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Tankslappers - How to handle them.


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now i know what is tankslapping, its qutie easy to experience on our bumpy portholes , some roads with lightning strikes, would have deep holes. Best instand reaction like the article says, is to stand on the bike and hang loose, let the bike stabilise (sort itself out of the bump). But most people's normal reaction is to grip even tighter to regain control, thats where the counter-force throws the rider off and tumble. Most bikes are able to regain control, the worst i find are low-rider cruisers and lay back maxi scoots, where you cant possibly stand properly on your bike to do this.

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Today, out of curiosity and shear luck, I found this nice piece of information while browsing. Thanks Raptor.

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nice post rap! :thumb:


can a powerful side swiping wind cause it as well?


coz i recall apr 09, the night "when the wind was so strong that THE crane got flung off a building", and the nea ppl reported strongest winds recorded in sg for a long time, that was the night i got a tank slapper, albeit my x1r no tank..


was on bke then, a trailer behind me.. handlebar shake violently left and right, i tightened my grip and it became worse.. fwa siao liao, braked and placed both legs down on road to help balance..


now that i read this, i did about everything wrong (tighten grip + brake)..


damn lucky never pengz, else sure become juice, what with the trailer behind speeding at abt 80kph... :faint:


anyw, i think this thread shd be "upgraded" where more ppl can see it. dun think it's just for tracking. :smile:

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Hum I read from somewhere before that the older generation of liter sports bikes

i.e 2001 models and older

Are more prone to tank slapping and instability when being pushed hard on the track compared to the newer 2009 models.

Is there any truth to this or is it just a myth?

Thanks ya :D






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Great information for newbies riders! Learned a new lesson! THanks raptor for the info!

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let me share m experience.

thankfull in my many rounds on the track i have only experience a tankslap once.

thats was at PG chicane before the finish.


as i recalled it happened becos a new track rider couldnt take his line tight and went wide floating into mine as i over took him. to avoid him, i had to swerve and with that i must have gone over an irregular spot on the track suffering a really dangerous tankslap.


i was lucky that day, becos although the tankslap basically threw me off my seat as i held on to the bars not willing to see my bike go down, it straightened out almost as soon as i went airborne. i somehow managed to land on my butt and carried on to the finish.


back at the pits, the rider , an angmoh apologised to me. we ended up riding back to singapore together and blasting at 300km/hr just before customs into the island


glad to have escaped unscathed that day.

it was scary indeed.

i guess when it happens, its impossible to really deal with it technically but developing natural good habits of not stiffening up as well and using the throttle to get out of trouble in stead of hitting the brakes could just be the key to a safer ride on the tracks.

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Theoretically you can try to prevent it but wen it really happen, good luck.

even world champion find it difficult to counter


I agree with deganduss.. sometimes, ***** happened and you are just afraid to let go of what you are holding on to.


To Raptor, its a great great article. Thanks for sharing!!

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have seen a video in this from forum teaching on how to encounter the tankslapper thingy but i cant seem to find it now though. iif i Tutuapp 9Apps ShowBox can remember the guy was riding a goldwing when he tried one.


while moving, he just knocked the handle bar causing it to wobble, however rider did nothing, no even the hands are on the handle bar, and after a few seconds it went back to a normal stable position.


one good video if one can track back.

A tankslapper is a rapid, high intensity and unwanted motion of the handlebars back and forth. Literally it is slapping of the bars from side to side that can get violent enough that it seems like they will actually hit the tank of the motorcycle, hence the name ‘tankslapper’. The bad news is they are scary as hell and can cause some pretty nasty crashes. The good news is that there are some very effective techniques you can use to handle them.

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