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Hi S4 brothers! :smile:


Maybe someone started this thread before. Paiseh har if someone did. :cheeky:


Will the brothers here who stay East side, namely Tampines, Simei, Pasir Ris area, be interested to gather and have coffee sessions or go JB pump petrol, etc?


I am staying at Tampines St 32. I see fellow S4 riders on the road very often and wish that we can all know each other better. I think it might make riding on the road not so lonely for us S4 riders who stay East side one.






Posts in 2007 can b found here ESR 2007 :thumb: :thumb:

Who's your Daddy?!?


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Happy 2008 to ESR~!!!!



:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:




1986 (Apr)-2005 (Jun): BMW-Turbo (Bus, Mrt, Walk, Turbo Taxi)

2005 (Jun - 2006 (Jul): Honda 150SP

2006 (Jul) - 2013 (Feb): Honda CB400 S4 Spec II.3 (Type R)

2013 (Feb) - ???? : Yamaha FZ1N


♂♀ Loners - Dare To Ride Alone

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Thanks! Yes Qai, after the modding, the bike's response seems to be faster, throttling body more smoother, and easily can wheelie from gear 2 onwards! Beats having the ATRE G1Pro delimiter which cost abt 250, whilst this modding is free! I have not tried to go beyond 300km/h though..


Haha.. basket.. Thanks ah for modding my bike yesterday.. heh heh.. And thanks to those who is involved int he birthday 'bash' too.. Didn't have this much fun since Secondary school days.. :thumb:

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thanx guys


later i go 'tuning', my voice becomes like ah gua


Gosh, u are going for a tonsillectomy? Just an advice, before you go, eat all u want and what u want.. if not, you will be suffering for 2 weeks to a month eating soft diet..

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Happy 2008 to ESR~!!!!



:cheer: :cheer: :cheer:



Posts in 2007 can b found hereESR 2007 :thumb: :thumb:


Actually I am wondering if this is gonna be a standard practice for only ESR thread or for ALL sub-group thread. If it is for the latter, I dun see any other sub-group thread being restarted to page 1.


The last page in ESR was only 398 whilst in AMK thread its over 400++. Not to point fingers in any direction but I hope to observe standardization for all sub-groups(that are still active of course).


This is point no 1, and below is point no 2 which comes with a suggestion.


IMHO, 300++ pages is not considered a lot and to suddenly cut off the previous pages can be quite shocking. I dun mind the archiving thingy but can the archiving be done on say March or April rather than with immediate effect. This allows the forumers time to move on and transit smoothly without any feeling of loss of belonging and such. It feels like suddenly your memories for yesterday is totally gone and the feeling really sucks.


Well, ultimately its the mod that have the final say, the above is just my mere sentiments and 2cents worth of suggestion.


All in all, I wish everyone here and in the forum a Happy New Year's day..

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still wundering wana take class 2 anot



Forget it la... after you take already, confirm get tempted to upgrade, you just got your new other committment to settle still...

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Forget it la... after you take already, confirm get tempted to upgrade, you just got your new other committment to settle still...


hehe yah , anyway class 2 i also duno ride wat ........all nt interesting...hehe

i tink i sian s4 liao i go buy xr4 or drz


顺顺利利... å‘å•Š.

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Hope its still not late to wish...



Wishing you all a joyous & fabulous 2008!





Btw,sorry we (I & mfifo) did not join u all for the countdown, we want to watch the fireworks :)


I also donno that its ur b'day manz..Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday! :cheeky:

I thought a thought. But the thought I thought wasn't the thought I thought I thought. If the thought I thought I thought had been the thought I thought, I wouldn't have thought so much.



Propaganda outweighs journalism, prejudice defeats dialogue

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