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Malaysia Embrasses Singapore football fans.

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See lah! This is what happens when you rely too much on foreign talent.... :sian:

Even win also no face... :(


who cares .... a win is a win.... although i bought so otherwise..... ****....



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Having foreigners beats having hooligans in their country (;


Its not soccer without hooligans. Besides, they aren't wrong. Its like taking steroids to win, might as well buy the whole Brazilian team to play for us.

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凡是自称是新加坡人但是没有serve national service我们一律不把他当成新加坡

人。请他不要攀关系。national service是否那么重要?是。


I remember I read this somewhere, the author only consider one is a true Singaporean if only he served the NS.


Maybe gahment should send those sportsmen to NS before they can represent the country:angel:

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1st the malays are natives they are not immigrants. Never forget about this community.

2nd, most immigrants came here when this island was a small fishing village, they came here as convicts and slave laborers not as foreign talents, your ancestors might have been an FT but i know majority of us isnt.

Edited by bluelabel
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Alamak......Singaporeans are descendants from Foreign Talents what......


FTs back then served to build the country. FTs now serve to fill Minister's paychecks, even so called retired ones. The only minister out of politics is one in jail or a dead one.

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I thought since Abbas Saad that generation 20 years ago SG soccer already got foreign players. It's nothing new - the only diff I see now is now got more.

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Abbas and all those Ft were in the malaysia cup not the national team. Malaysia cup is club football so thats why there are foreigners, Abbas and those guys were not Singapore citizens. During the malaysia cup days, whenever it was a national game like SEA games or any fifa sanction games, you wont see abbas and the rest, cos they are not singaporeans, they were still holding their birth place passports. You will only see locals playing is SEA games or any fifa international sanction games.

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yeah abbas saad , alister edwards, jang jung

they are part of the foreigners quota in malaysia cup..

jus likehow v sundram and fandi who played for kedah and pahang

Edited by wait4me

一路å‘北 4 EVER , my friend




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now we can safely say that Singapore invented the rojak team...

*人 在 江 湖 *敲 锣 打 鼓 *

嘴讲兰派爽! The World would be a better place if karma exists.

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