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Legal Singapore Riding Age?


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From where you heard? From new riders that wants to make you feel lousy is it? tsk..


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this lie **** bull story have to be stopped once and for all!

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Don't know my friend say come out news leh.. i today going for my first prac.. hear le no mood. :(

if it have changed.. how can you even go for your 1st prac.. :sian:

Rat bike - A motorcycle not necessarily kept in pristine condition, often painted matt black. Minimal maintenance and mismatched parts often used.
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if it have changed.. how can you even go for your 1st prac.. :sian:


yeah man. if change to 21, they will ask you to register in 3years time.

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u mean this rumours still going around.....? I been hearing it for many many years already.....frankly it's all bull...together with the class 2C rumours...

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what's the legal age for riding a bike on singapore?


i heard they just changed to 21 years old? can take license at 18 years old, but can only ride bike on the road after get ur license at 21 years old. true? :cry:



long long time ago in Sg 16 years old is the legal age than in 1995 the law change to 18 year old to be the legal age.


let's make an analyse to see whether will it change to 21 year old?


At the age of 18 every SINGAPOREAN MALE we need to serve NS and learn how to use riffle, meaning that we are able to handle an equipment which can kill. It made no senes that we mature enough to handle an equipment which can kill but not mature enough to handle an equipemnt for transport at the age of 18.


So to change the age to 21, in my opinon is highly unlikely. Moreover some of the NS boy (after ORD than consider man ha ha) have to ride motorcycle eg: scout. Does this means that enlistment age will be pospone or scout is only for regular?


So to those boy out there, hope your worries are clear and also in future if you encounter such silly qustion do use analyse thinking to solve your worries.

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On 9/25/2021 at 8:40 PM, chan owen said:

what the legal age to ride a pocket bike in singapore 

there isn't one... pocket bike is not road legal.

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On 9/25/2021 at 8:40 PM, chan owen said:

what the legal age to ride a pocket bike in singapore 

the smallest cc bike is 110cc (if i'm not wrong), but need 2B driving license.. 

Kindly read thru at least the intro section first before decide to post any comments.... thanks... :cool:


Please proceed to this website/web link if you guys have any technical issues on Kawasaki Kips/KR150, I'll update the 1st POST as and when there's a new question. Newbies questions on the top as well. :)





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