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<GS Alert> Stolen Bike Parts

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U r wrong bro, u might nt be able to reach in time for easy parts but some part need time to dismantle.

Alarm work a lot.

Let me ask u if u are at downstairs when a bike or car alarm set off will u look over to see what's gg on.

Singaporean are all busy bodies sure got ppl see see look look, still by then the theft still dare to be around there dismantling the stuff they will be damn stupid sure kana catch.


I have put alarm on all my bikes. So far nothing ever goes missing except for my cash card and i forgot to activate my alarm and forgot to tk my cash card. **** man

MoVe Like a ThuNDer,

Ride Like a DaRe DeVil,

Corner A BenD Like No Ppls BusiNeSs....


Safety Is Still ImporTanT As you OnLy hAve 1 Life!!

SafetY For U

Safe For OtherS!! ;)

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Location: Midlink Plaza basement carpark (near Iluma, free parking for bike)


Item stolen: Helmet


Somewhere around May this year, didn't expect near bugis this kind of area also have people dare to steal my old stinky spare helmet. Just take note of this carpark when u park your bike, try to bring ur helmet along if possible. the carpark has no CCTV installed near the bike parking lot.

Aprilia RS125 '01 FT2630S - Mar 08 ~ Mar 10

Yamaha YZF R6 '03 FW3991C - Mar 10 ~ Aug 11

Honda VTR1000 SP1 '00 FS4115E - Jan 11 ~ Mar 13

Ducati 749S '04 FX***** - Mar 13 ~ Present



Shake it~ sexy baby~



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Location: Woodlands Ave 2 @ Drive 14.


Some low life stole away my Evotech rear axle sliders, could be over the period of Hari Raya where I parked in a MSCP, displaying 2 coupons.


The best thing was, the thief didn't took anything else and only the rear axle sliders -.-

venire videre vincere

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Hi to all


My right front brake calipers was stolen this morning. It was taken out from my Spec III. Surprisingly, my neighbour said he left at 6.45am and he said the calipers was there. But when i left home at 7.30, it was gone. Fug sia. ;(


Location : Bukit Panjang, Pending Road Carpark BJ4.

Please be aware of this peeps.


Do update the others.

:dot: burn rubber not ur soul :dot:
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GSR400 front brake caliper(ride side) stolen at JB, Pelangi Leisure mall basement carpark. Been there for so many years without problem... but noticed that now there is no more security petrol, so the thief becomes more brave. Be extra careful when going in to jb.


Date stolen: 23 July 2011


Quite surprised to read about theft in Singapore. I thought it used to be safe to park in Singapore. Seems like MSCP is mostly where the theif scene happens. It sucks to be the victim of theft.


Too many foreign workers inclusive of neighbors country. Hope the govern can tighten the policy so that company can not exploit them.

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my friend (sorry non-forum member) Akrapovic street legal exhaust (carbon fibre) and mid pipe stolen from east side ind area on Tuesday for kawasaki zx10,

the exhaust has a code tag engraved somewhere, its done by the owner himself.

police report hav been made.

Use at ur own risk if u buy. Good Luck to u theft who ever u are......:)

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Hello fellow bikers, my bike was stolen on 4 dec 2011

Please help me keep a lookout for my bike. Bike was lost at punggol mscp


plate no: FT3327L

Bike model: Honda nsr sp


here's my contact no 82887937


- HONDA NSR SP 150 Apr 2010 to Dec 2011-

- Aprilia RS125 Dec 2011 to ???? -



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seems like the thief at jurong west 65 is still active. My helmet was cut stolen from the side lock in June this year also. I didn't expect that cuz it was a cheap one $35 only. That was a long weekend and I didn't go out. Probably the thief also noticed the bike stayed there for a long time and get the nerve to do it.

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there's this once i was walking under my friend's block going to take bus home located at jurong west.. forgot the block..

suddenly someone shouted oi then i turn see, a MaLaY guy tat's tampering the bike ran in shock. The guy who shouted didnt give a chase, he jus walk over to that particular bike.. most probably he's the owner of e bike.. lol.. be sure to park in bright place.. if possible park at place where u can see with ur window..

Edited by Tao
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These places are mainly where items are stolen...


Not all mscp are install with cameras..


Items from my bikes been stolen before......5 times



really frustrating. Urghhh!



Beware guys...keep a look for suspicious character.

*Adrenaline Rush*

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Guys, i just lost my akrapovic carbon fiber front mudguard fitted on R1 07. Date lost is 06 feb 2012 from 3am onwards. Area is at jurong west st 24 272. Seems like jurong area there is a very desperate guy stealing people stuff. Be careful fellow riders.

" I'm not riding fast, I'm just flying low. "


July 2008 - April 2010= Yamaha RXK

April 2010 - May 2011= Honda Super4 CB400 Vtec 2

January 2011- May 2011= Yamaha X1

May 2011 - Present = Yamaha 125Z

October 2011 - Present = Yamaha YZF R1 2007

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11 Feb 2012, somebody took off with my side mirror which i recently bought from unique. Area was Jurong East, bordering Jurong West. However by God's grace, think the person panic or something and managed to break off the left one which i think will render it useless. The right one was able to be unscrewed without being damaged. Its for Honda S4.

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Location: Opposite Home Team Academy, Jalan Lekar


Yamaha RXZ


Stolen Items:

R1 Brake Master Pump

Orange Star Brake Hose

Black With Orange Wording Aprilia Caliper.

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Need to work together and help to look out for each other... Police is Useless nowadays... u make police report

they say they will conduct more patrol.... yah patrol my balls...

I sit at my multi storey carpark regularly to clean my bike til early morning...

never even see any Patrol Car come up ... and my area is so near to NPC...

See more of me @ azari.multiply.com


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