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:cheeky: to all bike kakis here!


ex-owner of a mito125 here


just to share a lobang..


i went to jurong scrapyard last few days


and to my shock and happiness+sadness(cuz i sold mine recently)




RED mito125 evo type Tanks,fairing,tail set.got machiam 1 seater lei~!

head fairing cant find at the outside but think they shld have it too

cond need to polish i guess!haha(rare item!~)




block,gear sets they mentioned they got keep~!


give it a try bro!its 1st party deal thru scrapyard!

just a gauge fer the price

super4 block +4 pistons =$150(condition still healthy)

vespa all they have..





go to 27 jalan buroh!

its 1 way straight frm jurong point(boonlay way)there!


anyway,anyone have contact for other MOTORbike scrapyards?

the sungei kadut there..loyang i heard theres 1!cheers


gathered all the scrapyards address:

hope it helps =)


27 Jalan Buroh,

Ah Ann trading..

Opening 9am - 5pm


Hup Lee Leong Hardware Pte Ltd

26 Sungei Kadut St 3 Singapore 729153

Tel: 6363 5055 6367 0019


Mondays to Fridays:

8.30am - 6pm


8.30am - 5pm


Kim Hock Recycling (Pte) Ltd

10 Benoi Road

Singapore 629885

Tel: 6862 3883


Mondays to Fridays:

9am - 12pm, 1pm - 6pm


9am - 12pm, 1pm - 5pm


King's Metal (S) Pte Ltd

16 Pioneer Sector 2

Singapore 628377

Tel: 6862 1955


Mondays to Fridays:

8.30am - 6pm


8.30am - 5pm


Lim Asia Steel Pte Ltd

11 Pioneer Sector 3

Singapore 628346

Tel: 6862 9109


Mondays to Fridays:

8.30am - 5pm


8am - 1pm


NatFerrous Pte Ltd


9 Jurong Pier Road

Singapore 619161

Tel: 6268 2862


Mondays to Fridays:

8am - 4pm


8 am - 12pm


YLS Steel Pte Ltd

1 Wan Shih Road Singapore 627901

Tel: 6861 9833



Mondays to Fridays:

9am -6pm


9am - 1pm

Thanks arsonist

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shld hav here and there(parts)


esp. those FP plate sp


maybe the cdi.without restriction!


check it out if u want to!=)


if got oso dunno izzit really fp cdi anot lei... cos sp got no serial no. on the cdi... maybe pple change liao we oso dunno lei...


Live with the life you always taught us

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true also ah...haaa..tot got label or something...=)


no lable one.. tat y if pple buying fp plate cdi got to becareful huh.. :cheeky:


Live with the life you always taught us

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Got RXZ parts or not ar?


bro rxz,rxk,lc,vespa sure confirm have one

just ask.they sure have one

if lucky u can get original y1 block

but bring yur own ruler to measure the diameter


good lucks


Thanks arsonist

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A very valuable info for us, thks bro........



sure things bro!one day i help others

who noes 1 day i need help u guys come to help :cheeky:

haha kidding2 dont expect any in-return..

but u guys shld really give it a try


good lucks

Thanks arsonist

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wah your S4 do up till so nice ar... my new bike skipper 125 needs some aftermaket fairings.. do you think they have? call me if you wana go there for some shopping and coffee..




hi lim!its been a long time since i last hear frm u

when i collected the bike from u...bro msg me lei

i need to ask u here and there!cheers =)



cool!!!....thanx for the info...

what are the opening hours?


its after 9 am-5pm but the boss will

go to his scrap yard at 2pm usually..


Thanks arsonist

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Hello everyone


as always.got a lobang to share!


was checking out 27 Jln Buroh Ah Ann Scrapyard


and to everyone good news theres a Version S FQ6680 being scrap

dunno if the owner is frm the forum!just arrive the scrap shop yesterday.


everyparts can be deal thru Ah Ann!1st party dealing here...

wanted to take pic but my batt went flat.shitty la


frm wad i see the bike:

1)Brembo frnt brake pump both sides there

2)Showa suspension...still very hard,not saggy!but black spring abit rusty.

3)Chrome 3 pt crash bar..minor scratches due to the accident on left

4)Sportec M1 Tyres..damn good condition lei rate 9/10,still got hair,not lying

5)Fairing,tank blue set with honda wings,redbull decal..nice but not to my liking =) condition 8.5/10..or shld rate better!


7)Gold chain but nvr realise the brand leh..a lil fading

8)Black Rim,fork all still intact

9)Radiator still there

10)Block,piston,head cyclinder all there..dunno if got leak coolant prob.

11)etc etc..alot to list down!


the reason i nvr get those accs cuz i OVerspent fer my projects liao lei!

sad luh...hope this lobang comes to a help to all the bros out there!

before parts got rob by other customer

faster grab if u want! =)



Thanks arsonist

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