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[Group] YAMAHA RD 350 LC TONG - The Legend


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this bike .... aiyo .... devil's bike .... very fast .... a lot of vibration ... can make gal horny .... u got money for the 2t n fuel .... n love speeding ... this is the bike for u man .... rvf also can smell rd's smoke .... respect !!!


i would nvr wan to "play" with an rd .... make my water face drop ..... i'm the one vibrate ar hahahahaha !!!

Past to present rides


Honda nsr sp 150 pro arm

Honda super4 ver s - yamaha rxz 135

Honda cbr 600 rr

Suzuki hayabusa 1300 - yamaha cygnus 125 - yamaha lc135 spark

Aprilia sr max 300 I.e



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hi all my friend has an LC350 suspension up for sale! he bought to put on his TZM so dumb right?

anyway its up for sale last i heard he may sell for 50.00! reconditioned its not new but dam good condition.

pls call NOT msg 97427878 look for jason




take me to georgia

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Aiyoh somebody very jumpy,i wonder y???If u had not shown up at b.batok i would have done my bike.But then again i am not going to spend 8-10k like u and put the bike only for display.Do you think all youngster are dumb and are suppose to shut up or are u afraid of me telling the truth about u?Ur time is over,ppl nowadays are smarter.U think i don't know about this bike?i have rode from Tong,31k,F2,RS250,TZR250,GSX400,RVF,FIREBLADE,SUPER4 to VTEC.I have tried all this bikes.Each bike is repected and admired by different ppl.But who the hell are u to say that the tong is the fastest bike when they try their bike to the limit and u don't,but polish and polish.Tong time is over and is to be respected but u are misabusing the bike reputation for ur own sake!Prove it urself that ur bike can run.Give respect and take respect is something which u don't have,Don't look down on modern and new technology!IF not why u modifing ur bike?

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Wah,pls lah act ur age or grow up and stop using vugarities on the main.

U think we stupid,at shell bishan u aready did ur running in and ask my friend super4 to chase 2 kr150s???Wat u trying to do wear design helmet chase after passing by kr150s,if u want to play with my friend super4 say so.Scared u loose so u give that lame reason of chasing KR.By the way u wack ur bike it did seem like ur not running in or don't know how to run in.Do Full overhaul and play one time with super4 aready change pistons,further more loose.My friend super4 never service or do anything for 6mths.

After that when i was not around you,siva and kumar were out u started ur dirty tricks.U asked the super4 to go infront kumar(a phantom150) together and disturb him.My friend wack and went beside kumar stopped and backfire at him,u behind my friend ask siva to play.Then u Just gain speed blow pass kumar and my friend.He then realised that u were playing with him.

But the next day kumar told me that the tong lost to super4 because he saw in his mirror my friend pickup to chase u struggle

U don't want to call me and settle and explain since the time i asked u why u call me out for riding and left me in the expressway alone!!!Yio chu kang also u could have talked or even called my hp,i was infront of ur face!!!PPl gave u respect but u dont respect ppl.Seems like the net is a very gd place for alot of ppl to know.Pls lah u think i got time to come and find u in ur carpark and all.Wat r u talking about?????Seem like u can not handle the truth,u can buy siva with money but not everbody is the same.



Sorry tongsters to hog the main for this personnal conflict but i just feel that i can share my experience with u all.

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Yes i organised a mini 2a jackpot but then my friend siva had a team meeting on that day so i postponed it.But that same day i organise for jackpot(23rd dec)i got a sms about a tongster meeting by siva i thought some KL guys were coming down.But the true fact was that day was a riding day.So why reject my plans for a jackpot and go riding.

For the calliper breaks pls lah,u know i was selling off my super4 and i wanted to keep the brembo for my F2 so i decided to give u the tokico(on my F2)for $50,but at the shop u keep asking my for the nissin callipers as the nissin did not sit on my super4.The nissin is $200.So nvm i let u fix but my bike shop rejected my super4 with tokico to be trade in so i put back the original brembo.

Go and check ur F6688 c wat callipers u have on and u should be happy that u have a nissin for $200.

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Originally posted by fxâ„¢@January 13, 2007 05:16 am

I used to ride an RD 350 LC, gave it away before I left for the States.

Miss my ride, I'm thinking of getting another 1 but so far fate hasnt been on my side yet. :pray:

hi bro hope you will get one soon and get back the feel of the rd/rz

best of luck bro

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dear all,


just trying my luck here. i got one 4LO parts. just scrap the bike last 2 weeks. if anyone searching for parts, can pm me. thanx


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