

9 - sembilan

10 - sepuluh - **-puluh= -ty (as in twenty, thirty, etc)

11 - sebelas - **-belas= -teen (as in fifteen, sixteen, etc)

12 - dua belas

13 - 3 belas

20 - dua puluh

21 - dua puluh satu

30 - 3 puluh


100 - seratus

255 - dua-ratus lima-puluh lima


1000 - seribu

8001 - lapan-ribu satu


Months of the year

Januari, Februari, Mac, April, Mei, Jun, Julai, Ogos, September, Oktober, November, Disember


(How the months of the year in Bahasa are pronounced sound the same as in English.)


Road Signs the usual ones u see along roads in Malaysia


Kereta (ke-ray-ter) = Car

Motosikal (moto-see-kah'l) = Motorcycle

Superbike = Sportbike

Lori = Lorry (Am. Eng: Truck)


AWAS = Caution!

ANGIN LINTANG = Crosswind (angin-wind)

BAHAYA / MERBAHAYA = Danger / Dangerous






--> Jalan Sehala = One-way street


(There was one funny story where a caucasian mistook "Jalan Sehaha" as a road name. He told the taxi driver to bring him to there, but never got to his destination)












Masuk = Enter

Keluar = Exit (Remember your NS days? "Keluar baris")


Jangan Masuk = Do not enter

Dilarang Memotong = No overtaking





Mula = Begin

Tamat = End


Ikut kiri kecuali memotong = Keep left unless overtaking

Nyalakan Lampu Bila Kabus = Light up when foggy

Zon perangkap had laju = Speed trap zone




--> Road block (lit: Stop, police checks)


Persimpangan Ayer Keroh = Ayer Keroh exit (persimpangan = expressway interchange)

Hentian Sebelah Seremban = Seremban lay-by (i.e. R&R rest area)


Toll Booths


Tunai Sahaja = This lane accepts cash only

"Touch-n-Go" Sahaja = "Touch-n-Go" only

SmartTAG = For vehicles with a Touch-n-Go IU.

Tambah Nilai = Lane to top up Touch-n-Go **


** My Malaysian friend says not all big cities have top up facilities; only the minor towns. And oh, bikes don't need to pay toll.


Vehicle signs

Awas!... = Caution!...

...Muatan Panjang = ...Big vehicle/Vehicle is carrying oversized load.

...Treler Panjang = ...Long trailer.




--> "Vehicle complaint hotline"

(LPKP = Vehicle Licensing and Trade Board)


On big oil tankers:

Mudah terbakar = Flammable (literally: can catch fire)


At Petrol Stations

Dilarang Merokok = No smoking (something a lot ppl dun notice or choose to ignore :nono:)

Matikan enjin = Switch off engine

Sila dapatkan sabun & tisu dari kaunter/juruwang = Please get soap and tissue from the counter/cashier

Tong Sampah = Trash bin


What you or they may say:

Pam berapa? = (What's your) pump number?

Penuh = Full (petrol fill-up)

Kuning? Merah? = The green/red one? (RON95 and 97 are color coded so state what you want to the attendant)


Sepuluh ringgit saja ah! = 10 ringgit only alright?


Berapa? = How much? (If this word is used in an i.e. shop or petrol station)

Boleh bayar dengan kad kredit? = Can use credit card to pay?


Bayar dulu! = Pay first! (before filling up petrol)


nak = want

tak nak = don't want


air (Pronounced: eye-air) - water (H2O)

angin (Pronounced: ang-ein) - air (O2)


makan angin = sightseeing (lit.: eating air)


Di mana tandas? = Where is the toilet?

Lelaki (lay-lah-key)= Male

Perempuan (pe-rerm-puan)= Female

Wanita = Lady


Food and Drink


Makanan = Food (makan = to eat)

Minuman = Drinks (minum = to drink)

Nasi = Rice

Nasi Lemak = (self-explanatory)


Teh Ais Lemon = Ice Lemon Tea

Teh Ais Limau = Ice Lime Tea

Kopi-O = Black coffee





Left = Kiri

Right = kanan

Keep left/right = Ikut kiri/kanan

Turn left/right = Belok kiri / kanan (remember your NS days?)

(Go) straight = Terus(kan)

Centre = Tengah


ini/itu = this/that

sini/sana = here/there


Macam mana saya boleh pergi ke Genting dari sini? = How can I get to Genting from here?


Dekat = near

Jauh (pronounced: Jah-oh) = far


North - Utara

South - Selatan

East - Timur

West - Barat


Pls feel free to post replies if u find anything missing ya...its just a scratch copy.
Edited by redbeacon
Corrected translation mistakes and added literal meanings for some of the words

Co-Moderator for IT -inerary forum

Biker nerd • Windows • Apple Mac • Android user


"Kick up your sidestand bro, let's ride..."

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wrong info pal. :goodluck:


1 pm = Bi nin

2 pm = Bi song

3 pm = Bi Sam

4 pm = See mong yen

5 pm = Ha mong ye

6 pm = Hok mong yen

7 pm = Nin toom

8 pm = Song toom

9 pm = Sam toom

10 pm = See toom

11 pm = Ha toom

Mid night = Thung coon


Your info also salah...

post almost 2 years ago and no one correct??


0000hrs = Tiang Keun

1am = Tee Neung

2am = Tee Song

3am = Tee Sam

4am = Tee See

5am = Tee Haa

6am = Hok Mong Chao

7am = Jet Mong Chao

8am = Pat Mong Chao

9am = Gow Mong Chao

10am = Sib Mong Chao

11am = Sib-et Mong Chao

12pm = Tiang

1pm = Bai Neung

2pm = Bai Song

3pm = Bai Sam

4pm = See Mong Yen

5pm = Haa Mong Yen

6pm = Hok Mong Yen

7pm = Nueng Toom

8pm = Song Toom

9pm = Sam Toom

10pm = See Toom

11pm = Haa Toom


3.30pm = Bai Sam Krueng

Krueng = Half


Year = Pee

Month = De-un

Week = Ah Teet

Day = Wan

Hour = Choo Mong

Minute = Nah Tee

Second = Wii Nah Tee

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Month of the Year


January = Mok-ga-la-kom

February = Gom-pa-pan

March = Mii-na-kom

April = May-sa-yon

May = Preu-se-pa-kom

June = Mii-tu-na-yon

July = Ga-ra-ga-da-kom

August = Sing-ha-kom

September = Gan-ya-yon

October = Too-la-kom

November = Preu-se-ji-ka-yon

December = Tan-wa-kom


You can actually omit the last syllable when speaking

as it just to determine the number of days in the month..


Kom = 31days

Yon = 30days

Pan= 28days

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ในฟอร์รั่มนี้มิ ฅนไทย ป่ะ


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u remind me of a thai word..haha..almost cost me some monetery loss at a BKK night market..


for those who know how to say cheap (cheap as in: not expensive) in cantonese, the exact pronounciation in thai means the total opposite! hahaha..


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