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[Discussion] Carburetor

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Hi I would like to check with you guys, can spec 1 carburetor use on spec 3? Is the carburetor same ?

NSR 150 FR 5716 U



Super Four Revo FBC 7545

Phantom FV 2236

Yamaha Spark 135 FBB 2887 K

Super Four Spec III FBC %?00 K ( Current )

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yup, juz now go mechanic and he show me my bike no spark to fire up the engine.. sian ah must leave bike at bike shop so he can check throughtly..


saw your post from few years back, my bike is having the exactly same problem as your. I tried reverse push start like other mentioned but also not working. What did you find out in the end? What seems to be the problem?


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I have read this carb servicing thread and decided to do my spec 1 too. Also, decided to contribute back after learning from this forum, here is my observation.

Since many bro here recommended combine motor trading and I too give it a try today. The servicing cost alone is now $100 (inflation is high), changed 4 floating pins at $22 each and a torn fuel hose for $12. Can see visible wore marks on 2 of the pins, minor wearing on the 3rd pin. But its recommended to change all together.

The servicing include cleaning my knn air filter*, oil the throttle cable and some minor adjustment here and there...I ask the boss to oil my clutch cable and he also help to fix my loose signal housing.

After putting the carb into the bike the tunning begins. At first he keep repeating the steps of starting my bike, tune, then off engine. It goes on for quite a while. He did take a quick look at those pressure meters while repeating those steps.

Then the next phase of tunning is just left the bike idle and tune from the left and right side of the bike. He will move from L-to-R side and back and repeating...and he tune just by listening. And mid way, he asked another mechanic uncle who was idling a Harley to stop for while as the loud idling from the Harley was affecting his tunning. This 2nd phase of tunning took longer then the earlier one.


Immediately, I could the "lightness" on the throttle and more punchy sound from the exhaust.

*but I have a question on the way, he clean my knn air filter. He washing, then oil and left it under fan while he clean the carb...before he put the air filter back. he used air hose jet, to blow off the dust with light/half press air pressure handle. I asked him "knn filter can clean like that", he said "else have to left the filter at workshop for 2 days, by blowing is quicker". Any bro here know is this the industry practice? Does my knn filter cotton loss its filtering effect after been blow by the air jet??

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