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Thanks mtb.


I am getting used to the fueling remap, thing is that the power is quite flat until about 4K then takes off again as I am giving it more throttle to make up for flat spot. I guess I will get used to it.

For cruising in higher gears on partial throttle openings, the remap is 100% better than before.


Please let the forum know how your fiddling with Kevs O2 controller goes.



I am running full rebound setting at the front with 3 lines showing on the pre-load adjusters (I weigh 95 kilos and 6 feet in height).

Rear- I have changed the shock for a Maxton NR4 unit - in a different world to the terrible rear shock. No more bouncy around and the rear is now under control. I do recommend changing it.






By the way, met a fellow MT-09 rider on the SLE near Mandai heading east at about 1.30pm today. Same model as mine (Purple and Gold Forks). Cheers dude. :thumb:

Forever the Foreigner

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bro crazytown.. do you know what is your CO setting?


Kev's O2 controller is aimed to cure the closed loop ECU reaction described below:


The closed loop is implemented for emission control. It comes into effect after a coolant temp of 60 degrees C, and when the ECU sees a constant throttle opening of below 20% between 2000rpm & 6000rpm, This circuit creates an A/F ratio of approx 14.7:1


Obviously I am a noob with these terms, but my commute yesterday told me that it did what it was supposed to do. :)


Previously when riding at low speed (around the car park), my hands would be covering the clutch & very careful with the throttle constantly, as the bike would "jump" at times.


When cruising at high speed, sometimes I felt as if I had a bad chain/wrong chain tension/flat spot on the tires... and the irregular jerky motions caused the sensitive throttle to move just a hair up or now... and the bike would be like limping forward.... when I was in a higher gear & lower RPM, it would be quite uncomfortable and would make me downshift..


With the controller on, I can literally lug the bike in 1st gear up and around the multi-storey car park.. and when cruising, even when the road surface is uneven, I don't feel the surging sensation... and I don't even feel it when I was actually at a higher gear than before when travelling at low RPM


It can be a very minute feel for some, but to sum it up, Kev's O2 controller made the bike less tiring to ride, for myself at least :)

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Nice one mtb.


No idea what my CO setting is.


The remap from Hong Leong is an improvement. As you mention, I am not needing to cover the clutch in case of needing to slip it during low speed corners.


I am still getting used to the flat spot at the bottom during launches from a stand still, it is quite entertaining when the power chimes in at about 4k though.


The experiences you describe when cruising have now gone after the remap, so I am very happy about this. The bike is no longer like a switch on / off now when cruising.

I miss the mad launches though - a non castrated MT-09 must be the quickest thing up to 50km on the roads :cool:

Forever the Foreigner

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Was overtaken by an Orange MT obviously in a race with a Fireblade, heading south on the CTE near PIE at about 6.20pm today (Friday).

I wasn't exactly legal speed but these two must have been about 140 - in rush hours.


How you hope to stay alive if you ride like that everyday is astonishing.

Forever the Foreigner

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Hi all,


I am a newbi in motoring, just got my MT09 today. I have a newbi question, what's the different between the akra and temi exhaust system? Which one is better in terms of performance and sound? Price difference? Been searching the net but could not find any conclusive answers. Any replies would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thanks

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Hi. I have an Akra pipe on my 09, since new.


I haven't tried any other pipe and don't even know how the standard pipe is on the bike (it is under my bed).

The Akra pipe is nice, great sound.

I haven't had the decibel killer out, last time I did that on my old Street Triple the LTA pulled me over and fined me 500$.


The price of the Akra was about 1000$ fitted, from Hong Leong. Have you visited the MT-09 forum?

Forever the Foreigner

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I am on a 2013 Street Triple. The MT09 was on my list too. Have u tried the Street as well? Any differences? Maybe in 2 years I will swap to the MT09 :)




This morning I had the bike in for service at Yamaha and the remapping of the ECU.


After picking it up and riding home, about 10km, my thoughts:-


Launching from a stand still. Oh, I don;t like this. launching from the lights the power which instantly kicked in has now been tamed. Giving it a flatter feeling to before.

Pick up at low revs once on the way after a slow launch. Great improvement in the corners, now able to to drive off the throttle alone without having to slip the clutch.

Power delivery once on the move and accelerating hard. Seems to have more of a kick now, this maybe the need to feed in more throttle at the launch to get moving as quick as before. Then the revs rise quite quickly after 4k and off she goes like a good un.

Cruising in higher gears but closed to 15% throttle opening. Definite improvement here, nowhere near as much snatch as before, so this is welcome.

The bike doesn't feel to have lost any power but the launch from stand still has suffered, guess I will just have to used it to and open the throttle more.


Done 6k on the bike now. Tyres are now Michelin Pilot power 3 (the OE bridgestone rear got a big gash in it).


All going well and still a bit of a mad bike. Thanks Yamaha!


By the way, saw the new R1 in the showroom today, really small and compact, looks awesome. Going on what I have read in Fast Bikes Mag on the launch test ride, it appears Yamaha have a winner here.

This then inspired me to ride home via Mah Pte and started drooling over a V4 Tuono, Street Triple R, Speed Triple R, Aprilia RSV4,


Quite a nice day all in all.

Rubber down, Shiny side up ! Always!

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Owned a Street Triple R for 3 years, decided to go for something different.


Main differences are :-


>MT more power and better acceleration.

>STR better quality standard suspension.

>MT better overall quality for finishing (I had issues with Engine paint bubbling and coming off my Triumph - saw the same on quite a few more including Speeds).

>SRT fuel tank bigger.


Not much to chose from between them although I guess a 2015 STR is more refined than the 2009 model I owned. MT has better power.

Forever the Foreigner

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I bought mine from Hong Leong Corporation on 178 Paya Lebar Road.

They also provided official Yamaha after market items on my bike such as Akrapovic Exhaust (LTA Approved) and Top Box with same key as the Bikes Ignition Key.



Forever the Foreigner

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