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is it worth to buy brand new bike ?

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like smoking a nice cigar ? haha.. i understand the appeal of a 2nd hand bike.. saving cash while obtaining a good machine BUT in order to be able to find it that person wld have to do his homework, footwork and possess a bit of luck.. not everyone is willing to go tru that hassle


saving the cash is not quite what i meant although that is one good part

but fully paying a brand new bike means little to me becos

a bike cost less than a good watch and it is simply signing on the dotted line. as mentioned, i can fully pay any production bike in this world if i choose to but thats not the key point either.


i somewhat enjoy interaction and viewing bikes on a more personal level.

this does not mean that i wont buy brand new.

the whole motion or process of finding a good secondhand bike at a fair deal, is usually more fun and interesting.


just like you hv said. it takes effort, luck and more to get a good secondhand bike. that exact challenge/ hassle when overcome is quite fulfilling


haha. cheers

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If you have the money or passionate for bikes, go ahead to get a new bike.As what some have said, you intending to ride for 5 to 6 year.You are getting the worth back.


I may think getting used bike first iregardless which class, the prices are affordable and the savings can be used on other areas.Even if the bike fall or sabotage by other, i would not be too upset.


So at end of the day, it depend on your pocket and what you want.

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New bike, ride without worries. 2nd hand bike, ride with queries on just how well maintained and taken care of it was. Plus have to standby cash to do some servicing or sprucing up if 2nd hand bike... :smile:

First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature's rules biker-sans. Not mine...


The more we get together, the FASTER we'll be..


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