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Lack of control when wearing Gloves, help!!

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Hi guys, I've been riding roughly for about 12 years now. I am facing an issue which I would have never even thought would become an issue. I can't seem to control or feel the bike when I wear riding gloves!!! :angry:


For 12 years I have never won a riding glove (only that durian glove when taking my license time), and I thought of wearing one so I just bought an alpinestars kinetic glove. The feel is so different. I cant feel how much power I am putting into the throttle and I can't control how much pressure I am putting on the clutch.


I tried googling if anyone else had this issue and it seems like I am the only one!! I did get the correct size glove which fits my hand nice and tight without any gaps inside.


I would like to start wearing gloves for safety reasons and protect my fingers.


Is it normal and will the glove take time to stretch and feel normal? (i've ridden 12 years without gloves)


Has anyone had this issue before?



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When you wore that glove, make a fist. Make sure there is still a gap or free play between the gloves and your fingers. Maybe you might want to start with open fingers gloves.


I tried what you said, when I made a fist there was some gap.


I think it will be a matter of getting used to riding with gloves as there is a sudden increase in throttle responsiveness when I wear them. I tried riding my bike in mode B today to test out the glove and I can control the bike really well. Its just in mode A , when its really responsive, the gloves make it really extremely responsive. So I guess I just need to get used to it.


I'll try to get used to my current gloves for another 4 weeks, if its really hard, then I'll just try the open finger gloves as you said. Thanks!!!

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Your gloves are probably new so they are still stiff to handle, especially if they are leather gloves. Try giving them some time to break in. Eventually you will reached a point where the gloves are flexible enough or you have accustom to it.

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glad you jump on the glove wearing community...ride safe....yup it will take some time for the glove to break in especially if its leather and not pre curved...

I ride at 70km/hr only...please please dont blow2 at me or overtake me dangerously....wait i change into Incredible Hulk n dont know why my little baby bike will always be ahead of u if u do that

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YOU are not the only one. i started riding in 1990. i also cannot feel anything when i use gloves. have tried many types and i can safely say you are not the only one having the issue.

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