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I think its because you put your weight on your hands. Don't sit so sporty (backside far behind) that you have to lean forward and weigh down on your wrist. Use your thighs to grip and your legs to balance and hold your weight on the bike.


Once I saw this video on youtube, says to ensure that when you're sitting on the bike (moving), you can take your hands off the handlebar and you won't faceplant. But of course I don't mean you go try take your hands off while on the bike, just imagine and try that :)

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Just relax yourselves..

To ride on the road, You need skills,Stamina, or even luck.


But to be a good rider, you have to change with your environment,and adjust yourself to its rhythm.


Cultivate the confidence to face the different situations. Don't let yourself to be subdued by the environment :thumb:

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hmmm recall my time during CLS2 lesson the bike came with hydraulic clutch had a real hard time engaging it. Try clutch in for long long period wah...

bike is a machine without soul, rider would inject new life and character to this machine


Xiao Rou Yi Hao & "Colossal" 919


Sin Ming Editor got 1 DAY jailterm and $2000 fine for pillion death!

Rally Point: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5322898#post5322898

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