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[Discussion] What do you do when it rains?

What do you and ur pillion do when it rains heavily?  

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  1. 1. What do you and ur pillion do when it rains heavily?

    • You wear the rain gear, your pillion can get wet
    • Your pillion wears the rain gear, you get wet
    • Wait for the rain to stop
    • Take public transport home

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For me lagi best. Nvr bring raincoat most of the time cos nvr put box also.


So whack oni ah.. If urgent, ride in the rain.. if not take cover at bus shelter or below bridge if at expressway ah.


I tell u the feeling is crapz man in the rain.. :mad:

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i'll probably ride further to test the rain because got one time rain heavily (and sway sway me havent buy raincoat) so I sped off across the highways (and see a couple of bikers drop down to wear raincoat) and after awhile no more rain and I was... "WAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!!"

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Will wear rain gear if riding alone, will let pillon wear if only got 1 set :sweat:

But will take public transport if the rain is too much ! ! :giddy:


Will enjoy the 'feeling' of taking public transport (since dunno how long ago)..... so will appreciate the freedom of riding my phantom :cheeky:


Just my personnal opinion :goodluck:


PS: Ride slow and steady when raining :thumb:



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if only 1 set of raincoat, sure let pillion wear. if not urgent, then wait lor.



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Originally posted by Technician III@Dec 13 2006, 01:05 PM

Hmm.. I always bring along 2 sets of rain gear, one for me and one for my pillion.. But of coz when the rain gets really big, I'll stop and wait..

2nd to that!



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Originally posted by theyasman@Dec 14 2006, 09:48 AM


hahahhaah you the man!


Whack in rain can be painful man, the arrows.. i mean raindrops.. on the chest. fuuh.

Yup.. Agreed.. The 1st time I ride in the rain, didn't expect the rain drops to be so powerful.. hit my hands, neck and shoulders.. Even with rain coat, the impact can be quite hard even when riding a raincoat..

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Since now is raining season, i would like to share few experience with all of you.


1) You might have breakdown during raining and can't seems to get throttle. During raining, please tune your carb so that you would not encounter such problem.


2) Please beware when negotiating bends, especially those with IRC tyres.


3) Roll up your T-shirt / jeans if you do wear rain coat.


4) Always keep on the left and not speed


5) Should your throttle ceased fire, tune your fuel indicator to reserve, wait for a while, throttle a bit then start engine, after which you will need to tune back to non reserve (Optional)


6) Have a hot bath and keep yourself warm after the raining ride or else...MC.


7) WEAR Gloves


8) Try not to ride in between cars as seldom cars will be able to see us .


9) Check your brake distance + Brake Pad(Very Impt).


10) Before setting off in the rain, please warm up your bike or else the cooling will be too much for your engine to take in the rain and hence the cease throttle.


11) Make sure you protect your legs as rain on hot engine will spill over to your legs.

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Originally posted by G_S_J@Dec 18 2006, 08:20 AM

2) Please beware when negotiating bends, especially those with IRC tyres.


Hi bro,


Are you implying that all IRC tires dont perform well on wet roads?


Just qurious. If it isnt good then I think I'll have to change my tires.



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