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  • 5 weeks later...

Good article - obviously written by a British bloke with the M25 reference (its a UK highway).


We should add on to improve on it in a Singapore way.


Tips for squeezing with Malaysian bikers, anyone?


They're very skilled and aggressive on their cubs and regularly attempt moves that no SG biker would ever think to do. Going between a large lorry and a bus with a gap less than a meter wide, etc.


They won't give chance to you who looks in your mirrors before you squeeze, either, because the next cupkia will try to fit himself in that 50cm gap between your front wheel and the cars ahead.


But what the agile little cubs lack is straight line power and the riders are mostly not very good at high speed cornering - do expect splitlane hogging (100cc cub trying to pass between traffic moving at 100kph and failing) and riders failing to accelerate decisively when the road is clear.


DO NOT tailgate or honk at them because some will get aggressive and deliberately jam their brakes in your face... and since most of them have a huge box at the rear to absorb a rear end collision, the trailing bike WILL lose. (Have experienced before)


DO keep a safe distance between them and you at all times especially when passing. A Johore gentleman racing to get home has far less safety awareness than yourself!


A race with them has little gain and a lot to lose. On the other hand it just takes a couple seconds for them to scoot past you. It's not your business if they want to take unnecessary risks just to overtake a couple more cars in peak hour, so don't make it your own.

Edited by Pandora's Kitten :3
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  • 1 month later...

thank you!


i was an impatient driver for 2 years b4 switching to bike.


just bout an RXK...u all noe its an old bike.


its like a karma...wateva thing i do as a driver, these drivers seems like doing back to me.


for the first few weeks, i was imptient, horn here and there.. and subsequently i began to realise i am riding a bike, the car can do anything to me....no point doing tat...patience is the key...


just my 2 cents worth

:) cooling off day
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  • 4 weeks later...

-Chewing with their mouth open

-Talking with their mouth full

-Not knocking before entering your room or the bathroom

-Just leaving the mess your kids made at your friend's house for your friend to clean up

-Interrupting another when they're saying something

-Discussing one's sexual experiences, politics, religion, or *insert war here* at the dinner table.





Edited by Michel Jhon
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