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[Discussion] WR 250/450 X/R/F


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okie tanx..read somewer its kaki bukit area..go recce


1st productiion got additional problems... eg 08 R1 headlite problems..go back claim warranty will take weeks cos no stock...

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and when did the above-mentioned items last fail in your car ?


Wouldn't you like a more customised and precise engine setup for your bike which can't be achieved with carb bikes ?


All cars are EFI now, and bikes will follow too




No, maybe because I don't use my car for trails? :D


But I've had all 3 items fail on my CBR929. Furthermore on a dirt bike, mud and water always gets into the most amazing places. Having a crucial sensor fail while trailing in Malaysia does not sound like fun. :angel:

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wanna check out these...


price what r d available performance mod 4 tis mini beast now?

is fmf powercore n bomb available in SG?


Well... Let's see


1. Power Commander III USB

2. K&N Air filter

3. Yoshi Exhaust (not sure road legal or not)

4. FMF (not road legal I believe)

5. Delta (Jap still no stock)

6. Venhill brake lines

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13k? sure? last week i checked its 16k all in. 14k machine!

hmmmm.... wonder if we could change bigger throttle bodies.

how 2 squeeze more ohmmzzz frm 250.......


I got mine at 13K machine price... COE was like 1100.. then blah blah blah


Throttle body we are having a 38 for stock... which I think is pretty big already... taking into consideration that the new KX450F is only using a 43

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i heard the engine is built up from following the R1.

so can tune using the same softwares ? :D


With EFI, you never to have "trial and error" with the air/fuel ratio, lean/rich settings.

No more jetting headaches. :)


nice bike, especially after reading this thread.


Slow down abit, smell the air and enjoy the scenery.


Caught the touring bug once again!



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very sweet looking.. with flower OEM rotors.. throttle and single cluster also nice and small.. engine is neatly placed with a nice EFI body..


too bad it's a 250.. compared to DRZ400, it's a bit ex..


heard from Matthew at Mezzo that they are going to liase with Hong Leong to have it OTR with aftermarket accessories like PC and handlebar, etc..


a EFI bike is fairly easier and better to tune..

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bro mtb, mayb u can give us ur review of the bike?




1. Good FC... 26-29 depends on how throttle happy you are

2. O2 sensor equipped... some modifications are self-corrected by the ECU

3. Heavy (overall weight) but it feels centralised and nimble when on the move... during corners you can feel the bike wanting you to go lower... provide confidence during cornering (I did rub my sole a couple of times with foot on the peg.. not sticking out or pointing down too much)

4. pretty lacking down low but plenty from mid to top... just open the throttle and you can feel it... with free modifications (air box mod), you can feel the bike pulls much harder from mid to top.... and so far if you want something for the low end.. it's either use PCIII or FMF PP to tune your map or aftermarket exhausts... I heard the people who changed to Delta full system are satisfied with the increased torque...

5. highway friendly... cruising at 100 is easy... actually you can cruise at abt 120 at 6th gear sweet spot... 100 is kinda low at 6th... vibration is almost non-existance

6. Good tyres and brakes... soft compound but I am at 4000 and they still look good and sticky.... front brake is awesome and handsome :angel:

7. Fully adjustable suspensions.... took me awhile to balance out everything.. but it's worth it

8. Only one radiator (right side).. but comes with fan... so far the fan only come twice when caught in the jam... after I took out the rear plastic scoop... it never come anymore...

9. Nice powerful headlight (H4)... so... just change the bulb and you are ready to go


Aftermarket parts are coming out slowly.... but there isn't much need to modify anyway :angel:

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