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[Group] SBF DUCATI Monster

Guest Azman79

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Heyo. I should be joining this proud family of riders soon. But before i jump right in, has this group like collated a list or reputed workshops/mechanics for servicing the bikes? I mean apart from the authorised dealer. The name that i see often is Michael Chong from Autopoint( pardon me if i got that wrong). Such a list would extremely useful.


If the group already has one, i am blind and that post should be stickied.

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Servicing/Repair for Ducati's in general are long, is it advisable or a norm for a Ducati owner to own a spare bike? Thinking of buying a cheap and low maintenance bike as a spare when Ducati is down.

Honda Phantom TA200 2013-2016

Yamaha RXZ 2016~Current

Ducati Monster 821 Dark Stealth 2016~current

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Looking to buy a monster 696. Tested a few bikes and liked one. Problem is when i was test riding, the bike felt a bit wobbly. Not sure if its the tyres ( which are a bit worn) or the suspension.. how to know if suspension has any problems..?

Yes it could be tyres.. I remember when I bought mine 2nd hand. The tyres look just fine 'Michelin Pilot Sport' but ride was wobbly during low speeds turning. Change to a new pair of tyres and all was fine..


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Bike parts sale -> http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php/373436-WTS-CBR-600-Parts

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Hey guys any advice is appreciated.


I'm having a problem with clutch fade, whenever I have to go through more than 5 minutes of start-stop traffic. It gets so bad that I effectively have no more clutch, and I'll have to wait for the bike to cool off before getting back on the road. Don't think it's a leak though, since the clutch works completely fine after that. Re-bleed perhaps?


And to those asking about consumption, I get 20km/l out of my 1100evo if I keep the average rpm within 4k.

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Assalamualaikum/Hello to fellow bikers...


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- Grab On Grip covers allow you to ride in more comfort, especially on those long rides. PERFECT for the daily commuter, tour rider, and sport riders alike.





- Slip over existing grips for greater comfort, or to renew worn grips.

- Work with heated or standard grips.

- Save $$$, no need change the whole heater grip system which is very costly.

- Shock absorbing EPDM foam for a smoother ride.

- Provide comfort to wrist and palm. (Great for touring !!)

- Glove friendly.

- Extra durable, ozone, UV, gas and oil resistant

- Grip Covers MC402/width 1.25-1.45"/5"Length.


** Fits class 2, 2A, 2B bikes as long as its a standard grip, it can fit .


** There's customers that bought and fit it on their bicycles too !!!


Great for city riding where there's lots of traffic light, your hand will be tired during the on going "stop go" situation, this product will help to ease the stress on palm n wrist. Highly recommended for despatch/delivery riders.


"Once you try it, you'll LOVE it"


NOTE : Lot of customers been asking what's the difference between Grab On Grip with another brand that's selling @ $30-$35.


Ans :

- 1st of all, Grab on Grip is Made in USA while the other grip is Made in UK. So the difference in currencies. USD vs Pound Sterling

- Difference in QUALITY. No doubt both are EPDM Foam but customers that have used Grab On Grip and have tried the "other brand", eventually came back to use Grab On Grip. Customers claimed that the "other brand" became smelly after using it for awhile and it tends to slip to the balancer causing the throttle to "stuck" which is VERY DANGEROUS. They have never face this problem when using Grab On Grip. Well, expensive things doesn't mean its good.


- Some customers asked how come mine is "cheaper" than the rest ?


Ans : There's no need for me to claim i'm the "dealer/distributor" when the product i sell is 100% Genuine Made in USA.. As a biker, I wanted to share my great experience of using this product for more than 5 years at an affordable price.


Tags : BMW - All models. Ducati - All Models. KTM - All Models. Harleys (Only if its standard grips. Those oversize grips, can't fit). Triumph - All models. Moto Guzzi, Reiju, Kawasaki - All models. Honda - All models. Yamaha - All models. Phantom, RXZ, Piaggio Vespa Gilera, Motard, Scramblers, Kups.









#GrabOnGrip #GOG

Edited by WanFazer

"Shut Up n Ride"

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Looking to buy a monster 696. Tested a few bikes and liked one. Problem is when i was test riding, the bike felt a bit wobbly. Not sure if its the tyres ( which are a bit worn) or the suspension.. how to know if suspension has any problems..?


Looking to sell mine, '08 model, 38k on the clock, with Legal Termigs (titanium, with cert and all)

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Hi guys,


anyone riding a M695? Just curious if there is any street legal exhaust model for this ducati model? So far the main distributor here doesn't carry for M695.


Else thinking of importing an exhaust model system that both product certified to this Ducati Model and as well as meet the required EC standard for emission and sound with respect to LTA/NEA requirement of 97/24/EC chap 9 & 5 for bike registered before 2014.


What you guys think? Thanks :D:P

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