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Willy Stunt

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i guessed you meant "wheelie"....

as for "Willy" stunt, i can do it. anyone can do it kwakwawa!

to answer your question, yes it is dangerous, IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING.

the idea of pulling a wheelie is to supply much "drive power" to the rear wheel, so much so that the front end has no where else to go but up.

the method is not difficlut, but getting the hang of it might be difficult.


the method basically is to supply enough power to the drive wheel (rear wheel la) in order to lift the front wheel, to achive this there are quite a number of methods.

i'll just briefly explain the two most common technique.

the power wheelie method and the clutch method.


as for the power wheelie, you select a gear to start with, 2nd gear if you have a powerful bike.

you basically open the throttle to achive this. now the tricky part is how.

it really depends on your bike. if you have a K5 1000, 1st gear roll on throttle should be enough to lift the front. its a very powerful bike (guys riding K5 pls confirm this). another way is to move off and then shut the throttle using the engine braking to compress the forks, after which you open wide on the throttle to lift the front, all these happens very fast. almost a split second.


as for clutch method, this technique is also known as "slipping the clutch".

slipping the clutch means you pull in the clutch just enough to seperate the clutch plates, allowing revs to build up, and when you release the clutch back fully home, the extra revs built up from "slipping the clutch" earlier on will supply the power to the rear wheel, causing it to spin faster, pushing your bike forward fast enough til the front end's weight isn't enough to hold it down to the ground anymore. that is when your front end will lift off.


i personally advise using the clutch method in 2nd gear for a start. as the power wheelie method may give you a rude shock if you were doing it the 1st time.

also the power wheelie method requires a longer stretch of road, and also your speed will be much faster thus making it more dangerous to learn how to launch a wheelie.

don't expect to launch a successful one on the first try, in case you do, its really pure luck.

takes lots of time and practice... lots of money too if you crash or wear out parts


there are many riders in this forum who can pull much better wheelies and they may be able to explain in a more detailed manner to you.

what i just mentioned is just giving you the idea of how its done... there is much more to that.

you gotta read and digest, then you can visualise and imagine how it works.

do take extra care and find a nice safe place like a heavy vehicle park and do wear protective gears... stay away from the roads cos you dun wanna cause harm to others and yourself.


lastly, there are some bikes that will be extremly difficult to pull wheelies. the simple reason is that these bikes are built for cruising or other purposes. thus they might have longer wheelbase. yes wheelbase of your bike counts and plays a big part of wheelie. the longer your wheelbase, the harder it is.

bikes like harley, goldwing and choppers... are still able to pull a wheelie, but will be hard and technique used will be much different from that of a sportsbike. also you tend to wear out these kinda bikes much faster by pullin wheelies.

as sportsbikes engines are built to tolerate high revs and such. also, sportsbike has one of the shortest wheel base compared to most bike in the same class. making it easier to lift the front with less effort.


do ask around more regarding wheelies. you can download from youtube or read up articles on wheelies...

look around in the clips and videos section and you might find some videos on how to pull wheelies.

lastly, ask the forumers here about it.... there are alot of skilled riders here who pull wonderful wheelies....


take care and safe riding... practice makes perfect :thumb:

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