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[Group] Singapore BAJAJ Team (SBT)


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4 hours ago, urabummer said:

The reasons you stated are the exact reasons I love the dtsi 200. No radiator and oil filter so good. Parts so cheap. When UM ask permission to change I say just change spare no expense.

I've also test ridden friends' bikes and all but none give me the happiness on the Pulsar. It's a hard feeling to explain and they really don't understand why I love it so much. To me it's the perfect bike. Nice to know you're a fan!

Your bike looks so good! What a waste to scrap. You mentioned COE expensive(besides injury). Well COE now is atrocious haha. I've always said to myself as long as Bajaj continues manufacturing the parts I will keep the bike till classic plate. But then now COE 13k 😭. Maybe not feasible anymore and this is the last 7 years to ride my old faithful.

UM says the coverset is not in production anymore but I see that India still has new pulsar in this shape (unlike the NS), I believe they should fit?

Perhaps we could meet up and you give me advice on restoring my bike I really know nuts. I might just send it for overhaul, painting etc next week.

Like wise I can suggest, I rarely advice. Usually I hang out at Yung Sheng 101 at Yung Sheng Road, where Boon Lay Power Basi Lemak Taman Jurong branch is located or at time I just go to one kopi shop where it is in quiet area in between woodlands and Jurong somewhere in industrial area where MRT line cross. Surely we can meet up and talk over. Just PM me when you are free

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Is great to see 2000's era bike still around despite is left a few on the roads 🙂👍🏼, great meetup Urabummer


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On 11/15/2022 at 8:03 PM, benchmarkwines said:

The original Pulsar came with a 150 cc or 180 cc air-cooled, single-cylinder, petrol, spark-ignited four-stroke engine. They featured a single spark plug to ignite the air-fuel mixture fed from a carburetor, simple spring shock absorbers, a round headlamp dome, and a 1,235 mm wheelbase. Disc brakes as standard equipment were a novelty in Indian motorcycles of the early 2000s. Other standard features were parking lights and an aircraft-type fuel tank lid. The 180 cc version came with an Electric Start (ES) and twin-tone horn, both of which were optional equipment on the 150 cc version.

Solid Lah!!!! Good information to share around on history of Pulsar. Favourite 🙂👍🏼

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