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Honda CB190R vs Yamaha FZ16 v2 (FZN150i) vs Bajaj Pulsar 200NS


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Hi all, newbie here. I'm deciding between the 3 bikes below. Basically gonna use for commuting between point A to point B

Please tell me your opinions and feedbacks on several factors..


- Honda CB190R

- Yamaha FZ16 v2 (FZN150i)

- Bajaj Pulsar 200NS


1) Availability of accessories (crash bars, body kit, etc)

2) Repair and maintenance cost (spare parts)

3) Build quality and comfort

4) Top speed without the engine going cranky (cruising)

5) Any other factors you will consider when choosing a bike?


Appreciate your kind input! This will be my first bike.

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1) Would recommend honda and yamaha due to parts and accessories availability. Parts for Bajaj can only get from agent and not many shops would like to do the maintenance for pulsar. (not sure how true but i will not take the risk)

2) Honda and Yamaha should be better in pricing comparing Bajaj.

3) riding posture are all forward bias. but they feel almost the same. Best is u try the bike n feel it urself.

4) wat kind of top speed are you looking at? they are all ok at normal speed of 80 to 100km/h.

5) Nil


All are good transport bikes with good fuel consumption. tanks are bigger compared to kups so per tank can last your 400km+. tires are bigger in size hence grip is better. Other factors will be outlook and price of machine OTR.


Hope these helps.

Honda Super 4 Ver S: Mar 02 - Sept 05

PGO Gmax 150: Sept 05 - Dec 05

Honda Super 4 Vtec 1: Nov 05 - Apr 07

Suzuki GSR 400: Apr 07 - Dec 09

Yamaha FZ1S: Nov 09 - May 13

Kawasaki GTR 1400: Jan 13 - ??? ??

Yamaha FZ16ST: May 14 - ??? ??

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Duke 200 also looks great and also falls in the same price range

My Ride History:


[KTM Duke 200] - 2017/06 - 2018/06

[Piaggio MP3 125] - 2017/12 - 2018/07

[Suzuki DRZ 400 SM] - 2018/07 - 2019/04

[Suzuki Boulevard 400] - 2018/07 - 2019/06

[Honda CB400X] - 2018/10 - 2020/10

[KTM Duke 390] - 2019/07 - 2020/09

[Aprilia Caponord 1200] - 2020/10 - 2021/10

[Vespa 300 GTS] - 2021/06 -

[Honda NC750X DCT ABS] - 2022/05 -

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If you haven't already decided, I'd recommend the CB190R.


The old FZ16 which I used to have was pretty decently powered but still weak, the new FZN150 with the fuel injected 149cc is even weaker.


200NS and CB190R is where your money is more worth. I rode the 200RS before, which is the sportbike version, there is plenty of usable power at lower RPM, and generally has a flatter power curve, and I think the CB190R is the same. Except CB190R more stylo.

Check out my Website! : www.reizeprimus.tk


Or watch my Youtube channel for more Motovlogs and Motorcycling Content! : www.youtube.com/ReizePrimus

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Have been riding a 2013 carb Pulsar 200 NS for 13 months:


1) Availability of accessories (crash bars, body kit, etc)


- Crash bars available

- Body kits non-existent

- Rear box mounts available most places

- Everything else is pretty rare; I changed my handlebar after great effort of self-research


2) Repair and maintenance cost (spare parts)


- Only Universal has parts

- All other shops in SG buy from them so don't bother, just go to Universal

- Very cheap though, regular maintenance-EO change about $28, spark plug $10, air filter $10


3) Build quality and comfort


- Build quality is good

- Comfort is ok for short rides but...

-- For long rides (>25km):

--- Vibrations are really bad (prepare for numb hands); this is due to the SOHC design and probably poor manufacturer vibration-damping

--- You'll want a throttle assist clip to ease this; can get carpal tunnel

--- Seat is hard (your butt will suffer)

--- Posture: This is quite a surprise, but this is not a true naked bike in (hence naked SPORT); the posture is slightly forward-leaning so expect a sore lower back


4) Top speed without the engine going cranky (cruising)


- No idea, I don't speed :slurp:

- Reports of 130-140 are common

- As for "cruising", my favourite speed is 88. Past 90 I can see the revs and vibrations go up exponentially.


5) Any other factors you will consider when choosing a bike?


- Extremely fuel-efficient; if you don't anyhow throttle, can get 40+kmpl (my overall average is 42 -> link here)


In conclusion, if you can tahan the numb hands/sore butt/sore back or you don't need this for daily long commutes it's a 9/10; with all that factored in I'd say it's about 7/10 (I'm definitely upgrading to maybe a NC750 when I get class 2; skipping 2A).

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