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    • By brotheryo
      Received Government letter: that this vehicle will get back cash $3,500 if scape when COE expires. Current COE renewable - new owner to decide to renew OR scape for $3,500 [http://www.nea.gov.sg/grants-awards/incentive-to-de-register-older-motorcycles]
      Fully Restored to Vintage Version
      All New (external outlook & internal)
      Fully Mod Up Done in June 2017
      COE: May 2020 (renewable)
      Road Tax: May 2018
      Park in Shelter Carpark (never meet rain since Full Mod-Up)
      Viewing: Office Hour (at Tanjong Pagar MRT) ONLY
      Interested Party: pls text at 9-226-4018
      Photo: https://www.singaporebikes.com/bikemart/sg/usedbikes/honda_rebel_125-47985.html
    • By gambatak
      Vintage A Plate Vespa Sprint V for sale!
      Price: $6999
      Interested please message/whatsapp me at 9761-4861.
      Viewing at East Coast.
      COE till 2022 and renewable.
      Used only as weekend leisure ride. Maintained and kept under shelter always.
      Reason for selling: Moving house
      Excellent condition internals:
      Pinasco 177 Aluminium Racing Block
      24/24 Big Carburetor
      Klaus Engine Mounts and Bushing
      Some natural corrosion on metal components as seen in photo. Buyer will inherit new spare chrome parts recently purchased but not yet installed.
      New spare parts (worth $450)
      - chrome rims
      - chrome mirrors
      - chrome flywheel cover
      - chrome gearbox cover
      - chrome brake levers
      - chrome brake pedal
      - chrome horncast
      - chrome mudguard rail
      - chrome front panel rails
      - chrome brake light
      - chrome headlight cover
      - vespa rubber mudguard flap
      Last full engine inspection and servicing was done at Tong Aik some months ago.
      Images here: https://sg.carousell.com/p/sale-1979-vintage-vespa-sprint-v-113877143/
    • By joshdway
      1982 rare vintage Yamaha Chappy,
      Her contemporaries includes the Honda Dax, Monkey, Yamaha Chaly etc
      A collector's piece and model.
      It is also the smallest bike legally allowed to have a passenger by LTA - passenger capacity, 01.
      I'm the eighth owner, but have own and taken care of her since 25th Apr 2009.
      Between then and now, I have gradually let go of my other vintage bikes - mostly Vespas. But she's the last of them.
      You heard of the term garage queen, well, she's my living room queen. She sits there most of the time. Hardly riden. Kept her as a kopi bike but as I gotten more senior and priorities changes, kopi sessions are a rarity. And I don't take my gal out when it's raining.
      She's in excellent original Japanese 'concours' condition with tons of original spares (fuel tank, mud guard, chain guard, carburetor, gaskets, nuts, dust caps, wires, sprockets, seals, rear light and a lot more, some are not shown in the picture) sourced painstakingly and slowly over time on the internet as you can't find them locally. A Chappy ain't exactly a common model to come along. No questionable, funny, distasteful modifications or colour.
      Even if you do not have a license. She's a looker in your living room as she has been in mine. Else, you can own and keep her for the next generation.
      Her beautiful, period correct digits will go as part of the sale, the single F plate - F3358S.
      Coe ends on 31st Dec 2021.
      Am asking for S$8,888.00
      Slightly negotiable if you are sincere, have the means and able to deal.
      Otherwise, she stays in my living room
      If you are keen, do sound me out with an offer. Please don't text to ask what's my bottom price, I'm stating it now that I won't reply to questions of that nature.
      Not a fire sale.
      So any amusing offers that are way off will be treated as non sincere spams too
      If keen, do email at joshdway77 @ hotmail dot com,
      as I do not come in here regularly.
      Thanks for all your interests.

    • By quan20
      Beautiful number plate AN8181Y. This alone is worth quite a sum.
      COE till 2023.
      Body and engine overhauled recently.
      Old paint stripped, rust treated, primed, sprayed with pearl white car- grade paint and one coat of lacquer. Comes with many new and original parts.
      Contact me at 96964918 to liaise direct.

    • By redrex
      Bike is sold

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