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[Discussion] Technical - Fuel Consumption


Which type of s4 has the best fuel consumption?  

569 members have voted

  1. 1. Which type of s4 has the best fuel consumption?

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Possible reason for bad fuel consumption :



-Airfilter (Dirty/ Clogged up)


-Spocket (Worn out/ Not standard size)


-Chain (Not lube/ Chain too slack/ tightened)


-Tyre (Worn out/ Incorrect Pressure) ( Wrong size)


-Tyre Valve (Leaking air)


-Wheel bearing (Not in good condition)


-Engine Oil (Wrong grade/ Due for change/ Too much)


-Carburetor (Air/ Fuel not balanced) (Jetting not stock)


-Fuel (Contaminated/ Low grade)


-Fuel line/ filter (Clogged)


-Meter (Inaccurate/ offset)


-Rider (MotoGP mood/ Fuel-conscious type)


-Clutch (Clutch plate/ spring worn out)


-Header Gasket (Worn out)


-Weight (Heavy luggage/ pillion/ rider)


-Idling (Too High/ low)


-Engine braking (Too much)


-Abrupt braking


-Hard acceleration


-Engine condition (TOO much to explain)


-Brake Caliper/ Brake pad (Brake Caliper piston jammed?/ not free)


-Improper suspension set-up (Too hard/ Too soft)


-Servicing (Do on time, dnt overdue)


-Idle too long (Waste petrol/ Engine hotter/ coolant affected unnecessary/ WaterPump work harder to maintain temperature)


Tats all I can think off, for now. :cheers:



I think that's all that can be contributed.. Lol.


My Spec 1 FC is also very bad, considering that my bike is fully stocked and I'm only 43 kg -.-

16km/l. Piang

The only constant is change... So keep changing.



2011~2013 - Yamaha Sparks LC135

2013~Current - CB400 Vtec1

Class 2 in training - CAN'T LIFT THE BIKE :angry:

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Does S4 version s have fuel filter? Where is it? Tried googling but nothing much is said about it. Is there anyway to check if it's clogged? And what's the cost to change and any recommende shop?

Only have oil filter bro..


class2B -26/2/09

class 2A -27/7/10

class 3 - 6/1/11

class 2 - 30/8/12



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yep I heard about that too. Not just bikes or revo, even for cars. When fuel sensor cant sense.....= problem. Just matter of big or not so big $ spent. Not to mention fuels at low levels, heats & stresses the fuel pump for EFI also. When that goes.....also big $. For my car with 45 litre tank, I usually try to pump when theres balance of 1/3 tank. Leave 15L inside to cool & not stress the pump. For bikes unless u NSH going straight line, u will lean here & there when u make a turn/corner. hence if ur fuel level is low, imo would increase the chance of "fuel sensor/pump/injector" issues.


For S4 with 18 litre tank, imo best not wait till reserve. balance 2 bar I will pump liao. I assume 1 bar approx. 3 litre. So 2 bar = 6 litre ( balance of 1/3 tank).


Think its total of 6 bars for the 18 litre tank?


I hit the E with a balance of 3 liters in tank... cause i can only manage to pump in 14.8L... hehe cannot squeeze anymore in...


so its as advertise. Reserve is 3 liters.

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Been riding my Spec 3 for 6 months. Can get about 320km per tank with 1 bar left on fuel indicator.

Fill up till full from 1 bar would be 14 liters.

FC 23km/l.

I'm a slow rider, mostly upshift at 4/5000 rpm and mainly no pillion and predominately highway riding.

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been getting 280-290km with the meter just outside of the reserve part of the fuel gauge. riding style pretty heavy on throttle like acceleration. only change to final gear after 80kmh/5000 rpm

Class 2B - 26/03/2009

Class 2A - 01/06/2010

Class 3 - 10/07/2009



1) Honda TA150 - 20/04/2009 to 31/08/2014

2) Honda CB400 Ver S - 12/07/2014 to ???

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Fuel brand and grade plays a part too.


I know i get really bad FC with caltex. But more responsive. Vpower & Vpower Racing as well... not as good FC but more responsive.


Day to day i use shell 98. Seems like a good balance. Smooth and good FC.


Getting about 300 before reaching the 1 bar. 14liters.


About 22-23Km. mixed road riding. about 40% street and 60% highway daily.


5/6k rpm change gear. usually cruise at 95 on highway. and 70 on street. With the occasional "clear exhaust" dragging of 3rd gear to 9-10k rpm to work the VTEC. :)

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I'm using Esso Extra (5000) petrol


Rode for 245km before hitting reserve, I think my fuel consumption is pretty bad. Barely open VTEC and always shift at 5000RPM.. :(

13 JULY '14 - HONDA NSR 150 SP

22 JULY '15 - HONDA CB400 Super 4 VTEC III


Ride defensively.

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I'm using Esso Extra (5000) petrol


Rode for 245km before hitting reserve, I think my fuel consumption is pretty bad. Barely open VTEC and always shift at 5000RPM.. :(

You should get it check.


Sent from my Mi 4i using Tapatalk

Current Ride:

W650 Cafe Racer

FXSTC Softail Custom

TW200 Tracker

Zephyr ZII Custom






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Yo Bros,


Try BROQUET Fuel charger to get better power and FC

Super4 Bikers user reviews at my sales thread below.






Do take a look and thanks in advance ;-)

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