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2018 Goldwing Tour DCT board discussion


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2018 Goldwing....






Lighter overall package results in improved handling and maneuverability

More compact, lighter engine with four-valve head and Unicam valve train

Available seven-speed DCT with Walking Mode forward/reverse

Six-speed manual transmission

Robotically welded aluminum twin-tube frame with revised plate thicknesses

Radially mounted six-piston dual front braking calipers

Double-wishbone front-suspension system

Electrically controlled suspension

Throttle-by-wire with multiple riding modes

Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC)

Hill Start Assist

Smart Key

Apple CarPlay compatibility

LED lighting

Updated design with 11.8 percent improved aerodynamic efficiency

Electric windscreen adjustment

Dream Bike: Pearl White Goldwing 2012

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Heard the airbag version will not come to SG/

SG market not from US powersports?


Hope the Pearl White DCT Europe version comes with the 2 tone colours...and standard fix with the black 1 CB antennae...

Actually, really wish

1) bigger petrol tank

2) larger luggage space

not sure why honda "downgrade" these 2 issues...

otherwise bike quite good specs as in most wish lists...

Dream Bike: Pearl White Goldwing 2012

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Reports said Honda wants to capture the younger buyers so make the new GW more sporty, slimmer and lighter, so it reduces the fuel tank size and storage size.


Honda, in fact most m/c manfacturers, go towards smaller, sportier bikes, look at ST1100 to ST1300, Yamaha Tmax, even the Suzuki burgman, all become sleeker, slimmer, sportier.


Actually I prefer the size of the old GW, but the fuel consumption and the manual tx put me off.

People ask me, "Why ride bike?" I ask them back :"Why drive car?"

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At first look, I was impressed by the new Goldwing 2018.


But after a while, I think I still prefer the old model, Goldwing GL1800 2017, my reasons:-


1) The old model is bigger, heavier, I feel it commands a better road presence than the new Wing, I feel it is more eloquent,


2) The old model has its engine covered by tupperware, the new model has parts of its engine exposed, though the new model looks more modern and aggressive, I prefer the old one which look more refined,


3) The new model has sharper outline and contour, the old one has smoother and curvier outline which I prefer,


This is a practical reason : The old model has a bigger luggage space (about 150 liters) than the new one (about 110 liters), 40 liters to me makes a huge difference (I need to carry a lot of stuff for my work and leisure)


However, I do like the new model for the following reasons:-

1) DCT (very important as I use it for commute as well as tour),

2) fuel efficient, important as oil prices is high and getting higher.

3) many high tech equipment, esp blue tooth compatability etc... Not very important to me but it is good to have them.


My 2-cent worth of preference.

People ask me, "Why ride bike?" I ask them back :"Why drive car?"

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Sort of agree with you

- wish new goldwing same size or larger

- luggage capacity same size or larger

- fuel tank higher capacity, eg 30L

- maintain the long chrome antenna

- similar luxurious recline pillion seat


Btw, found new GL being advertised at around 82K!


Dream Bike: Pearl White Goldwing 2012

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Went to Krabi weeks ago with Goldwingers Singapore.....one of the riders just gotten his blue 2018 GL.

Its fast, smooth, quiet and both front and rear lights look nice at NS highway, fuel consumption impressive too, full tank range around 450km range (stated on board)

Dream Bike: Pearl White Goldwing 2012

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Wow...was along Ubi and drop by Boon Siew showroom today. The DCT model on display is a whoooping $78K.


Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk

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