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Lovers of vintage classics and custom motorcycles unite! This is a Singapore group to arrange meetups, talk shop and post about your favourite rides. If you are a rider or a bike lover, we welcome you to join this group by telling us more of where you are from, your current bike/bikes and post an inspiration or two of your favorites.
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  2. Bro James recently shared in the Singapore Classic Motorcycle Group that he had actually written in to LTA to request for approval to run his classic 1967 Triumph Daytona motorcycles and have actually gotten the written approval from them that side indicators are not required as "the manufacturer did not originally installed turn signals or side indicators on the motorcycle from the factory". From LTA feedback e-mail: So if you have a classic motorcycle that do not currently have indicators and you would like to keep the original look of the motorcycle, do write in to LTA and submit the relevant documents as required to prove your case and hope for the best! There is now precedence of LTA approving on a case by case basis which is a good thing! You should try to provide: 1) Notes and photos from actual production year that the motorcycle did not come from factory with indicators 2) Paperwork from manufacturer stating the that classic motorcycle was produced without factory indicators 3) Relevant laws and paperwork of home country of production stating indicators were not a requirement during that time period Good luck! Sample picture of a 1967 Triumph Daytona without factory side indicators
  3. Thanks to Mike Fong for the picture. Brings back memories and unfortunately the NEA culling will mean no such classics on our roads soon (albeit still possible with a classic plate). From Mike Fong:
  4. Another meetup held at Kallang KFC by the Singapore Classic Motorcycle Group, on the 29th of January 2021. Thanks to Ody Hill for the pictures! Some beautiful classics from Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Norton, and the fan favourite a Honda CB350 in pristine condition! And what a load of antique number plates to boot! Link to full gallery here: Some sample pictures:
  5. Thanks to bro @SFchallenge for sharing. Beautiful bikes, pictures, and prices that we will never see again! Definitely brings back some good memories.. Do you have any old cuttings or motorcycle magazines or newspapers to share? As they say, old is gold..
  6. The world record for longest motorcycle trip belongs to Argentinean Emilio Scotto, who left home on January 17, 1985 and returned on April 2, 1995, having covered a total of 735,000 km and visited 214 countries and independent territories! Emilio rode the entire journey on a Honda motorcycle - the legendary 1980 GL1100 Gold Wing, nicknamed the "Black Princess". For ten years "Princess" has used 47,000 liters of fuel, 1,300 liters of oil, 86 tires, 12 batteries and 9 seats! For all 735,000 km, only one engine change was required. Upon returning home, Emilio wrote The Longest Ride, in which he described his amazing journey on 224 pages. Cool story!
  7. Film was probably shot recently, but the filters give it a very nostalgic feeling. With the increasing clamp down on older bikes, this scene would probably not be around in the years to come. Let's save the classics!

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