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Cruiser Picks!

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To all forum members,


This thread is meant for you to post pictures of your cruiser. Any other postings will be deleted. If you have any comment on the cruiser, please create a new thread. Thank You!

have bike will travel . . . . .



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not exactly a cruiser...

but a sports tourer dat cruise..?? :D




my baby! :lovestruck:

Riding With Passion, Kruzer Club Singapore



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greenie green greener ninja reporting with his green greeniest greenaire cruising machine.





Ventura Puig Keiti Bagster Motovation Akrapovic BMC Pazzo GPR RaceShield Brembo Bridgestone EBC

Arai AGV Alpinestar Dainese Sidi Coolmax

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My Bike... :smile:





Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Security does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than exposure.


- Helen Keller

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I guess its my turn


My Baby...



It's not the miles per hour you go; It's the smiles per mile you get



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Hi All,


This is my babe, hehe...



STOwners'Club #050

STOC #7278


2002 Hornet 125 / 2005 X9 Evo 200 / 2006 Super 4 Vtec 1 / 2007 Shadow 400 / 2007 Steed 400 / 2007 Africa Twin 750 / 2008 ST 1100 / Present STX 1300 What next? :cheeky:

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My "Lovely orange"

A New Rider A New Bike A New Hope ~!

~~TA200 Phantom custom 4 ~ 2004 to 2006

A old Rider , A old Bike but still A New Hope~!

~~Dragstar 4TR custom 2006 to 2007

A forgotten Rider, An old legend, A returned Hope~!

~~VMax12 2007 to 2007

A returned Rider, Another legend, forever hope~!

~~Shadow400 2009 ...

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