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Advice on full-face helmets pleaaaasseeee!~

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i was using Arai ram3, then apparently my mom gotten a free agv full-face when she bought my bike for me. Between agv gp-tech and shoei x-11/x-12, which is better?


I find that its hard to say which is good, I would suggest you write down more of your helmet criteria... like ya mention good ventilation, pay a visit to bike store look out for their helmet and try them out. Slowly narrow down and conclude your choice.

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I know. Heard about it. But was looking at x-12? But after that I began to consider AGV GP-Tech. Which is better?


I think much of the advice already given is very sound. Personally, I have both the X-11 and a T2. Different helmets for different heads, but I find the X-11 quieter in terms of less wind noise, and ear comfort; and the T2 better for cushioning, head-fit (except for ear cut-outs), lightness and stability (less turbulence when turning head at speed). Need to try them on for proper fit, which I think is most important, cos the rest will not be that much different IMHO. I saw the X-12, but it just looks much the same as the X-11, except more bulky (which made me pass). Have not tried Suomy or Shark, but probably worth looking at as well. Good luck!


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can try this website webbikeworld they have many reviews on helmets, i would recommend trying OGK's ff5. apparently wbw praised OGK for good value for money and high ventilation for summer/ hot weather riding.


im using an ogk FF2, good airflow, sommore im the type that feels hot easily and its good. but too bad mine is pretty heavy, this problem is rectified in the FF3 gen onwards though.

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Shoei X-11/12 and OGK FF5/FF4/FF3 have best ventilation in the market.


OGK is the most value for money.

Their ventilation are so good that I sometimes have to close some vents because it got too cold at night.


Personally used OGK FF4 and FF5.

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Imo the fit is the most impt. You can get a $3k helmet and if the fit isnt good, there are pressure points which will hurt you in a crash, or worse the helmet doesnt stay in place. Not to mention comfort. Find out your head shape and go try helmets that are in that shape. Sometimes maybe even the cheap helmet just nice fit your skull perfectly. 

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