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Looking to go ATGATT: Need recommendations for protective gear

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Hello all.


I've decided it's time to get a bike after getting my 2B license in November, before the COE starts going up. I'm very concerned about protection.


I've tried to shop a little on websites like Motoworld, but the brands that they have don't seem to have any form of reviews in terms of affordability, protection, waterproofing, etc, so I was wondering if you guys have any recommendations.


My top 3 criteria are:


  • Protection
  • Price
  • Comfort


My budget for all my gear is about $1000 or lesser.


I'm looking to get the following:


  • Full-face helmet
  • Jacket and leggings with armor
  • Possible additional back protection if jacket is not enough
  • Gloves


Should I get a separate waterproof jacket, get a waterproof and protective jacket (which would be pricey and warm)or go with raincoats above my normal gear?


A little hesitant about getting boots, because they'd be problematic to store, and would up the hassle factor of ATGATT a little.


Thanks in advance! :)

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Top Posters In This Topic

If you are looking for reviews, the forum or their FB page will be a better choice. But I believe Motoworld is one of the better place to look, feel and try all the products from head to toe.

I found 1 on fb too, The Riding Apparels Store, https://www.facebook.com/jrstoreonline/


But you can easily find some at ubi(Dainese) and jalan besar(ah boy, regina, Chong Aik). There are some promotion at Racing World, https://www.facebook.com/RacingWorldSG/


Full-face are from 150 & onwards-Motoworld sometimes have 2-for-1 promotion(2 HJC FF for $200 or 250)

Jackets from 150-180++. Some have pockets find you to insert back/chest protector so you wont have to buy/wear another below the jacket. Yes, all of them have shoulder and elbow armour.

Armour jeans? I've been looking around since I got my license but they are around 120++ or so.

For the glove, some need time to adapt to it before you can 'feel' your handlebar. Price varies from 25 on wards.


For me, I'm on a Dainese Air 3 Tex, normals jeans/gloves, saf boots. I hardly use my FF now. Will be going to ubi tomorrow to hunt for an armour bottom though.


What I can say is, take all the time you need before deciding on your ride and gears.



Ride Defensively; always.


Class BB2BDC - 11AUG2010

Kawasaki KIPS -> 2010 ~ 2014

Aprilia RS125(09) -> 2014 ~ 2017

Class BB2ADC - NOV2016

Suzuki DRZ -> 2017 ~ 2018

Honda Revo -> 2018 ~

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gloves i got some rs taichi ones. get some with colour so people can see your hand signals.

helmet im using HJC IS 17 from hodaka motoworld. good with sunvisor, although it can be noisy because of wind. use earplugs.

boots i'm wearing SPF cadet boots that i got during NPCC days, waterproof to some extent and not bulky, 6 inch cut so a bit of ankle support and protection from hot engine parts.


pants i always wear jeans or long pants, haven't buy riding pants because they cost $100 or more.

jacket haven't buy but hodaka got some good deals often. again get some with colours so more visible.


and i use a rs taichi moto bag that's fluorescent yellow.



gloves and bag can buy from carousell. the rest go to shop and try size

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