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Video Experience of Swab Test Arranged by Grab - By Yusuf Jainuddin


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Hope this helps someone and those going for your swab tests! Thanks to Yusuf Jainuddin for sharing for our fellow delivery riders!


I made this video to showcase my own experience going for the swab test arranged by GRAB. 
Just like a lot of fellow riders here, the booking appointment timing and centre was inconvenient for me as it clashed with my schedule.
We still have to do our part so that everyone including our family for whom we work so hard for & return to at the end of the day, remain safe as well.
Hopefully this video will be of use to all my fellow rider family whether they wear green, pink or teal color.
Admin please remove this post if you find it unsuitable. Stay safe everyone.


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      A Singaporean Deliveroo food delivery rider who has completed the most deliveries here is on track to receive a S$18,500 bonus.
      Thank you bonus
      The one-time bonanza for this particular food delivery rider is part of a Thank You Fund initiative to redistribute money worldwide.
      The bonus is to recognise the best workers should the company get listed on the London Stock Exchange, which is expected to be completed at the end March 2021.
      More than 21,500 orders completed
      The Singaporean, Jude Chan, 33, has completed more than 21,500 orders in his three years with Deliveroo.
      This makes him the most prolific Deliveroo personnel in Singapore who averages 30 to 40 orders a day.
      Chan is among the hundreds of riders globally in line for a one-time payment of S$18,500.
      Chan told The New Paper he will be giving some of the money to charity and investing the rest of it.
      How to deliver more
      He added that his trick to doing more is to brisk walk to collect food to complete orders faster.
      The motorcycling enthusiast is also familiar with the roads in town and the Central Business District and does not rely on a map to get around.
      He said: “I first started riding as a way to keep fit while earning more money, but working at Deliveroo has really brought my love of riding my motorcycle to life! Their flexible working nature means that I can ride on my own time with a peace of mind."
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