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LCD screen fix


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Hi guys... im jus helping out a friend whom tried to DIY his meter.. as per attached are the pictures.. are you guys oso have the same problem? and i do notice when u remove the strip, its thicker.. but the calculator strip is thinner..



in the day...


at night..


so need your review on this.. thanks

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Hi Bros, I understand this repair is good for faded display, but what about if there are dark patches on the display instead? I don't think it is then due to the polarizer film right? Correct me if I'm wrong.:confused:


Dark patches may be due to leaking of the fluid sandwiched in the glass.



Convert your backlight COLOURs at : <CMO> Speedo Backlight colour CONVERSION by Tachnicolour

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Dark patches may be due to leaking of the fluid sandwiched in the glass.


So, in this case, I believe it can't be restored except to change the complete LCD panel right? In my case, it's a Digital Multi-Meter and I have peeled away the polarizer film but can still see the dark patches. So, I believe you are right to say that the fluid has leaked and may be beyond repair. Thanks.

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How to change my meter, LCD, signal indicator light? Am riding a Revo by the way... Anyone or shop that does it? Thanks in advance for the tips and sharing... Appreciate it very much... Thanks! :cheeky:

Cagiva Mito FY6789R (2007 - 2010)

SYM GTS200 FZ4729Y (2011 - 2013)

CB400 Revo FBD1957M (2013 - 20??)

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How to change my meter, LCD, signal indicator light? Am riding a Revo by the way... Anyone or shop that does it? Thanks in advance for the tips and sharing... Appreciate it very much... Thanks! :cheeky:


You can look for this guy supersugar88 in CMO .. he is doing repair works for meter lcd , button , led light , changing of meter casing also lots of discount he give me super nice guy....


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A big thank you to you. finally got down to getting it done. got the polarizer from the link you'd provided as well. the display reads so well once again. Im on a VTECII. Replacing the polarizer on the face was slightly difficult cos the needle didnt allow me to remove the face of the meter (or rather i didnt know how to remove it). but it was still possible. just slightly tedious. Also, the meter lights shine much better with the traditional bulbs. the LED ones dont light the meter up evenly and more importantly, didnt read the LCD dislplay properly. Just my 2c! :smile:


thanks again!


Hey all, just wanted to share with everyone how I DIY-ed my meter's burnt/melted LCD screen that some of us are having problems with on our S4s. Do note that the orange line that goes in between the clock and odometer will be gone after the fix as it is printed directly on the old polarizer. This is not intended to be a tutorial or guide, but just a general show and tell. Try practising on an old calculator if you're not confident before proceeding onto your S4's meter. Proceed at your own risk!


Things you'll need

To repair the LCD screen, you would need a linear LCD polarizer (available online here), a sharp pen knife and some sort cleaning solution that can remove the adhesive residue left behind by the old polarizer (I used something called Goof Off, bought from Homefix). Do make sure that your chosen cleaning solution is safe for use on glass. To remove the meter itself, I used normal home tools such as spanners, wrench, etc.


Total spent on supplies = S$27


Now on to the fixing:


Remove the meter from the bike and dismantle the meter until you are left with the PCB board.




Then, use the penknife to remove the old polarizer. Be gentle and take your time, do not rush. Apply your chosen cleaning solution (put paper towels all around the LCD screen so that none of the cleaning solution gets onto the PCB board) onto the glass substrate and use the penknife to scrape the old adhesive off. Again, be gentle and take your time. The surface has to be cleaned thoroughly before applying the new polarizer (Very important).



After cleaning.



After cleaning the glass substrate, take your new polarizer and place it on the glass substrate to check the orientation of the polarizer. If the the LCD screen is all black (colours will be inverted, text will be white while background will be black), rotate the polarizer 90 degrees (direction does not matter), the LCD screen should turn to normal colour. You can cut your new polarizer to size, with the same orientation, using a pair of scissors and apply it onto the glass substrate by removing the adhesive backing on the back of the polarizer. Please orientate the polarizer correctly before applying on the glass substrate Do not forget to remove the protective film on the front of the polarizer before re-assembling the meter. After reassembling the meter, this is what you get;




Well, that's it. If anyone has anything to add, please do so. I apologise for the terrible/ lack of pictures as I do not have a digital camera with me. Also sorry for the bad English. Thanks!

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Thanks, Tachnicolour for the reply.


I manage to use Daiso $2 calculator to repair my LCD screen on my Spec 2 speedometer.


Took a while but the effort was worth it.




May I know, do I take the LCD from the calculator cause I tried but I ended domaged it. LCD was stuck at the screen...helpppppp

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  • 3 years later...
well, im still finding for the back film.. its harder to get then the front ones as i think the back ones are reflective.. anyways, now the only thing we need to do is find replacements for cracked screen or better if can replace the whole lcd unit..


I know it's an old thread. Did anyone managed to find the back film in Sg?

Where in Sg sells the polarized film?



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