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All about Steed

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hi all,


i'm new to this forum, hopefully you guys can clear some of my doubts. i just took over a FN Plate VCL Steed and need to find out how often in terms of mileage do i need to service my bike such as: engine oil, spark plug, oil filter and air filter. Are there any other stuff i need to maintain?


Thanks and Regards,



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Hi Rustee05


I have a Honda Steed owner's manual for sale.


PM 98679245.





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steed total gt 3 differ models rite?


vse,vlx and vls rite?


whats the main difference between them?


wats the average fuel comsumption for a steed?

2004 Jan - 2007 Feb - Yamaha RXZ FT*921U

2007 Feb - 2008 June - Yamaha Majesty 250 MK1 FQ822*A

2008 Jul - Present - MP3 250 FBB7122

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Originally posted by CridZ@Jan 14 2006, 10:19 PM

thx for the advices guys....i think its about time i got my bike serviced too...

You might want to drop your bike at where quite a number of the Kruzers service their bike, Rosli's. Drop me a PM if interested.

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yes, believe ur eyes, it's a steed 400. :)





Contact me at 9858 6442 (madman) 9845 6442 (Babycakes)

Visit me at www.Fat2FitChallenge.com or add me in FB nutrition4u.sg

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Originally posted by cruzz_77@Feb 19 2006, 08:10 PM

Sorry.. let me rephase my question


the engine oil in my steed is always drying up..

any idea why?



Might be worn piston rings? There's no evidence of oil leaking, right? (eg. patch of oil under the bike)

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Originally posted by cruzz_77@Feb 20 2006, 11:10 AM



i checked already.

there is no leak under the bike,

i checked the oil filter also no leak.


but one thing i have notice that when i put my hands near the exhaust opening, there are very tiny bits of oil spitting out


Any idea why?




The piston rings have probably worn out. You'll need to replace them

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Originally posted by fisher@Feb 20 2006, 12:51 PM

Worn out rings means overhaul?

Or top overhaul?


Anybody done overhaul before on their Steeds'???

Wats the rate like to perform a complete overhaul ya?



Well, it just means the rings have to be replaced :) Your mechanic may suggest other replacements which he thinks are necessary, having disassembled the engine.


So what constitutes an overhaul varies. Depends on budget, mostly.


I'm also curious to find out what's the mkt rate for engine parts + labour.

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Overhaul in general means taking apart your engine.


Top overhaul basically means that the top part of your engine, the combustion chamber is opened up to service the pistons.


Bottom overhaul will be the bottom part being removed. Where the oil sump, gearbox and crankpin is.


Originally posted by ultimax@Feb 20 2006, 01:01 PM

So what constitutes an overhaul varies. Depends on budget, mostly.

The above does have a small amount of truth in it.

How much are you willing to spend on a overhaul?

Remember, gaskets, oil seals and washers do not come cheap. So if you're willing to risk re-using them, the cost can be lowered. It can be done, just apply some good ole gasket/exhaust "gum" and it will work, for a while.


Ask yourself this, since you're opening up your engine, won't it be better to just change all the old oil seals, gaskets (may be torn when opening up engine) and washers rather than doing it again, when it starts to leak again and get charged the service charge again?


Some shops will charge 400, some will charge 600, some even more. But know this, what you pay for, is what you'll get. Unless of course, its a dishonest shop.


Let me know if you need a quote.

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Well said William.


I think there are no short cuts when it comes to an engine overhaul. Once you have opened the cylinder heads just go all the way and change all seals/gaskets. If the cylinder head is removed, take the opportunity to remove the carbon deposits too. If your valve seals are old, replace them too. For my Rebel, a top gasket set comes with valve seals too, so i guess since you are paying for it, might as well get them changed. If your budget allows, have your valves lapped since the cylinder head is removed.


Engine overhauls are not something you do at every servicing. Do it properly, then you dont have to revisit the problem again.


If you are going to do it yourself, make sure you have the service manual and refer to it constantly. Read carefully before removing any part and if you have a digital camera, snap a lot of pictures of which part goes where. Label them too as soon as you get them removed. I have done a few engines in my free time and believe me, even I sometimes forget which part goes where. Have a cleaning agent close by. Lots of rags and old newspapers too. Having the right tool helps and patience is the key.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Model & Colour: Honda Steed - Red


Price: SGD 1500


Payment (Cash/COI): Cash

Road Tax expiry date: July 2006

COE expiry date: Abt 7 years...

No. of owner: 2

Name of seller: Ah Boon

Contact: PM pls

Remark: In good condition, just change new oil tank and went for servicing lately.



Reason for Selling: Upgrading

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Hey just wondering but how much are you guys paying for insurance for your Steed? I was quoted


NTUC 3rd party: $448 (after 10% NCB)

Mitsui 3rd party: $491 (before NCB)


I'm 25 this year, >2 years riding experience.


Does that sound about right?



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Originally posted by picanto@Mar 28 2006, 05:05 PM

Hi All steed raider


Anyone got lobang to get a second hand oil tank for my steed VSE, it leaking now need help.

bro, i've got the same problem. 2nd hand tanks are usually rusty so they'll eventually start leaking. Brand new, hard to find, and expensive.


I'm going to use POR-15 to coat the inside of my tank. It's a product specially designed for leaking gas tanks. Let me know if you'd like to know more. It's S$62. You'll probably pay as much to get it welded at a shop. I'm not going to do that because, guess what - my tank's leaking at a spot that was fixed (welded) at a shop by the previous owner!

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