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Beware of unscrupulous motor shop

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Hi All,

I just bought 2nd hand bike (Honda) from HL Motor Service (合隆摩多服务), when buying that time, i did request for NTUC insurance policy with fire and theft. The boss say is OK but when i go to take the bike, he say he buy the insurance policy with his contract partnership insurer (MSIG). The policy state TPL and no receipt given until a months later. He say cost of policy about 200++. Then he ask me to pay for SGD300.


After a month later, i go to take the insurance policy receipt, the amount only SGD204.++. Then i ask the boss, where the remaining money as you did receive SGD300 from me for this insurance. Then he told me, don't so calculated, just SGD100, just treat as give runner job money lo. How come be the motor shop owner say like this??


Then i ask again for the policy details, he say buy with cash, so only Third Party no include fire and theft. I did argue with him again. Then he say you go buy NTUC policy for fire and theft then ask see whether can cancel the MSIG policy??


How can be the motor shop owner like pirate or robbery?? How can be happening at SG??




Best Regards,


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Simple. Just make police report and tell this BOSS this.


See he wants to take your $100 and eat ' black soy sauce rice' for a few months or not.


He whether this Boss wants to be placed in a category of

1) Cheating by deceit or

2) he will cough out the money and say it was a mis-communication!

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Simple. Just make police report and tell this BOSS this.



police wont take the case. this is considered a commercial dispute and not a crime.


technically, if a shop tells you insurance is $XXX, you agree and it later turns out the actual premium is less, you have no case even in small claims court. thats because the shop quoted a price for a product and you agreed, and you deal directly with the shop, not the insurer. the problem here is that the shop gave a vague quote and then kept the balance, which makes it a commercial dispute.


why you think that sim lim square ah beng manage to get away with his tactics for so long before police step in. they needed evidence that the fella was deliberately doing the tactic of increasing price after sales agreement many times to properly show proof he was cheating customers. the invoice that was written with additional items after the agreement and without customer knowledge was the smoking gun that properly put him in jail.


so unless you can gather evidence that the shop deliberately pull the tactic of purposely not telling customers properly the insurance premium and that always pocket the balance, a one-off incident will be treated as a commercial dispute.


It's true: it's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than to ride a fast bike slow. Admittedly, though... It is MOST fun to ride a fast bike fast!

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Simple bro, be like me, I buy my own insurance online. If you buy NTUC lagi easy to buy because their online system is pretty idiot proof.


If you want to be a sua ku and forever not upgrade yourself on the latest tech and methods, then you have no choice but to kenna chop by mototiam since that is the whole reason they exist in the first place.

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