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lemon law is effective 1 sept 2012

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What are “Lemon Laws”?

• Laws protecting consumers

against defective goods that fail

to conform to contract or are of

unsatisfactory quality or

performance standards at the

time of purchase.

• Such goods are colloquially

known as “lemons”.

• The law obligates businesses to

repair, replace, refund or reduce

the price of those defective goods.




• The Lemon Law covers all

general consumer products

purchased in Singapore

(e.g. stationery, apparel,

electronics, bedding, and big-

ticket items such as

motorcycles and cars).

• Second-hand goods and vehicles

are included but “satisfactory

quality” would take into

account its age at the time of

delivery, and the price paid.

• Services are not included



so giuys..gwet warranty from bike shop when u buy from them....they are covered under the law

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It's not a warranty. It just covers goods with defects at point of purchase. Shops can always create a list of items for buyers to check and agree is non-defective before handing over. There's already one secondhand *car* dealer with a list of 54items for potential buyers to check before purchase.


Quote : "Neo Tiam Ting, president of the Singapore Vehicle Traders Association, said: "Customers have a misunderstanding about the 'lemon law'. They think the lemon law equals to a warranty period. But what the 'lemon law' is about is that at the point of purchase, if the car has no defect, then it is not covered under the 'lemon law'."


So, if something breaks within 6mths, and the dealer is able to prove that it's due to "wear-and-tear", then suck thumb.


They can also "send" the vehicle for external assessors to look over, and then charge you for it, in the usual "purchase agreement + services" package.


Or, they additionally can,

1)Jack up cost of second-hand bikes, claiming need to repair bike properly before sales and for longer "warranty period"

2)Buy vehicles at lower price, quoting "aiya, this bike condition rabah, lemon law, later hard for me to sell, cannot give you so good a price".


Then again, that's my understanding.


Let's wait for a few cases to surface and see how the Lemon Law deals with it.



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there is a huge misconception.


this is NOT warranty. this refers strictly to defects which exist only at time of purchase.




you buy bike. within one month a piston breaks. can you demand the bike shop give you refund or repair for free? only if you have warranty. can the lemon law force the shop to rectify for free or refund if there is no warranty? No.


when does this lemon law take place then? you sign and pay for the bike. you start the bike you notice got funny sound. on the spot you demand a check. turns out the piston is already cracked. then, the lemon law can force the shop to refund or repair for free. or you ride with that funny sound for up to six months, then cannot take it bring to workshop and mechanic tell you piston cracked. if you can prove it was already cracked when you purchased it, again the lemon law can take effect and shop must repair for free even if no warranty.


but anything at all that occurs after the time of purchase, anything not supposed to break becomes broken but only after the purchase, lemon law is not in effect.


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Lemon laws are designed to provide options for people who’ve bought cars (and other products) that don’t meet quality and performance standards.


There is a federal lemon law and each state also has their own lemon laws. To review your state’s lemon law, check out the Better Business Bureau’s overview of lemon laws in each state.


Lemon law requirements

Lemon laws don’t apply to every situation. In general, the problems with the vehicle must occur while the car is under warranty. It doesn’t have to be a new car warranty, howev

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