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Knife Collection ?


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Guys, I have just ordered a Cold Steel Kukri Sk-5 but tracking indicates Customs clearance.


How long does the clearance usually take?


I ordered the Tops Max the mini axe & got it delivered in a week from the States too.


Got a G. Sakai knive from Japan it took al'il longer about two weeks.


Really cant tahan the waiting... .... Any advice to quicken to process?

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NOHehe, bought over my friend's Ka-bar which is in a pretty bad shape. The stacked leather handle is gone due to lack of usage and thus, lack of moisture to prevent the leather from drying up.


Replaced the grip with blue tennis racket grips, find that they don't really slip around much ;) Of course not as aesthetically beautiful as a brand new Ka-bar but hey, it does the job as well.


Currently going crazy over the C.R. Sebenza 21..... but they cost so much.


BTW guys, there are NO law that says that your knife must be a certain length to be legal. If the police does a random spot check on you, finds the knife on you, it is up to the policeman to deem it as an offensive weapon or not.


I also have experienced myself, carrying a small folder through the customs ( for proper use in Malaysia ) and have been stuck there for awhile because no proof of purchase.

sometimes facebook is like a fridge. you open it once every little while hoping something new will appear only to realise nothing changed.






Touring a little bit of Laos like this!

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Sorry to go off topic. I know


I moved to Australia and where I am, I can keep swords. I like katanas, so I bought a few:




Snake Eye's sword from the 1st GI Joe movie. Stainless steel, dull blade. Bought cheap from Ebay.





Bride's sword replica from Kill Bill movie. Live blade with fake ha mon




Musashi Ten Ryu 004 sword. Live blade with real ha mon.


Out of the 3, the Musashi sword is the best and obviously most expensive. Bride's sword is my favourite because of the neutral balance. I was swinging around the Musashi sword with one arm and soon my wrist got sore. The soreness didn't go away for 3 days. Balance for the Musashi sword is more forward, so swinging it will cause damage, especially when chopping something.

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