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If you are currently riding a Vespa here in Singapore, this club is exclusively for you! Come join us for rides, outings and make many new friends. We look forward to meeting you! Cheers!
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  2. Ohh so sad.... Understand that many vespa lovers in Sin but surprisingly don't have group chat. Well my vespa, named BV is good. Yes! Looking forward for the vespa outing.
  3. @Yewuco Not that i'm aware, but you can chit chat here in Vespa Club! How's your GTS 150 doing? Might organise a Vespa outing once society returns to normal..
  4. Hi, Any vespa group chat in singapore?
  5. Special promotion with Le Bistrot Du Sommelier for Vespa owners by Mah Pte Ltd! Indulge in a special Vespa Pic Nic treat in the middle of the city! From the revolutionary Vespa Primavera, the Vespa Pic Nic is born - created with features that give off the vibe of a relaxing picnic day. Celebrate the launch of Vespa Pic Nic in Singapore, and live more spontaneously. Flash your Vespa key at Le Bistrot Du Sommelier and get an exclusively curated picnic box at just $55 nett. Serving size is for 4, so grab a few friends and hang out together! Vespa owners also enjoy 5% off Le Bistrot Du Sommelier’s wines and ala carte menu. Come on down to 53 Armenian Street (next to Singapore Management University) and check out the new Vespa Pic Nic, while you indulge in a tantalising collection of hearty, tasty, classic French food and an unusual selection of natural wines. Promo ends 31 May 2021, so hurry down now.
  6. As above, thanks to Chris Pong for the pictures! Very attractive Vespas with very similar mods! Especially liking the front rack and windscreen! Vespas are getting really popular now in Indonesia and there's a whole cult following going on there. Will we start to see Vespa prices in Singapore increase?
  7. First ride of the year! Nice to have new friends joining us! As ex-committee members of VCS, we strongly encourage Vesporeans to organise rides! There is no such things as "Aiya, i don't know anybody" or "I paiseh"!! Organisers: Patricia & Rae Vesporeans: Adrian, Ben & Cat, Chris, Stanley & +1
  8. Just sharing from Facebook, any Vespa owners interested please contact Loh Yi Ling directly @ [email protected]

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