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Originally posted by ambasnakeman@Dec 18 2006, 04:46 PM

i stripped my wave apart yesterday. and noticed the stock fuel tank is only about 1/3 the space of the compartment space given.


has anyone successfully expanded the wave fuel tank?

Hmm, heard before that the compartment in front of the tank got people convert to tank but that is done in Johor. :smile:

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if it can be done properly why not do it?

if can change to a bigger capacity tank it shud be okay wat.

only need to find some mech who willing to do the project. added weight is not a problem la. add ten litres is like ten kilos

if u gain ten kilos in body fats then i dun think theres much difference in ur wave performance. lol

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i'm workin as a delivery rider using wave. and yes its 4 litres. i had a situation whereby my bike totally ran out of fuel. but u can actually pump 4.++ litres ar. see how. aaaaaanyways, my friend customised the space below his seat to add in space for extra fuel. yeah its not legal, but they dont really check that space anyways during inspection. plus. that way it actually made him go more than twice the distance with the stock fuel tank he had.

Thrash? Don't mind if i do.



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Guest cheeko

have u seen those indian guys delivering newspaper on their honda wave125 with a lockable compartment in the centre instead of a basket.i'm thinking of using tat compartment as a fuel tank. the capacity looks huge! Anybody noes where to make the compartment :confused:

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Originally posted by thrasher@January 06, 2007 12:43 am

wanna expand fuel tank? try ah kok at kranji. 250 bux, ur tank wud be 12 litres after the expansion. Workmanship damn good. My friend didn't have any problems.

U mean Muffler Kok ?


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hi trasher,


maybe i was too brief in my previous post.


wat i was wondering was, say in event of an accident (touch wood), the bike catches fire (due to the illegal modification done on the fuel tank) for some unknown reason. are u still able to make an insurance claim?


kindly enlighten me...

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