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Class 2A bike options

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Hi all,


I am considering upgrading my license and want to find out what are my options for a class 2A sports bike in Singapore? both new and used?


i currently ride a honda cbr 150r





rvf, cbr (new and old) vfr, pgm, ninja, gsxr, rs250. there might be more.

will urge u to upgrade to class 2 sportsbike instead of class 2a.


Glad to have u in my life : ) Always love one another!

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cbr new and old? what do you mean? is there new cbr 400?


I cannot upgrade to class2 directly. have to go by the local process. am on my first year of class 2b


self google the new model and you will find out more about the differences. google is ur best friend!


Glad to have u in my life : ) Always love one another!

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old school inline 4s


Honda CB400 BolDor (SportsBike look-alike)

Honda CBR400

Honda RVF400

Suzuki GSXR400

Kawasaki ZXR400


the old 250s


Daelim Roadwin R250

Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Aprilia RS250


New Age 2A Sports


Honda CBR400 (Parallel Twin)

Honda CBR250 (VFR Looks)

Honda CBR300 (Not sure if coming to sg)

Kawasaki Ninja 300R

Kawasaki Ninja 400 (Bored-down Ninja 650, the newer 2014 models have dropped the "R" prefix) (SUPER BEAUTIFUL but underpowered due to the class2 weight)

KTM RC390 (Retuned Duke 390 engine)

Pulsar 375 (from same factory that RC390 comes from)

Yamaha R25 (Ridiculously touted as the mini M1 MotoGP)

racing in traffic...


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If ure planning to go all e way till class 2, might as well cont riding ur current bike n upgrade to a 600 or 750 till den.



RXZ135 botoL powered / WR200 FMF powered - RXZ D CLUB

SUPER4 VTEC2 Micron powered - S4M

R1 '07 LE Akrapovic powered

HAYABUSA '99 Scorpion powered - SgBusaRiderz

SUPER4 PB1 / 125z Rockstar

RXZ135 Japan-modeL 6-speed lemang powered


carousell.com/shasalem.biz :D

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now there are really limited choices of 2A sports bike, but there are new models rolling out soon like the cbr300r, ninja 300/400, rs25... so it may be worth to wait until then or take class 2 instead where there are much more choices

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the new KTM RC390 looks like a very good contender!


Saw some bike shop stated the price for KTM RC 390 at $18500!!! and 200cc at $16500 !!!


Anyway it is cheaper and more HP than the Kawasaki Ninja 300.


The Ninja look more aggressive and Muscular compare to the KTM ..

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Sticking to 2B for two years is very challenging.


not really challlenging......the challenge is whether u want to pay sky high insurance when ur young...or whether u have the willpower and wanna save up and pay for a bike full cash or in a hurry to get a bike u want n having to pay long n big mthly installments with low downpayment.....n worrying that you cant lose that job....

2b bikes can still go north into malaysia and explore the whole of malaysia.....also another challenge....if you have a class 2 bike n paying big monthly installments...you will need to save up for ur trip on top of ur mthly loan.....on the other hand if you have paid full cash...ur mind can plan for a yummy trip north..........unless ur pay very big la...

I ride at 70km/hr only...please please dont blow2 at me or overtake me dangerously....wait i change into Incredible Hulk n dont know why my little baby bike will always be ahead of u if u do that

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My only problem with 2B bike is its weak acceleration. I am thinking 2A bike might be ideal. For now class2 bike may be excessive. I just think that we will never be able to get the full potential out of class2 bike. But who knows when I get used to 2A, I will want class2 then, haha...


Anyway, back to the topic, I have been thinking of getting CBR400R 2014 model, preferably used. Will be a bit hard because it is a new model and I am sure not many people have bought it new, due to the COE hike.

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I think you shouldn't let the classification rule your judgment. A 400cc bike has it's merits, and if it works for you and it suits you, why bother getting a 1000cc if you don't really want it?


Because of the license classification that we have here, people often look at more cc = upgrading, but really , do you need to? and do you really want to?


I've found 400cc to be more than enough for our roads, and I've never had occasion to push the bike past 75% of its full potential be it acceleration, top speed or cornering. I do have a class 2 license, and there are some class 2 bikes that have caught my eye but I don't feel that strong urge to 'upgrade' as I did when I went from 2b to 2a.


I felt that my 2b bike was lacking in many areas from the minute I took my first 2a lesson. I don't feel that anymore with a 400, even after the lessons and subsequently passing and trying a few class 2 bikes. Without the restriction of choice, when you get your full license, ultimately you are the one that decides which bike you want and whether it suits you. At the end of the day, 150cc or 1400cc, it's your bike :)

IG: @adrielwrites

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