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Hi to all new MT03 riders, firstly congrats on getting a MT03.




These are some information that I’ll be sharing with you guys. If you have any more enquires, feel free to post it up, I'll try my very best to reply in the soonest moments. If anyone not riding MT03 wish to comment, sure. your comment is most welcome and I'll try my very best to reply you within my knowledge. Not everyone is as knowledge as wikipedia..


Everyone is constantly upgrading their knowledge and I’m here to share only, any information might be wrong and use my knowledge as a guide ONLY.


Any wrong information, feel free to pm me direct instead, with the accurate information on hand and post me a link so that I could learn from my mistake as well.


Thanks in advance for those are going to pm me. :)


New rider Questions

Basic servicing - Mostly consist of EO (engine oil) & oil filter ONLY, yes you didn’t see wrongly, ONLY Engine Oil & Oil filter. Which EO and oil filter? Most people who go for fully synthetic EO & yamaha oil filter. How long once? some people go for every month and some go for every 6 months. Depending on your $$$ and how hard you whack your bike.. FOR myself,every 2-3 months. You can choose oil filter every alternate oil change.  EO pricing depending on your brands, I heard iPone, Motul and liquidmoly. Oil filter is about 15-20.

Slightly intense servicing.

Air filter and Spark plug. About every 3-9 months, some people say can go for years for spark plug.. but I personally don’t recommend ba.. you dunno when your spark plug will fail and when it truly fail.. you cannot start your bike.. and not easy to change as well since you need to remove fuel tank to change it..

Air filter will impact your riding experience, so better change it when you clock a certain mileage or every 6 months. I wash every 6 months despite I only ride out 2-4 times/week.. each trip is only 30-50km.. LOL.

Air filter can use aftermarket but take note there’s a lot of fake ones out there.. remember to check for reviews and if it feel worse then stock.. that’s fake.. and the box will also indicated bike model (Fake) original will indicate the “part” number of the air filter.

Newer bike such as ours has something that’s called valve clearance- for MT03 - it’s every 70k or whenever a ticking sound can be heard.. if you can heard it, it means $$$ already.. but if you dun wack your bike very very rough.. usually this ticking sound will not come to you..

Valve clearance pricing is about $500 with parts inclusive.

If the ticking sound goes off when you clutch in.. it means not your valve it’s common for your clutch to have some ticking sounds.. valve will constantly be ticking even after your ride.. (Based on what I ask with the mechs, they mentioned that usually MT03 will not have this sound, if have = a lot of things need to change)


We also have FI (Fuel injector) /TB (Throttle body) servicing which is only required when you experience jerking of your bike. Throttle extremely rough and not smooth. Pricing ranging from $80-$120.


Overhaul or changing of internal engines, I’m not experienced with that yet.. see who has experience can feel free to share.. 😛


Pre ride Checks or buying 2nd hand checks

1 - As usual, check for exterior, any drops by other riders.

2- Check Engine oil and make sure it falls in-between low and high, no need to be exactly centre but in between will do.. need to push up bike straight on a level ground.

3 - Start engine - there should not be any engine-check light.. Only ABS light will be lighted up until you ride up to 8km/h and above then it will go off.

4 - if the bike refused to start and the engine check light is constantly on.. something is wrong.. could be minor or major.. best not to buy the bike or ride the bike..  (the most common during covid period = battery flat (minor))

5)  after the bike is start, check all signal lights and infront should have 3 lights (eyes and main headlight) rear light is led

6) Gear MUST be in Neutral before you can start the engine. Or Gear 1/2 with side stand up + clutch in then you can start the bike.

If side stand is down and in gear 1+clutch in can start means your side stand sensor is spoilt. If you in gear 1+side stand up+clutch in but cannot start.. that means clutch switch spoilt. (One of the common things that will spoilt as well)

7)  depending on the year of your MT03, the speedo might looks slightly different but it’s all in your manual.. no manual can download from Yamaha website


We have additional function for oil change, you will see the oil light turn up if you go beyond 5k (if I’m not wrong).. you will need to change by then.. Need to reset the oil change every time you change oil. (See your manual for information)

Our speedo also consist of FC (Fuel consumption) reading, so you can either read the average FC or change to see the FC while you ride (can be very stressful) haha..


MT03 technical terms and etc. (don't continue reading if you don't have a MT03 to refer to)


Electrical start - when you press the start button, your electrical flow will go through battery -> starter (boost electric) -> starter motor -> fuel pump-> engine start

If your voltage falls below 10v, usually will not be able to start.. most volt meter will reflect lower voltage of 0.4v  (could be electric current pull off by other accessories on my end)

I’ve heard of people who successfully “push start”.. I’ve tried a few times but failed.. unknown reasons.. I would rather have a additional battery and those power bank just in case I need it.. (but I heard if use those, your electric stuff might fail if overly use)


Ignition -> the moment you turn your keys, your fuel pump will start to work as you bear some sounds from your fuel tank, if the sound becomes like buzzing bees, it means your fuel pump might be KO soon Your lights infront “eyes” & tail light will switch on as well, if it’s not on, that means one of the fuse has been blown.

Fuse box - pillion seat has one long fuse box, around battery area another one.. Starter has one more fuse as well.


Bottom right side of our bike is engine oil area (Engine oil lube your gear/piston and clutch plates)

Bottom left side of our bike is magnetic coil (this provide charges for our bike)


Speedo lights

- they are all LEDs, so if anything blown, need to get electric specialist to help you change it..

- speedo reader is at the centre of our bike, need to dismantle to change it

- speedo sensor is at the rear ABS


Brake system

- most of our bikes has ABS, if you accidentally brake hard, ABS will be activated.(to prevent lock wheels)

- brake fluid can be change either every year or every 3 years, depending on your riding frequency (see manual)


Coolant system

- Use at least those premixed coolant, do not add in tap water or etc unless you want your bike coolant system to spoilt faster.


Clutch System

 - Our bike uses 7 clutch plates, so if you intent to DIY, take note to buy additional one more.. (most of the pack out there sells 6 plates only)

- Clutch cable snap, what can I do to go home? 1 - tow 2-push. Can start but once you engage to gear 2 FORCEFULLY you can't go anything highly as your gears might be damaged.

- How do I know my clutch plates need to be change? When you can't engage free gear after stopping despite your bitting point is far.

- What's bitting point? You should learn it at riding school else you can't ride and you will not be seeing this note. To adjust it, on your left hand, unlock both screws, tighten them to set your bitting point higher. (higher bitting point = less stress on your engine and know your clutch plates still doing alright, lower bitting point = racer = reverse the terms i stated above.)


Chain / Sprocket

- Chain loose? as long you keep on hearing sounds coming from your chain there, It has a huge possibilities that it's chain loose, If too tight, there will not be any sounds, check with bike shops to see if it's ok anot.. 1 chain at least min 1 year - O Ring can last, normal chain only 3months~9 months depends on the weight/speed.

- Sprocket comes with chain normally.. only the numbers makes the differences.

I have not play with the numbers yet Mine is fully stock for the time being..



Wheel bearing - our bearings are all hidden from sight and they will vibrate through your fork if any bearing break

Rear wheel bearing - need to push up your rear wheel, shake side ways and see if they give way or not.

Cone bearing - almost unbreakable as it’s concealed in a metal case that protect your bearing and give you the ease of turning your handlebar.. Unless you wheelie, then that’s a different story.


Side stand

- most of the MT03 riders put a additional “stand” so that it will go up higher (this is recommended for your bike to stand more straight) as our default stand is abit too low.. low = bike drop if your box is huge or etc.


Air filter - I believe I cover in the new rider sections.


Riding RPM

Recommended to stay below RPM5 for best FC

Best sweet spot (horse power) between RPM 5-9

Speed will varies depending on your wheels and chain sprocket thus I go with RPM instead of speed


Nice to have but could be illegal depends on your set up

LEDs - confirm illegal if can be seen on plain sight

Speedo light - can check with with a guy who do speedo (legal)

Grounding - alot of people say it’s placebo effect but up to individual (legal)

Hazard lights - newer MT03 comes with it.. so it depends on your set up (50/50)

Tail tidy, no mud guard and etc (illegal but there’s some people who can pass with a red reflector) (50/50)

Led signal light - non E marking (100% fail) E marking (50/50)

Original serial number of our bike is below the pillion seat


Lastly, this is a copy and paste from onemotoring website:

https://onemotoring.lta.gov.sg/content/onemotoring/home/driving/lta_offences_and_fines.html- LTA's Common Vehicle-Related Offences


https://onemotoring.lta.gov.sg/content/onemotoring/home/owning/modification.htmlModification Guide (there's some updates on the mud guard)


Put those issues instead of car into bike, if some stuff that you are asking is not stated, feel free to ask it here. Remember.. some is GREY areas, thus it's not a NO but neither it is a YES.


Kindly read thru at least the intro section first before decide to post any comments.... thanks... :cool:


Please proceed to this website/web link if you guys have any technical issues on Kawasaki Kips/KR150, I'll update the 1st POST as and when there's a new question. Newbies questions on the top as well. :)





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