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Aprilia STX/ETX 150


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This is probably long overdue but this is my opinions and thoughts after riding the bike (ETX 150 model) for 6 months. Let me said the pros, cons and lastly conclusion. :p


Here are the good things about the bike:

1) The bike have very good fuel consumption of 33~34km/litre which amounts to more than 600+km with its 18 litre fuel capacity. This is based on me riding within 90 to 100+ km/hour speed on highway.


2) Max speed that I have tried on this bike is 116km/hr at full throttle and no shakiness of handlebar. It is easy to achieve 100+ km/hour when riding.


3) I like the seat because it is comfortable and there is this hump thing in-between rider and passenger seat which "protects" your buttock area and also prevent passenger from sliding if brake too hard. I am not sure if this is good or bad but the rear brake works very well. Press a bit and it gets into action to slow down the bike (the bad part will be continued in the cons area below).


4) The inverted fork (ETX 150 model only) is good at absorbing potholes on the road. Not that I abuse the bike by purposely going over pothole but it happened once.



Here are the bad things about the bike:

1)As mentioned above by Michael Peh, rust can be spotted at certain parts of the bike. I am worried about corrosion and also trying to find ways to prevent the rust from further spreading.


2) The rear brake is so good that if you press too much, the bike will skid, even on dry road. This is probably due to the 50/50 dual sport tyre setup or the tyre is just bad because it is brand-less.


3) I am not sure if this only happens to my bike or for all the STX/ETX models but when it is raining heavily, my bike cannot start or will suddenly die while riding. It will take a while before I can start the bike again. Anyone knows why?


4) I guess replacement parts is hard to get because the bike is brand new in the market. Hopefully there will be some parts coming!


All those mentioned above are my pros and cons of the bike. Will I suggest this bike to beginners? If you are looking for fuel efficient bike, yes why not. But if you are looking for 2B bike that can go above 120km/hr or very particular about China bike, this is not the bike for you. Hope that helps anyone who is interested in the bike. :)

Hi bro may i know what makes the bike shut off when raining? Im facing this problem now even unique mechanic cant solve the problem.

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