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Apparel : RS TAICHI Riding Gears

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I was intro to this brand by lokeks and I standy by this product (using rainbuster)over other normal brand raincoats. Especially on the pants, garauntee no seepage.:cheer:

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Originally posted by Ah_Pek@Oct 28 2006, 08:50 PM

just a question..

is the motoworld at king albert open on sunday?..

king albert?? if u r talking abt tt 1 along rochor rd towards bukit timah then it's closed on sunday ... :cheeky:


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Originally posted by redbeacon@Sep 25 2006, 11:37 PM

Hey, that's cool info bro! I'll consider that for my next jacket purchase.


By the way, there's another MotoWorld right at Rochor Road, they sell the RS Taichi RSJ204 raincoat+protective riding jacket at $150.




Nice design, but too bad they don't have size S for males...

Yoshhh shaa... tis is the jacket tat ive been looking 4... wow great.. :lovestruck:

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Hmm...the last time i asked, it's $150...weird.


I'll go there again to ask...I'm scouting for a raincoat as well. The weather's an a** nowadays.

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I think $150 is for the mesh jacket, was there a couple of weeks back.

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I dunno if this is :offtopic: but just want to share.


There's a shop in Bangkok, Thailand that sells RS Taichi products really cheap. And this shop is something like Motoworld that we have in Singapore. Here's the add by the way:




169/84 Ratchadapisek Rd

Din Daeng Bangkok Thailand 10320


On more details on how to go you guys can pm me.

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the dry master team jacket is great.. used in on the 3NCR.. on the way to phuket it rained heavily.. everyone else using other jackets was wet while i was completely dry... great value for money.. one thing though.... this jacket is a bit on the thin side.. under heavy rain u can feel the raindrops hitting your arms

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Rainbuster is good. I've been using mine for coming to 3 yrs. Not a single leak in the pants.... sure keeps my legs and balls dry and comfy, unlike those $30+ raincoats that i've tried long ago.


Sad to say, the torrential rains for the past few days has been soaking. Maybe my raincoat has aged. But the pants are still going strong!



Maybe it's time to invest on the Drymaster now.



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Any feedback/review on the new RS Taichi mesh jacket Motoworld is selling?



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Originally posted by CivicR@Dec 21 2006, 12:25 PM

Hey update me on the raincoata friend is looking for one as well. I myself is using the RS Taichi Raincoat for the pass two years still good., bought around $70-$80 back then. :smile:

Yoz CivicR, wer can purchase the jacket from?:smile:

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