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Piaggio X10 Cafe 2013

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Haha...this thread is rather quiet as none of the owners give reviews on this bike.

On the positive side, that means this bike is really awesome as there's nothing much to complain

unlike the other threads.

Would be near perfect if not for the missing of passenger backrest

as the underseat storage @ 52L is sufficient for me.

i'm waiting for the pearl white shippment to arrive in aug...

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Hi juz want to know if anyone is riding the new piaggio x10? Would like to know more about this bike.


Have anyone ride Piaggio x10 125? I tht of getting the bike becos I only have class 2b. Any suggestion?

I need more information. Tks

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Hmmm.... I feel gilera runner is abit small, I look big size so it will like a bicycle when I sit on it... Today went to see

bike still like x10 design.... Maybe will wait for get more review or look around... Too limited of choice ..... Dun u think x10 design look great compare to other bike? The more I look and compare, the

More confuse I get ..... Sign

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True...i also like this bike cos the design and specs are very original,

parts are all test proven.

While the 350 engine is also newly intro to the market..

Overall build and trims are also solid and classy.


I'm waiting for the pearl white shippment (exclusive for the 350i) to arrive before i make my choice.


For u..alittle headache as power to weight ratio for the 125cc is not highly recommended.

Maybe u shld consider taking a class 2A if u really want to own this bike...for long term riding pleasure

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wrong words used
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Hmm... I did take class 2A but give up half way... No been ridding for many years. Now want a transport

From point a to b. I'm not too much on power, I dun really speed jus worry when I need the speed to overtake car or car tailgate me which I dun like I need the speed to move faster. What I worry is when on

steep slop which no enough power to move up, will that happen when carry one more person, that is my


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i think u need a class 2A bike to solve all yr needs & wants.

Piaggio is reliable...u dun see much complaints or bad reviews unlike other brands.


The 350i is an 330cc engine

with good power to weight ratio...the pick up is far superior than others of the same class with 400cc.

The only limitation is speed cut of 140km/hr not so ideal for those travelling ns highway to KL/thai.

But how often would u go on such trips ???


Todate...i hv not seen any better bike in the local market.

Our choice are really limited...indeed.

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definetly u will lose a big chunk of $....

if yr bike is fully paid, not easy to find buyer with full hard cash to buy over yr bike.

Furthermore interest rate for used bike loan starts @ 10%...do the sums, they might well get a brand new one.


It's common for bikes to remain unsold for few mths...in the end, trade in to bike shop at even lower price.

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Definetly underpower cos the 125cc engine produce only 15hp is pulling a 187kg bike

while the 330cc engine produce 33hp pulls a 200kg bike.

U see the huge diff in power to weight ratio...


i would suggest get a used 200cc scooter for short term ride if necessary while taking the class 2A.

Save up for the new bike...

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Haha...what do u want to talk ???

All accessories are originally built to fit in nicely...dun need to diy and copycat.

Service interval is also much longer than other bikes

engine oil change @ 10,000km while others @ 5,000km

belt change @ 20,000km while others 12,000km

Price is not the cheapest but also not the most expensive.


This is a underrated bike..owners should feel proud of it.

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