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[Group] S S R


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SSR fall in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st, let mi introduce to u the SSR (Sua Sua Riders = Loose Group Riders) i know it sounds funny, i myself kept laughing too :cheeky:




It's founded during a kopi session by the following members : Sh|nHwA-, Chlim, Rockytree, CrUsHeR, Kawa78, gene98, Vuitton & vbikers.




We do not belong to any groups..We r juz bunch of friendly s4 & ex-s4 riders who always meet up for kopi session, top-up petrol session, bike washing session & many many more..




Any of the peeps can join us if u wish :thumb:




Once again i stress tat We R Friendly & Peaceful..So i do not wish to c any quarrels in-between us or any flaming posts here..




Pls feel free to chat around, & if u r interested to join us for any of the TCSS session, pls PM us ur contact so tat we can inform u whenever there is any meet up session..Both Female & Male r welcomed..Shemale also can :angel:





Gentlemen! Start ur ENGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!







1986 (Apr)-2005 (Jun): BMW-Turbo (Bus, Mrt, Walk, Turbo Taxi)

2005 (Jun - 2006 (Jul): Honda 150SP

2006 (Jul) - 2013 (Feb): Honda CB400 S4 Spec II.3 (Type R)

2013 (Feb) - ???? : Yamaha FZ1N


♂♀ Loners - Dare To Ride Alone

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SUA SUA Rider sounds very hip & catchy bro... Interesting... May this group be as successful as the other well estab groups!





If your latest plan seems absent of me... There is nothing I can do...

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Nice bikes here....atttract my attention....

the group name also like funny like dat...may hang arnd here though...


Btw, i ride a XJR4 not a Super4...Still can rite??


1997 - Yamaha RXZ (Jap Model), 1999 - Yamaha TZM150, 2000 - Yamaha RXS115, 2001 - Honda Wave 125S, 2002 - Yamaha 125Z, 2004 - 2011 Yamaha XJR400RR Redbull Theme, 2005 - Spark Z110, 2006 - Kawasaki KRR150, 2009 - Suzuki Bandit 400, 2010 - Suzuki GSXR400R(project cannibalism), 2011 - Suzuki Hayabusa Gen 1 White Motul Theme, 2012 - Suzuki K6 1K & RZ350LC *lead XJR Sgp since 2007 - 2012*

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k lah, dun say i no gd, Shuai Shuai Riders.










































































er, it means Sway Sway hor, dun misinterpret it. :cheeky: :shades:

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Nice bikes here....atttract my attention....

the group name also like funny like dat...may hang arnd here though...


Btw, i ride a XJR4 not a Super4...Still can rite??


no problem.....any1 also can come n la kopi....:thumb: :thumb:
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Dear members & fellow-bikers,


Another year has past and we have seen many events came and went. This year, we are organising a get-together event for all forumers, with the main agenda is fostering a closer bonding between all fellow riders, regardless of bikes, races, gender and age.


Here SingaporeBikes.com Management would like to announce the YEAR-END CELEBRATION EVENT for our forum!




Date: 29th December 2007 (Saturday)

Venue: Changi Chalet

(Click here for map)

Location pics ( 01 02 03 04 )

Start Time: TBA


As usual, we will be preparing prizes and lucky draws for all participants. We are currently seeking sponsorship for the prizes so all draws details to be finalised at a later date.


This time round, SBF will be issuing out our very own mechandises, which includes the following:


1. SingaporeBikes.com Helmet Sling Bag (Those who attended our event at East Coast Park should have one already)



2. SingaporeBikes.com Rubber Keychain



3. Tshirt that screams "SingaporeBikes.com - Where Singaporean Bikers Unite!" (Pics and design to be confirmed later)



HOWEVER! Quantity is limited and we have prepared 200 sets to be issued out.

There will be a participation fee of SGD$15.00 which will guaranteed you the following:


1. Goodie Bag

2. Lucky Draw Entry

3. Meal







The management would like to gather members to form groups to join this event as we are planning games to be played inter-group.

Details of games will be disclosed later once we have finalised the games.

Remember, we hope this event will bring us members closely as a big family so all games will be focusing on the keyword "TEAMWORK". :)



In the midst of preparation, we will be gathering products & accessories, including engine oil, for mass ordering & bidding at a very very special price.

We will kick off the products MO and bidding starting december, which will last 2 weeks and all collections will be done at the event.


So stay tuned for great offers!


When is the annviersary ?
:thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:
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Nick of participant

01. adr82

02. k3nnyk0h

03. logen1836

04. friedfishz

05. -Imran-

06. Deaniez

07. Deaniez's fren

08. johnboy

09. johnboy's partner

10. playazinc69

11. ghost04

12. ghost04's partner

13. Gui

14. m@o_m@o - Paid

15. EJ


Cubs Community

16. Eeleenz - Paid

17. Man V.1 - Paid

18. _CS_

19. Miloo

20. Crocanana

21. chipNdale - Paid

22. ah ray

23. perwira

24. y0s_bikey - Paid

25. hunka

26. cool_75kayuh

27. d0csu

28. Sky_80 - Paid

29. yanani18&27

30. doctorwong

31. weiZzZ63

32. Flowerboi

33. Refugee

34. Ashcroftx - Paid

35. 135spark

36. alan0240

37. cool_masterjackal

38. cool_bikers

39. cool_clown

40. Nismo07

41. xiangkia

42. ping86 - Paid

43. Ladyrider - Paid

44. thrasher

45. ImEG

46. allen key

47. ellusivelady

48. h4hahak1m

49. cheowseng

50. chuckie.boi

51. feriosi



52. yeong59

53. metastasis57

54. metastasis57's partner

55. tangolima

56. snowparang

57. vendeta

58. sundance[kid]

59. sundance[kid]'s partner

60. Haya^Busa - Paid


61. Shirl - Paid

62. Virgin_Boy

63. Virgin_Boy's Gal

64. jazz

65. kawasakininja

66. ^_xIa0zHu_^

67. CBR888

68. biting_point - Paid

69 to 93. sino74 on behalf of S4M (25 bikers)


94. CivicR

95. PaLmEr - Paid

96. M|rac|e - Paid

97. futsal123

98. Alyce

99. Shelin

100. firestorm_33 - Paid


101. Just_rider - Paid

102. Just_rider's friend - Paid

103. Kenix - Paid

104. Sabbaha

105. Sabbaha's Partner

106. Sabbaha's Sister

107. Sabbaha's Sister's Friend

108. Sabbaha's Sister's Friend

109. Thomas aka s4vtec - Paid

110. kilo1project


111. gogofranks

112. Coolone

113. TheMagicia||

114. Oldun

115. schnauzzie - Paid

116. schnauzzie's partner - Paid

117. 2_wheeler

118. juvena

119. ToYbOx

120. Murphy


121. siaoguy75 - Paid

122. siaoguy75's Wife - Paid

123. Aalex82

124. Aalex82's Gf

125. Skywheel (Pending Cfm By tmr Nite)

126. ozzarhomb

127. blurger

128. linglila

129. asyboi_keluang

130. gssiong


131. retro

132. retro queen

133. thisisme

134. john_jenin5

135. NvR aka Andy

136. aim6660

137: keaizhu

138: OhMiGosh

Note : Kindly quote the latest post and remove the [ quote=xxxx ] & [ /quote ] at the beginning and end of the post to retain the format. Thanks.

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