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Adding little 2T oil into fuel tank for 4-stroke bike and feel the smoothness

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I have been adding 2 ml of 2T oil for every 1000 ml of petrol pumped into my suzuki impulse 400, total about 2-3 capful for full tank of new petrol filled.

Feel significantly smoother gear shift and better throttle response, quieter engine at high cruising speed.

Does not notice any extra smokes.

No worry of carbon deposit since the ratio is very small and 2T oil is made for clean burning with petrol.

Recommend to use JASO-FC or above grades such as Castrol Activ 2T, Castrol Power1 2T, Exxomobil Extra 2T, Pennzoil TCW-3 Marine 2T.

Most importantly, keep the petrol:2T ratio at 500:1 max (2ml for every liter of petrol)

If using 2T bottle cap to measure, 1 cap of 2T oil for each 5L petrol top-up.


Below are some feedbacks from petrol car drivers:



Good man! We have over a collective 100,000 miles and 6 months testing already. Checked the cylinders ( top end piston and walls) spark plugs etc. All cleaner than they were when we started....all reported ( including myself) smoother idles and acceleration and a increase in MPG. So nobody is a guinea pig here guys......



Well i finally went to wal mart and picked up a gallon of this stuff and put it in, and let me tell you, i noticed a difference almost immediately. Im the kind of guy that drives around with my radio off 80% of the time just listening to my car. (Out of both enjoyment and shear paranoia) I like to be on top of my things and am extremely picky about my vehicles and am a firm believer in preventative maintenence. Also very minor things that people take for granted or just dont pay attention too... i notice.


So even the smallest changes to my car, i notice instantly. And just to make sure i wasnt full of it, my buddy and i were cruising in my car, and without me telling him what i did, he was commenting to me on how smooth the car felt, (as far as idling and accel.). So that proved to me that it actually did make a difference, and it wasnt just me. I noticed smoother idleing, and the motor just seemed to run smoother. Very slight vibrations i used to feel in my seat while at a light idling are now gone. You cant even tell the car is running almost.



.I now have well over 35,000 (multiple personal cars) I have been doing this with and have zero negatives. I pulled the plugs again on the Goat....pristine......my 07 Silverado/04GTO/05 Mercedes/06 G6 all start quicker/idle/run smoother and all get an average of 2mpg better gas mileage.



Started doing the TCW-3 (Wallyworld) 4 tankfuls ago. I am impressed with the results. 1oz per 5 gals. Car starts in 1/2 second and idles/runs smoother than it ever has. The most impressive thing is the increase in fuel mileage. On the second tankful, I noticed that I had gone 260 miles and still had a 1/4 tank. 3+ mpg improvement. BTW the car is a 2002 Z-28 M6 with 50K miles on the clock.

Tried the same scenario on my 2006 Cadillac SRX 3.6 ltr V-6. Took it on a 1K trip this week to Sedona,AZ. Car starts quicker and idles smoother and picked up 2 mpg over what it usually does. Results not as dramatic as with the LS-1 but I am gonna keep doing it!




The vehicle is a 2004 Chevy Silverado Z71, 5.3L auto, with 3.73 gears. I'm not the original owner, so I can't comment on how it was driven before I got it, but it only has approximately 53,000 miles on it. It's mechanically stock. Around here, regular gas is 89 octane, and "may contain up to 10% ethanol", the sticker on the pump says.


For the past month or so, I've been mixing SuperTech 2-stroke oil from WalMart at the ratio of 30 ml per 19 litres, which comes out to around 633:1. My driving is about 50/50 city/highway, and my gas mileage has pretty much remained consistent at around 14-15 mpg. I haven't seen any improvement in mileage by adding the TC-W3.


I have noticed, however, that the engine is running much more smoothly and quietly, both during idle and acceleration. The exhaust is a little less harsh smelling, too. When I bought the truck, you could tell that it was a V8 during heavy acceleration, but now it's a lot quieter. Because I haven't seen any improvement in gas mileage, that leads me to believe that my engine is a little too new to benefit from the cleaning effects of the TC-W3. It just doesn't have enough crap built up in it needing to be cleaned


So I thought I'd try this in my snowblower. It has a 7 hp B&S engine which is so old that the serial number is in the single digits. We haven't had enough snow for me to actually use it, but during my pre-season checks and running a bit of gas with 2-stroke oil in it through, the throttle, which has always been a bit sticky, now moves freely. The engine now starts on the first pull while before it was always a bit of a struggle. I had to adjust the carburetor a bit, but it does seem to have noticeably more power to it when it's running wide open.




Been running Penziol TC W3 marine synthetic on my vehicles, 2 town cars, 1 gmc 4.6 PU, and a MGB for about 3 months now with the 1oz to 5 gallons regular gas fomular... The vehicles all run much smoother and idle much better after using this mixture...I have not checked on the mileage yet because all my driving is in town and I don't keep up with it unless on highway, but all vehicles run much smoother.......Had to get my 98 Town Car checked for the emission test this week for the North Carolina yearly inspection, and it is linked directly to Raleigh NC headquarters, so no getting around the test....The car has 94000 or so miles and it PASSED with no problems....So by using the TC W3 added to gasoline does NOT clog the cats or oxygen sensors...

Just wanted to let all you know it's good for my autos and I intend to keep using it...



I have a 2001 s2000 that burns oil terribly bad. Now, while the 2.0L s2k is widely known to burn oil, i'm talking a Honda engine with 50k miles that burns 1 quart every 800 miles. Also the gas mileage is pretty terrible, it gets under 20 mpg when it should get something closer to 22-24 mpg in the city driving it does every day. I have started adding this and noticed a large drop in the oil it burns (i only had to add 1/4 of a quart after 800 miles!) and gas mileage has gone up about 2 mpg. This is impressive, especially on a Honda engine which is known to burn clean, no sludge, etc.



i read this thread 2 months ago and decided to try it in my vehicles.

97 honda civic was avg.34 mpg before tc w3 and after 2 months i am avg 39 mpg.

smoother idle for sure .

2001 dodge Dakota quad cab with 4.7 liter had a rough idle and now has smoothed out quite nicely. Cant report on the gas milage because my wife wont check it and i never drive it.

2005 CHevy Avalanch- idle is smoother, gas milage has not seem to have changed at all. HOwever, it seems to have better exceleration.

2000 Trans am, on my first tank with tcw3 in it. Only thing i can report is that it seems to have better throttle response .

19 hp Honda engine on my x-mark z turn lawn mower with only 100 hrs on it seems to crank a little easier.

Im happy with the use of it so far and will continue using it.



Forgot to mention my engine warning lite has been on forever and ever, even after a tune up and resetting the thing at the dealership which I dont go there anymore. but since I have been using TCW3 for a few tanks, this lite has gone off and stayed off, I hve no clue why, it just went off.

Best yet,.,,17.75 on tcw3, 305 mile trip, usually its been in the high 15s to 16 mpg, using the mix of 1oz to 5 gal. of gas. 318 v8 dodge one ton van. there was no load on van this trip.



Been using the TCW3 mixture in my 4 cars for the past 5 months or so, and all vehicles run much smoother, idle smoother and seem to get better mileage...I giess it gives me peace of mind knowing that my fuel system is getting lubericated knowing that the ethanol 10 percent is added to gasoline now....So I intend to keep using it for a long time as I know it helps my engines......



Have been using the Wal-Mart brand in two cars for the past year. Mileage is better in both and they both run smoother. Pulled a spark plug on one, and it was very clean. I feel the results have been worth the effort in my cars.



I have been using it for about 10 months now. I have noticed nothing in the TrailBlazer nor in the 2010 Camaro but my supercharged 6.0 in my 2500HD runs much smoother and starts better when I use it. Every so often I forget to add the oil after a fill up and I can tell a difference in idle with and without oil.



I read Sarges intro again and if ur engine has been on tcw3 for sometime now, u probably wont feel or see any more improvements except for the on going cleaning and easy starting and idles and mileage should stabilize. Its a inexpensive cleaner and luber for our fuel system and valves, and carbs or fuel injection which is what those 10 dollar bottles at 8oz each do that take ur money. My engine (warning) lite went out forever after some usage of tcw3 and now has been off for weeks, go figure, it had been on for years.



2007 Suburban w/18,000 miles. I bought this truck used and immediately switched to synthetic oil, it burned 2 quarts of oil in 6,000 miles before the next change. On the next change I also began adding the 2 stroke oil. After traveling another 6,000 miles I'm ready for my next oil change and I've only burnt 1/4 of a qt. The gas mileage on the computer is 1 mpg better than it was. It seems to start and idle smoother than before.

1998 Mustang Cobra 25k miles. Up until this spring this car spent a lot of time sitting. Gas mileage is noticeably better used to be 20-21 around town and best highway was 24. Since adding the oil, around town has never been below 22 and last highway trip was 26. Idle is smoother, fuel pump noticeably quieter.

I also have an ATV, riding mower and a push mower. All 3 start with 1 pull and run noticeably smoother.



After reading all about the addition of 2 stroke oil to your fuel I gave it a try on my motorcycle. Its a parallel twin with separate CV carbs. No fancy injection or anything.


I cant offer any scientific data but one thing is very obvious, the mpg has improved. I get an extra 3 or 4 mpg. Also after a couple of tanks of fuel the idle was higher and I had to adjust it down. After the summer I removed the head and there is very little carbon anywhere. There is a very light film of oil to the upper surface of the piston and walls. Its not visible but when you wipe your finger over its definitely an oil film. Plugs are the cleanest I have ever seen them.


TC-W3 is available over here but its mainly sold as marine oil and has a high premium for some reason. The spec here to look for is JASO-FC or FD. Also ISO-L-EGC or D. This actually exceeds TC-W3 spec and has very high lube and ashless properties.

You may have this stuff over there as the specs are international. People use it in diesel a lot to make up for the low sulphur content. Its reported to help mpg and lube all the HP pumps. It also cleans out all the crud and keeps the EGR clean. Safe for DPF as well.

I like the extra mpg and for me the benefit is in longevity of the engine with consistent performance. I also found that it keeps my carbs clean. I used to have some corrosion in the carbs with the odd stuck float needle now and again. Since using this oil its all clean as a whistle. I could have used dry fuel to combat this but the oil seems to do equally well. Its all metric system over here. This means to use your correct ratios its 2ml of oil to every litre.



I just replaced my plugs and all 8 all though warn well after 77 k miles, all the porcelain was white, no soot, no blackened plugs, mechanic said just warn, but otherwise, looked good. They have had 4 or 5 gallons of 2 cycle oil run thru them and all is well with the tcw3 program and a lot cheaper than MMO.



"I have been adding 2t oil in my car(s) when on long drives for 20 years now and I can swear that it cleans the airways etc. on the intake side, the plugs also come out cleaner, the exhaust is not affected in any way. Here I must confess that I never used it for urban use, perhaps the continuous high volume of exhaust gases cleaned the exhaust system automatically. In any case a nice long drive at high speeds always cleans out the exhaust system. When the silencer of my lambretta or jawa sounded like they were full of carbon I would take them out for a nice long spin on the highway and they would always come back sounding clearer (something like inducing a cough to get rid of phlem).


Incidentally I must point out that it is not the 2T oil that creates carbon deposits, it is the two stroke system itself, the carbon comes from the burning of fuel and inadequate flushing of the detrius from the combustion."



"I just went ahead and tried the 2T mixture adding 0.8 ml to a litre.I made a mixture for 10litres and poured it into the tank. It worked amazingly in my Fiat Palio 1.2. The pick up seems to have increased to a great extent. The engine feels realy smooth. Drove around 70 kms.Thinking of adding acetone also along with 2T today. Let me see how it works and get back to u guys ."



"It is now over a month since I dosed my petrol tank with 2T oil. The initial impression I gained have held up and the car runs smoothly throughout the rev range. I have had the throttle body sprayed to clean it and cure a 'sticky throttle'. I do not know exactly how it works, but 2T oil helped clear some minor glitches in my engine like a dead spot in acceleration and reluctance to hit the high notes. Perhaps, the fact that I added the 2T oil in a highway run where there is a large amount of gases flowing helped clean the additional carbon out. (I never add 2T oil when the car is to be driven in the city)."



I bought a Palio 1-6 in Mumbai on Saturday. While driving it back to Hyderabad, I noticed that the engine seemed to be hitting a dead-spot between 1600 and 2000 rpm. There was also a slight reluctance to cross the 3600 mark. I hoped that a good fast run on the Pune Expressway would solve the issues as this would give the car an opportunity to clear clogged exhaust, fuel lines etc., unfortunately this did not happen.


While refuelling in Pune, I added 40 ml of Castrol Super TT to a tankful (approx. 40 litres) and drove to Solapur. I must say, the difference is remarkable. The dead-spot disappeared in about 50 Km, the engine now happily goes all the way to 5000 rpm without a pause. The FE too has improved from the 10, I got initially to about 13. All this without opening any part. Cost = Rs. 8/-!!




Usually after travelling 220-240km, the fuel guage needle would reflect half tank.

But now at 280km, the needle is pointing at just-above the half tank mark.

My driving pattern is still the same, average 100kmh at 2,500rpm on highway, 60kmh regular roads. No significant changes.



"I drove until 450km, and went to top-up petrol.

My FC is typically about 9km/lit.

I expected to pay for 50 lit of petrol.

To my pleasant surprise, the top-up was for 45.5 lit.

That translated to an FC of 9.9km/lit!

An improvement of 10%.

If it was snake oil or snake balls, I wouldn't recommend it (wouldn't even buy it to begin with), due to sceptism, high cost and unbelieveable improvement claims of 20-30%.

But this is 2T oil available in most petrol kiosks from all brands.

I sent an email to someone working in a petroleum company, requesting for a scientific chemical answer to the amazing result. Waiting for it.

I've added 60ml of 2T oil to the petrol, again."



Friend's Rush added 2T, noted FC up from 10.5km/L to 11.5km/L.



"Okie, after 1.5months/ 5000km+ trial on my 2006 Vios (130K+ millage) with


1) Duckham 2T (Jaso FC rated), $112.50/L

tested it in 1:1000 ratio in the begining and can feel the smoothness of the engine once added, FC increase only by 2%+. Increase the dossage to 1: 800. Engine become very quiet and vibration on the engine vibration is reduce very much, FC increased by 2%+ as well... 3 round using 1:500 ratio, not much improvement on the engine smoothness and quietness... FC improved by more than 10% suddently due to changed in driving habbit during festive seasons so not accurate...

Remark: stop the test with 1 full tank before i continue with Castrol 2T.


2) Castrol 2T (Jaso FD rated), $17.50/L


Tested at 1:500 ratio, engine as quiet as Duckham 2T at same ratio. FC improved by slightly more at 5%+, increase the ratio further to 1:400 on the next tank of petrol and FC improved closed to 7%. Engine smoothness not improved, same as 1:500 ratio...

Stop 2 x 1/2 tank before i continue with Penzoil marine...


3) Penzoil Marine (TCW3 rated). RM18/L,

1st tank at 1:500 ratio, improvement only by marginal 3%. engine smoothness equivalent to Castrol & Duckham 2T at the same ratio. imcrease the dossage to 1:400 for 2 tanks and the FC improved to 5%+ for both tank.... engine smoothness and quietness remain the same as 1:500 ratio.

Spark plug... checked and inspected, no sign of foul or oil on the sparkplug.

Summary: Financially, it is feasible to add the 2T at 1:400 to 1:500 ratio so long your 2T doesnt cost you anything more than $20/L. The 2T added can improved the FC by slightly more than 5% on average. Jaso FD rated 2T seems to give a better result over TCW3 rated 2T. 2T obvious work very well as a upper cylinder lubricant and reduce the friction at the combustion chamber and provide a very significant improvement over engine smoothness and quiet ride...

for those who is looking for smoother engine, 1:800 ratio is sufficient.

I will continue to use the 2T at 1:500 ratio and will do a top overhaul on my Vios at around 200K+ millage. By then, i can take a look on my piston and comment if there is any negative effect using 2T as petrol additive."



"Update so far on my 1st time using Putoline RS959 Ester Tech on my SunnyN16...


Seriously a full tank mileage test will be relatively inaccurate... Different load... Driving styles... My highway city driving is different all the time... So recorded at zun zun 3/4 tank... My car has highest recorded mileage in my 6+ mths of driving tis sunny. Smoother? yes!!! Butt feel? Maybe... but engine also feels quieter. the is the most instantanous difference felt compared with many other gas treatments/fuel enhancers/inhetor cleaners i have tried before...


In order not to make tis test results based only on my own butt feel... I put in 40ml into a full tank of my 2 colleagues cars... A getz 1.3 and a Honda Wave... I told them its a new breakthrough additive my friend got from Japan... So far they have told me their car is smoother and more powerful... Step on throttle less to maintain cruising speed on expressways... Wahahahahaha... Can't wait to tell them its actually 2-T when they wanna buy some from me...


My 1st dose is 40ml : 40Liters... Tats 1 : 1000.I might go up 80ml : 40Liters... Tats 1 : 500. But according to Bro TigerShark there's not much improvement after 1 : 400. So i'll see how it does in my car... Don't want oily plugs fouling.... All I can say so far... Its great! To all u ppl who have contemplated on putting 2-T in ur fuel... Hesitate no more! Put some in and enjoy a smoother ride.... Haha. Just make sure its a premium quality 2-T..."



"poured some 2T 1ml:10liters.

really smooth drive, which is what i wan. FC unsure.

since i am 3000km to my next servicing, will monitor if it any side effects on spark plug.

mobile 1 liter 2T full syn, ashless, for $12.

should last me 20 tanks.

so wht will a spoil Cat converter will do to the car?"



"ok leh .. the engine runs VERY VERY smoothly. driven VERY VERY hard for almost 2 years liao ... no problem at all"



"I used 2T oil, Putolene and Pennzoil for quite a while. Then I did take out the fuel filter at about 60k as I wanted to replace it.

I wasn't succesful at that time, probably I missed some o-rings or something.

But I did look at the fuel filter and it was surprisingly very clean. I knock it a few times and no slime came out.

I was diy replacing the long life fuel filter at that time.

On the other hand, I had seen another Opel Corsa fuel filter that ooze out slime...and I know this guy 100% does not use any fuel additive.

So I guess it depends more on the fuel itself than the additive."



"I just read about this 2T oil and decide to try out as well. I went to those motorcycle shops at kelantan lane and bought a bottle of Castrol fully synthetic 2T oil. Added to my petrol tank at 1000:1 ratio.

Not bad, the car does feel slightly smoother to drive and engine more responsive. Its not a big difference but the improvement is definitely and not placebo effect."



"shik right? confirm will get more mileage... but drawback is that engine so smooth so shiok end up drive harder and waste petrol... but you drive as per normal you see will increase in your mileage... combustion better... "



“ok..after 3 tanks full testing, I conclude the car is running smoother then before. Idling the car, i find the car very much quieter...Today went for servicing and changed the spark plug and I had a good look at the condition....The spark plugs were swee swee...so it seem to me, my engine is very healthy now.......as for FC, don't really find too much improvement as tigershark mentioned too.....overall, I will still be using 2T for each top up....”



im back from series of tests

found out

using average driving behaviour and digital meter

fuel mobil F1 ( from boleh land )


( average speed 95km/hr of total journey [ 70%highway 30%city] )

verna1.4a ( without 2t/octane booster ) - 30l = 420km

driving normal standard

engine is at normal temp


verna1.4a ( with 50ml 2t ) - 30l = 470km

rough in starting but much better driving after 5mins driving/warm up

engine is warmer then usual


verna1.4a ( with 50ml octane booster) - 30l = 460km

smoothest driving expriences

engine is cooler then usual



Just went to Kelantan lane to get the Castrol Power1 2T oil. $16.... not bad. Not from Ahboy by a bike shop beside the road. It looks gold in colour. Added 50ml to my tank..... Shiok!

Can feel the engine become smoother at low RPM. No chance to test high RPM due to heavy traffic.

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arbine;7056936']will it affect/clog injectors?


No it wouldn't.

1/500 to 1/1000 ratio, 2T oil mix well with petrol.

Do a test by putting little 2T oil into a small bottle of petrol and see if got any precipitation in few days.


In fact, as advertised by various oil companies, good 2T oils have the following benefits:


1. Castrol Activ 2T




Castrol Activ 2T is a modern, high quality 2-stroke engine oil fortified with Deposit Protection Formula designed to provide continuous protection against the build up of carbon deposits on the engine and spark plug, keeping them clean to ensure fast and reliable starting.


Cleanliness of engine and spark plug to ensure fast and reliable starting

Good protection against exhaust system blocking

Good lubricity to protect pistons from scuffing

Reduced pre-ignition and catalyst deterioration

Continuous protection against the build up of carbon deposits on the engine and spark plug during use.


2. Castrol Power1 2T




Castrol Power1 2T is an advanced, clean burning 2-stroke engine oil, its Power Release Formula allows your engine to perform at its best, maximizing your engine’s power without compromising protection.


Maximum power operation

Maximum engine power without compromising on protection

Excellent resistance to exhaust system blocking which may lead to power loss over time

Exceptional engine cleanliness

Low levels of visible smoke


3. Mobil Extra 2T



Mobil Motorcycle Oil Product Features.

* Mobil Extra 2T is a superior performance; semi-synthetic, smokeless, two-stroke engine oil developed to meet for high performance motorcycles, snowmobiles and chain saws.

* Mobil Extra 2T is pre-diluted to facilitate mixing when added to fuel.


Features and Benefits

* Mobil Extra 2T combines a blend of high quality mineral and synthesised high performance baseoils with an advanced additive system to provide excellent engine cleanliness and no-smoke exhaust performance.


Advantages and Potential Benefits

* Excellent wear protection

* Longer engine life

* Good thermal and oxidation stability and deposit control

* Cleaner engines resulting in extended spark plug and valve life, reduced ring sticking, piston tightening and prevention of pre-ignition problems

* Excellent corrosion protection properties

* Smoke-free exhaust

* Cleaner environment








Helps keep spark plug clean.

Helps protect against piston scuffing.

Helps keep exhaust ports clean.

Helps protect against ring sticking.

Performs in extreme conditions and causes less smoke.

Provides ashless oil protection.


5. Shell Advance Ultra 2




Shell Advance Ultra 2 is suitable for oil-injection and premix systems. With Dynamic Performance Additive (DPA) Technology, it helps keep your bike’s engine clean and protected for longer, helping to ensure clean combustion and minimise exhaust smoke. Its thick lubricant film strength also provides excellent protection against metal-to-metal wear.


A premium, fully synthetic oil, Shell Advance Ultra 2 motorcycle oil exceeds international specifications and motorcycle manufacturers’ requirements.


Formulation Meets: JASO FD, API TC, ISO-L-EGD.

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Hmm...Feel like trying,but scared will have problems after that haha.


Try good 2T such as castrol power 2T.

Use the cap of 2T bottle and pour just one cap of 2T after pumping full tank of petrol.

Don't worry lah, car drivers also do that.


2T is meant to lubricate, clean and BURN.

u will notice less smokes too, not more.

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there are fuel additive that are formulated for that purpose like marvel mystery oil etc. why don't use those product rather then 2T oil?


Because 2T is actually works, you can't ride 2 strokers without 2T, fuel additives are just gimmicks.

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there are fuel additive that are formulated for that purpose like marvel mystery oil etc. why don't use those product rather then 2T oil?


Because 2T is actually works, you can't ride 2 strokers without 2T, fuel additives are just gimmicks.

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Because 2T is actually works, you can't ride 2 strokers without 2T, fuel additives are just gimmicks.


because we are talking about using 2T oil in a 4 strokes engine now isn't it:faint: you can certainly ride 4strokes engine without adding 2T oil in the fuel. your example is like comparing apple and orange. it doesn't answer my question.

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2T cheap mah.

go and ask those car drivers.

google 'acetone xylene additive' for advanced DIY additive alternative, cheap chemicals too.

For e.g. http://hho4free.com/additives/acetone.htm


good 2T is compareable to most all additive in term of price. unless those uclube 2T is safe to use? :sian: i have an almost full bottle of that stuff if it can be used:cheeky:


i read before some BMW drivers adding 2T to the petrol. interesting stuff:)

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hey you guys...you dont have to reinvent the wheels....

if you add 2 t.. in petrol for your 4 stroke engines...

haha...get ready for a nasty overhaul...

you have been warned...dont be a smart aleck and do dumb stuff.

i love my ezzyoiler

experience the miracle...

where chain cleaning is history...

call 91797182..


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because we are talking about using 2T oil in a 4 strokes engine now isn't it:faint: you can certainly ride 4strokes engine without adding 2T oil in the fuel. your example is like comparing apple and orange. it doesn't answer my question.


Well one thing is for sure, it mixes with petrol and burns, 4 stroke and 2 stroke use same type of petrol, just that dunno what ratio will be too much for 4 stroke. Too little probably nothing will happen.


Regarding other types of fuel additives:

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This adding 2t into petrol for 4 stroke is really dumb...

Dont know how many smart alect becomes a victim...

Dont ever do it...


If you want a smoother ride...check out the ezzyoiler.

i love my ezzyoiler

experience the miracle...

where chain cleaning is history...

call 91797182..


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2T add as a lubricant in 2 stroke bike for the combustion cylinder. I think should be no problem with small amount of the oil. Since ratio in 2T bike is 1litre petrol = 50ml 2T oil.

I will try put between 1~5ml/litre of petrol.

Ride Safely

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was wondering ...do you have any idea why 2t is not a good addictive for 4 strokes bike.?


let me just say this..

in the 2 stroke bike...there is no valve trains...to contaminate it with carbon deposit..

just look at their exhaust pipe filled with carbon deposit...that has to be cleared periodically or else the bike will run like.sh...it.



the valve trains with all the tight clearances...carbon deposit is something you dont need in it..


and if you still dont understand what i am saying....good luck to your venture.

it is going to be an expensive experience..


to all those who disagree....ask silly question is absolutely ok..doing dumb things is your problem not mine..

i love my ezzyoiler

experience the miracle...

where chain cleaning is history...

call 91797182..


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some even added 2T oil to diesel.

Just google it.

Just a reminder, for motorcycle, the petrol/2T ratio should be at least 500:1 or higher (1000:1).




Digging the long thread and found these comments:


"In two-stroke oil we get 4 different quality ratings, which are based on the JASO (Japanese Automotive Standards Org.) scale:


JASO-FA very basic single grade SAE30 or SAE40 based 2-stroke oil (premix only)


JASO-FB Used for most premix industrial 2-stroke engines and scooters


JASO-FC "Low ash burn" used for separate oil injection and most outboard motors. this oil can be mineral or part synthetic


JASO-FD This is fully synthetic 2-stroke oil for racing engines. It is not suitable for mixing with diesel, because a) too expensive and b) not compatible with cats and particle filters.


For All Series LR and Disco1 and 2 a Jaso-FB rated oil is fine. For Disco 3 and 4 a JASO-FC rated oil has to be used, such as the Fuchs oil.


Now in order to provide better lubrication but at the same time also better power delivery from the engines, the ideal solution seems to be to add 2-stroke oil (see above) in a mixing ratio of 1:200 i.e. 500ml per 100lt diesel.

This will increase the cetane rating by 3-5 points and will provide the following benefits:


1. Much better and more complete combustion (lower EGT)


2. Self cleaning of engine internals, as JASO-FC compliant 2-stroke oil burns cleaner and better than diesel. Due to this there is also about a 3-5% gain in fuel economy.


3. Sufficient lubrication of high pressure components in the diesel injection system.


4. Much quieter starting in the morning and smoother running


5. Reduced smoking


6. In engines with particle filter "burn free" action is reduced from every 600-700km to between every 1200-2000km


7. Much lower "clowd content" of diesel exhaust fumes typically from 0.95 down to 0.47. This is measured in Germany at the TüV.


8. Large government fleets in Germany report fleet reliability (MB Cdi, BMW CRD, Audi Tdi etc. etc. to exceed 400'000km WITHOUT VHP pump or injector failures


So the above deliberations give some well documented indication, why adding 2-stroke oil to diesel is such a clever move.


I run my 1999 Disco1 300Tdi on Sasol 50ppm diesel with a 1:200 mixing ratio of Sasol Corwa-120 2-stroke oil added.


I get on long distance travel fully loaded between 8.9 to 10.8lt/100km depending on how heavy my right foot is. I have done a number of trips with 1000km per (standard capacity) tank.




There is a workshop directive with one of the top german luxury car manufacturers, to add JASO-FC compliant 2-stroke oil to their CRD engines diesel tank to quieten down noisy injectors.


Also read in my posting above about the german fleet operators who clock up over 400000km with CRD diesels without changing injectors.




there is no harm in adding 2 stroke to a petrol as it will add lubrication to the valves and compression rings and even improve the operation and life of the injectors. just remember that 2 stroke was designed for petrol engines (albeit 2 stroke engines) also fitted with sparkplugs but entirely relying on the lubrication from their oil only.

as mentioned before, grand prix racing teams use it in their engines and we all know those motor pull 18 000 rpm.

normal lubrication just cannot cope with that sort of requirements.

i would however caution not to add too much as you may hinder proper ignition of the sparkplugs.

i have been running my V8 with 2 stroke for the past 2 years and have had no negative effect and believe that it has aided the motor in running well.


just another point i wish to add is the fact that adding bio or 2 stroke is like adding "antifreeze" to the diesel. it retards gelling in cold weather and improves starting.




i used to use both Sasol Corwa or TT 2 stroke in my 2.5 TD Ford Ranger both with good results.

i once took off my turbo just for a cursory inspection at around 130 000km and was surprised at how clean the exhaust side of the turbo was.




I had a 1600 Petrol golf that a few mechanics had written off the engine with major tappet cover pressure and oil usage. It missed like mad and the airfilter got clogged up constantly from the oil breathing into the intake. I one day ran it with some 2 stroke as a test and within a 100km of putting it in, I had to adjust the idling and there was a major improvement on power. The oil usage is down and the car down not smoke at all anymore. That from an engine that we were going to spend nearly 8k to have overhauled after we were told that it was shot. Now the gold gets a dose of 2 stroke every now and again when we remember.


I believe in the stuff 100%, but experience ridicule every so often at the pump when people see me adding it to my tank. My diesel runs quieter, smoother, revs higher with less smoke, and the big bonus is that the EGT never gets into the red. Yet without the 2 stroke I can get it to above 650Deg on nearly every hill.


I've been sold on this from the beginning. I see the guys in the US with the big 6 and 7liter diesel V8 Dodge and Ford F250 also use it, and swear by it.




I have in my Disco1 an EMS system which gives me very precise information about the wellbeing of the engine.


I have also made the same observations but over the last 36 years. When I use my 300Tdi with the 1:200 mixing ratio 2-stroke, then EGT stays below 680 Deg. Without it goes past 750 Deg on long uphills.


I also haven't needed any injector cleaner with my Disco.




1. 2-stroke oil forms an emulsion with the diesel and can thereafter no longer be separated.


2. When a manufacturer does a diesel fuel analysis, they are looking for water paraffine etc, i.e. substances that will reduce the combustibility and lubricity of diesel and therefore would add to carbon build up.


A 2-stroke diesel mix burns cleaner and better than normal diesel.




depending on how many km's your vehicle has got on the engine, it will be normal that you will se some blue smoking from the exhaust after about the second to 4th tank. This can go on for a couple of hundred kilometres intermittently. Don't worry all what is happening is that the carbon deposits (oil saturated) will be burnt off from between the ring grooves, the valve stems (exhaust) and from the piston tops and combustion chambers.


It will only get better!




I ran back-to-back consumption tests on my TD27 Nissan from Hartbeespoort to Rivonia and back, over a 2 week period. This was also done as a double test: quarter tank standard Sasol ULS, then quarter tank Sasol ULS and 200ml 2T, then just Sasol ULS, then ULS with 2T.

Bottom line: the addition of a quality 2-stroke oil in a 200:1 ratio

1) improves performance (timed run up a 5 km uphill in Hennops valley)

2) reduces fuel consumption (10km/L versus 11km/L: don't sneer at 10% improvement)

3) less exhaust smoke during start-up

4) less exhaust smoke under load




FWIW I have been running 2 stroke oil in both my D4D Hilux and D4D Prado. The diesel definately burns cleaner with it being easily noticable on the Hilux due to it not having a cat. The Prado has been burning the superjuice since day one and is running perfectly.

Something to ponder on for the non-believers... Vehicle manufacturers make sure that components do not last forever. They make their money from selling spare parts, not new vehicles or standard services. My dad worked in the industry for 35 years and he confirmed this. But then again, we need them otherwise the car companies will go bankrupt and we will not get new vehicles ;-)





Start using the two stroke oil as soon as possible. As Henris stated it's main function is to limit wear on injectors and the pumps. Sasol Corwa is fine for Toyotas.

We did a comparitive test between two similar Hiluxes today. One is stock std, mine have 2so plus UD filtration. Both were started from cold and you could physically hear the difference between the two engines. Mine was a lot quieter and ran also noticibly smoother. This convinced me that the combo is definately worth the effort.




I started to use when I got the Pajero a year ago. My first long trip was up to Mpumalanga, My average consumption was 7.7km/l.


Then there was a long thread here about that it may kill the cat. That scared me and I stopped using it for several months. After a lot of thought I started to use it again in May this year. It just happened that for the next 3 months I only did town driving, meaning I seldom reached 80kmh. Then one weekend I did a trip to Gansbaai and normally it would take tank or 2 for the engine to get rid of all the accumulated gunk and consumption up to normal levels. Great was my surprise when immediately my consumption was 12.5L/100km


Since then 2 stroke oil is on my monthly shopping list, sorry for the cat, I am willing to take the chance.





I figure that it does it by offering better lubrication than diesel does, also be cleaning components in the pump and injector system, and causes/enables the diesel to burn a lot more completely than just diesel on it's own.


We took an old colt (I think it was a 2.5) that was knocking and smoking. I think the pump was way out and was hardly serviced and set for years. We added a 500ml bottle to half a tank of diesel and nearly immediately it ran quiter with a lot less knock to it. Power was up as well. On the third tank, now with 500ml per full tank, the bakkie started smoking and the owner got very worried. This however only lasted for two tanks and the bakkie then started running cleaner than ever before. Someone mentioned here that this is the carbon that takes a while to loosen up and as it gets expelled from the engine, it leaves in the form of smoke.


As also mentioned here before, this is all "evidence" by experimentation and we don't have "scientific" explanations as to why and how this all takes place.


Another friend of mine notices no improvement in power. The only benefit he gets out of the two stroke is a quieter start and around 40 to 60Km extra on a tank. As he is an old petrol head, he hated the way the diesel sounded in the morning on a cold start. with the 2 stroke he says it nearly sounds "normal". His Hilux has a CAT, and this may be the reason why he does not feel a power increase. The bakkie does not smoke anyway, so we can't see a difference with that.




add 1:200 mix Sasol Corwa 120 with every tankful i.e. 400ml per 80lt diesel.


You will drastically lower the risk of needing new injectors and also the Very high pressure pump, which together are in 5-digit territory.


Do not be alarmed, when the engine starts belching out blue smoke when going downhill against compression for a long distance, that is just all the loosened up carbon being burnt off. As this is oil saturated you will get the blue smoke. This will disappear, once the engine has been cleaned out internally by the 2sO.



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Some BMW drivers recommend Pennzoil 2T oil.

Got that for RM24 in malaysia.



PENNZOIL® PREMIUM OUTBOARD AND MULTI-PURPOSE TWO-CYCLE OIL contains only ashless components which prevent any lubricant related preignition and plug fouling. The ashless additives protect against piston and combustion chamber deposits, rust, and corrosion. It resists gel formation due to water or other contamination. The special base stocks used resist piston and cylinder scuffing.



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haha....dont believe what is not verified...


lets put it this way....if it is that wonderful..the bike manufACTURER IS KEEPING MUM...


everyone has their idea what is best...

you go ahead and try...but you have been warned...


i am sure you will have a fantastic ride initially....until one day the carbon issue makes you wonder.....


one gentleman...tried this at the Phantom KNight thread some 6 months ago..


suddenly he went mia..after a couple of weeks..

i love my ezzyoiler

experience the miracle...

where chain cleaning is history...

call 91797182..


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somevracers DO USE 2 T....BUT they rebuilt the engine for the next race..

can you afford to DO that?

Edited by ezzyoiler

i love my ezzyoiler

experience the miracle...

where chain cleaning is history...

call 91797182..


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haha....dont believe what is not verified...


lets put it this way....if it is that wonderful..the bike manufACTURER IS KEEPING MUM...


everyone has their idea what is best...

you go ahead and try...but you have been warned...


i am sure you will have a fantastic ride initially....until one day the carbon issue makes you wonder.....


one gentleman...tried this at the Phantom KNight thread some 6 months ago..


suddenly he went mia..after a couple of weeks..


Verified by who? Fuel addictive companies?

Does scottoiler verify those DIY oilers work the same as they do at cheaper cost?


Read my previous post about the diesel driver's thread.

I believe angmo's comments are more respected and creditable in singapore than the local's.


Anyway, 2T oil as fuel additive is not going to rival with your chain oiler business.

They are different applications, lubricate different parts of the bike.

And I do lubricate the chain regularly too.

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I use Maxima Chain Wax on my chain and sprayed it somewhere in January. Till now, i haven't spray or clean my chain. Just so you all know.

[2005 Yamaha YBR 125]



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