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Items below has been De-kitted from my CBR600RR08

Will fit 07-12 models.


1. Tripage Led 'underseat' taillight (Cutting needed on the battery tray). $100 $85.







2. Proton High Tech Speed Flash mount signal. $80 $60.


Able to set Off or Running Day Lights and 3 Blink settings.

-Standard blink


-Strobe (multiple flashes per blink)







3. Led Signal relay/ Condenser. (to eliminate fast blinking rate of Led signal lights) $25. Free if you buy 1+2 at bundle $120.




Buy 1-3 @ $150


Brand New Soupy Performance Lowering Link. $50 $40.

Adjustable ride height for your CBR600







Stock Exhaust. $40

(Below pic taken from Internet, and mine comes with the same items)

- Exhaust

- Heat Shield

- Exhaust Clamp

- Exhaust Plastic tip cover




Text Me at (9) 239 (4) 045.

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Bike parts sale -> http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/373436-WTS-CBR-600-Parts

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    • By SBF
      Some pictures shared by bro Luut from Yamaha NMax club.
      If you ever felt the braking system on the NMax could be better, this might be the modification for you.
      Priced around $320 for both front and rear calipers with installation.
      Has anyone else tried this one their NMax? Probably a good idea to upgrade the master brake cylinder as well!

    • By SBF
      Ducati Singapore (Wearnes) Official Price List
      Please update if you have the latest month's price list as the prices will fluctuate with the COE prices and also availability of new models.
      P.S. We can all dream of owning a Ducati one day can't we? 🤣
      Ducati Panigale Superleggera is priced at S$298,000 OTR.

    • By SBF
      Seems like there are a couple of new colours launched for the XMax 300 for the 2021 model year.
      The light matt grey with blue accent looks pretty sick. What do you think?
      P.S. These colours might be for the XMaxes in Indonesia / Thailand and not Singapore agent HL's model range.

    • By SBF
      The Honda ADV150 has a built-in power cut in the stock ECU.
      Most ADV150 riders would have experience this power cut when approaching speeds of 110km/h-120km/h shown on the speedometer.
      This is entirely normal as is what is referred to as a speed / power cut to protect the engine and the other components of the ADV150 as a Class 2B scooter is not made to go much faster than that.
      There is a workaround to this power cut (if so you wish) and that would be changing to an aftermarket ECU that does not have this built-in power cut.
      If you want to remove this power cut, it will void your original manufacturer warranty is is highly NOT recommended, it is also unsafe for the motorcycle and the rider.
    • By SBF
      Got a question by William in the Yamaha XMax group:
      Simple answer is - Go for the XMax 300, without a doubt. There is a reason why the XMax 300 is the most popular model on our roads, i'd say almost 95% of all Xmax on the roads are the 300 variant.
      Pros of the XMax 300 compared to the 250 or 400:
      Agent unit Official warranty backed by Yamaha Excellent fuel economy Latest platform, engine, and parts Euro 4 (2021 model onwards will be updated to Euro 5) Plenty of parts and accessories LTA approved exhaust options are available XMax 250:
      Created for Malaysia market where their "Class 2B" allows for engine cc up to 250cc Slower than 300, struggles to reach 100km/h or more Lighter than the XMax 300 Slightly cheaper road tax Lower resale value (it might cost you MORE in depreciation for a 250 compared to the 300!) Uses older parts from the Yamaha Majesty and XMax 400 Minimal/No dealer support as non-agent bike As bro Abdul Hakim said about the XMax 250,
      XMax 400
      Oldest of all 3 variants Uses old engine from Yamaha Majesty Poor fuel economy Difficult to find parts Poor resale value Minimal/No dealer support as not official agent bike Point is, just go for the XMax 300 unless there is a compelling reason otherwise. For those who have bought the 250 or 400, just enjoy your ride!
      Btw if you are looking for an XMax, Hong Leong Corp (Yamaha's agent in Singapore) has special pricing for all SBF members, you can contact them below:
       Click HERE to ENQUIRE now on ANY Yamaha Motorcycles! Special price for SBF members! 
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