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What you like/ Dislike about your bike/s

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Hi people,


as the thread goes, what do you like about your bikes? (Past and Present Sides)

It's about your personal feel about your bike.



Let me start first then.


1) Honda NSR 150SP


Light weight, refreshing "Repsol" paintwork



Not enough power. (When it is ever enough? :cool:)



Taught me when you bought a lemon, it is going to drain your wallet until you get rid of it. The bike, not the wallet.


2) Honda CB400 Version S


Good fuel consumption.

Can put box.



I don't like the looks.

Brakes always scared me when raining.



Its amazing how a box can transform your biking life. Suddenly there is an option to do some shopping. And that the 42litre box can fit in all sorts of crap.


3) Fazer 1000 Gen 1


Looks nice.

Enough power. (sometimes) :angel:







The bigger the lemon, the smaller the wallet. :(


4) Fazer 1000 Gen 2


Looks sharper than Gen 1 (to me)




Smallish tank.



I discovered the joys of riding again.


Please continue. :)


Planet Motorcycle Supporter:thumb:

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Top Posters In This Topic


- cheap to maintain

- powerful 2b bike

- lightweight and small-sized; can cut thru traffic like a hot knife thru butter

- lots of cheap modification in bolehland


- noisy and uncomfortable over long distance

- braking system is bad

- Little to NO storage space and looks ridiculous with box

- expensive insurance



- nice sound and comfortable posture

- smooth VTEC engine

- power to fc level is very good

- decent storage space

- lots of accessories and modification

- gd market value

- ez to get 2nd hand stuff (juz look at garage's sale)



- Every regular joe and jane has rode on one before

- in production with new models, yet still uses dualshocks

- needs too much EO for a 400cc bike

- heavy compared to newer cl2 bikes



pro: ez to maintain, fun, lightweight, no roadtax, insurance, petrol and can go almost everywhere

con: too fat already lah, cycle abit, backside cramp already

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Yamaha RXZ 135



Shiny and new



Was stolen before I got a chance to ride it properly. Ugh.




Honda XL200



Good fuel consumption

Looks relatively cute and sporty

Nice colour (white)

Pick up good enough to accelerate away from traffic at traffic lights

Light, nimble, flickable and fun to ride

Cheap maintenance, simple construction

Tough and hardy, takes drops/crashes well, just kick it straight, replace mirror and/or signal light and you're ready to go :)



Wide handlebars make it difficult to squeeze (bike has been lowered, making handlebars just the correct height to hit car mirrors)

White gets yellow and dirty easily

Vibrates very badly at high speeds and lacks stability

Not enough power

Can't tour with bigger bikes (can hit 110km/h anything above that a bit difficult... sigh)




Yamaha RD350LC



It's an RD350LC lor. One of my dream bikes.

Beautiful styling (and the stock paintwork is gorgeous, even though mine didnt come with it)

Sounds terrific.

Had most of the important parts on it (those that are out of production)

Taught me alot about how to DIY and alot of useful mechanic skills

And through it I also made some really really good friends!



When I got the bike, the max speed was 80kph (yes really) the radiator fluid was leaking into the engine oil, leaking all over the place, smoking all over the place, the front brake piston seized, rear brake had no more brake shoe left (therefore it couldnt even stop reliably). in short it was a disaster.

Because of this bike I kena chopped jialat by a bike shop and wasted alot of good money. friends and even colleagues told me to get rid of it and get a super 4 but i didnt want to cause it was an rd350lc.

Now am restoring the bike myself (and with the help of one of abovementioned good friends) and it makes me poor (ok la not really la), dirty, tired, oily and smelly

Also dislike the fact that i cannot ride it now :(

Even if restored, touring with bigger bikes will be a challenge (ha ha)



Still rebuilding so i cannot really comment about the bike's capabilities (when i bought it it was a total disaster so that wouldnt be fair)




And that's the end of my short biking history

Edited by swiftee

boring rider. with a boring bike.

too old to want to appear interesting anymore.

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- Gets you from A to B with minimum fuss

- Nobody wants to steal it... oh wait... some idiot actually tried and broke my ignition key hole while trying to unlock the bars.



- The bike stutters when you grab a fistful of throttle

- Cheap plasticky side panels that are hard to take out and put in resulting in breakages

- Made in China standard.... oh wait... it is actually made in china


RxK 135



- fast! Smokey! And noisy!

- Its "old" now but probably would be "vintage" in another 10 years...

- Costs next to nothing to buy and keep it in "moveable" condition



- I dislike myself for selling it... should have just kept it... d'oh!!!

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Honda Wave 125



Very cheap & fuss free ride

Excellent straight up posture

Zippy to weave thru cars

42L box for everything under the sun!



Very light

Rear brakes was crappy


Honda RVF400



1st & only sports bike I've owned

Grey, black & white paintwork



I hate the posture

Brakes are not responsive (must squeeze very hard!)

Constant grounding problem (Never knew what's wrong!)

1st solo bike accident

Cornering is a nightmare (Maybe its me)

Girlfriend (currently my wife) didn't like it

Was caught drink driving & license revoked (Ya i know it's my fault)


Honda CB400 Spec 1 (Sub Rider)



Excellent posture

Great fuel consumption

Parts easily available

Every mechanic in Singapore knows how to fix a Super 4

Successfully changed spark plugs myself

42L box



The looks. Very retro & boring

Rusty headers (despite my usual application of 2T coating)

Cannot ride again due to license revoke


Piaggio X9 Evo 200



First scooter

Excellent storage! Under seat can store 56 pieces of M size Pampers! Proven!!!

Can blast rock music whenever I ride.

Seat & backrest are comfortable for my wife (She's asleep most of the time)

It's auto!!!



Mainenance is not cheap

Fuel consumption is terrible

Belt snap before

2nd bike accident (this time with my mother!)


Honda CB400 Spec 3 (Carb)



1st brand new fully paid bike

Heavily accessories (streetfighter concept)

Parts easily available

Carbon fibre Leo Vince exhaust (first time buying pipe!)

Reasonable underseat storage.

Excellent fuel consumption

Excellent riding posture

Sharper tail

Head turner



Same boring look (stock wise)

Discolouration headers again (I don't understand what's the problem, heat maybe...)

regret & bad mistake to sell her off


Suzuki GSR600 ABS K8



2nd fully paid bike

1st class 2 bike

Futuristic look

Head turner (because its all black!)

Excellent riding posture

Underseat exhaust

Not so common on the road



Parts are not so common (big problem)

No walk in servicing (not all mechanic knew about this bike)

Limited underseat storage

Deadly stares from CB400 riders


Overall riding - I think I'm more of a street bike guy. I don't know maybe it's just me...

Edited by Rain1407



If your latest plan seems absent of me... There is nothing I can do...

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this thread deserves a stick at Bike Specs and Review section..


Aprilia RS125


  • Head tuner.
  • Big size with big tank, good for tall riders like me.


  • expensive parts (schooling then)
  • no legal pipe (back then)


  • 1st bike.
  • lotsa money spent on it.
  • all my friends ride SP then, felt special.



Piaggio Hexagon 180


  • Auto scooter
  • lotsa space at boot and in btw legs


  • easily overheat
  • belt slips when overheat


  • my 1st belt snapped at lane 1 along PIE..!! (sibeh scary!!)



Honda RVF400


  • Another head tuner
  • nice torque and speed
  • uniquely V4 sound


  • Easily fried rectifier and coil
  • heating issues


  • my first 2A bike
  • first bike using illegal exhaust
  • my shortest ownership of bike (4mths)



Yamaha 125Z


  • cheap bike
  • light weight


  • not many aftermarket parts (bought back when it's first lauched)
  • no power if pillion (both me and pillion big size)


  • my 1st cub
  • my first kick starter



Yamaha Majesty 250


  • cheap maintenance (i only change EO when EO low warning lights ups)
  • very big storage underseat
  • easy on cruising on highways


  • rusty stock exhaust


  • served me well



Honda CB400 (Spec 1)


  • all mechs know abt it
  • reliable bike


  • old bike (spec 1)


  • 1st bike that brought me to Thailand
  • the bike that brought me and my wife down along NSHW
  • the bike that got 4 different aftermarket exhaust fitted before



Suzuki DRZ400SM


  • reliable engine
  • cheap maintenance (1 plug, 2 bottles of EO and reuseable oil filter)
  • good riding posture
  • good torque


  • narrow seat (balls numb after long ride)
  • too many accessories to buy (ebay, online stores, etc)
  • tube tyres (tubeless conversion or change rims to solve problem)


  • first bike that bring me to track
  • bike that got endless possibilities

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sporty looking


rear disc brakes

easy maintenance

good training (refer below)



too light

no power when needed (therefore needs good "foresight" and tolerance, hence good training)

a horn that meowed

small fuel tank



looks ok with box, so very convenient.

very trustworthy, brings me to places other than from A to B.

Be Safe & Wreckless


Sin Ming Editor 1 day jail, $2k fine for pillion death!


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a horn that meowed


lol... that's some amusing horn you have!

come to think of it, my lc350's horn rang like an old-fashioned alarm clock, but it's not the original horn anyway

boring rider. with a boring bike.

too old to want to appear interesting anymore.

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lol... that's some amusing horn you have!

come to think of it, my lc350's horn rang like an old-fashioned alarm clock, but it's not the original horn anyway


:lol: i meant not loud la.


urgent liaoz, gan jiong liaoz, press horn. meow. :faint: changed (read: meowed)

Be Safe & Wreckless


Sin Ming Editor 1 day jail, $2k fine for pillion death!


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my turn to do a like/disike for my 1st and current ride.


Honda TA150



* very comfy riding posture

* the most powerful cruiser in class 2b

* very reliable (never gave me major problems so far)

* gets me from point A to point B everytime w/o major hiccups

* stable at high speeds (>120kmh) or when encountering strong cross winds caused by nature or another vehicle zooming past.

* very cheap maintanance

* only kick start, no batt or low batt still can start!

* no or low demand among bike theives (who will steal this bike i wonder?)



* riding position gets kinda sian on longer rides (tempting to doze off when sleepy) :faint:

* high FC, 21-24km/l (bad power to FC ratio if you compare it to CB400)

* very low resale value

* not enough power when you really need it like getting out of sticky situations

* cannot corner low, low footpeg gets in the way. (see sparks!)



Aggregate Score: 8-5

Despite it's limitations (afterall it's only a class 2b bike) i still love my ride! :thumb:

Edited by ahcaibiker

Class 2B - 26/03/2009

Class 2A - 01/06/2010

Class 3 - 10/07/2009



1) Honda TA150 - 20/04/2009 to 31/08/2014

2) Honda CB400 Ver S - 12/07/2014 to ???

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Honda CBR 150



  • extremely fuel efficient (>40km/l)
  • has fairings and 6 gears, clutch
  • 4 stroke, very low maintenance, reasonable machine cost price
  • EXCELLENT for squeezing through peak hour traffic
  • mild lean forward position, reliable as a transport bike yet still fun to ride
  • magical electric start button



  • has fairings and clutch
  • high center of gravity
  • insufficient power, accelerates well only when pushed above certain rpm, not for speed demons
  • no kick start



  • 1st bike
  • ability to be selectively invisible to a certain group of drivers?
  • first bike brought to track, pretty fun to flip

baby, u're my love..



Sin Ming Editor got 1 DAY jailterm and $2000 fine for pillion death!

Rally Point: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5322898#post5322898

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Phantom TA200



- super fuel efficient! 40km/L

- cheap to buy 2nd hand, cheap to maintain

- comfortable for me n pillion

- put box n panniers, storage space POWER!

- never ever need to carry helmet around..



- no power leh.. 100kmh then vibrate like siao

- look a bit uncle bike

- too common!!


Super 4 spec III



- easy to ride, comfy too

- power is reasonably gd

- look nice with tank bra

- somehow i like the stock exhaust sound



- the signature chain sound

- fuel consumption double of phantom


Suzuki GSXR 600



- almost everything! my 1st brand new bike!

- headlights v unique

- power is shiok



- paranoid abt it getting knocked by other pple in carpark

- paranoid abt accidentally scratching it

- have to carry helmet n raincoat everywhere :S

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-easy riding posture

-very big tires

-excellent torque

-head turner

-fantastic thumper sound

-easy maintenance

-light weight

-easy to handle

-can go anywhere



-vibrates a lot at high speed

-what high speed? 80kph vibrate till wanna die already

-low range (80miles hit reserve!)

-no storage whatsoever (bought rack and panniers so its ok now)

-drum brakes



-my first bike

-got me addicted to offroad bike

-any mech can service/repair





-big bike

-big tires

-big tank

-head turner

-solid acceleration

-nice speed (fast!)

-super stable

-sexy (love the lines!)

-nice 2t smell (hahaha!)

-solid brakes

-super well equipped for 2b bike

-easy to maintain if no major repairs needed



-puny exhaust pipe

-puny sound (loud but puny)

-uncomfortable posture (shoulder ache, wrist ache, finger ache)

-bruised balls (when braking suddenly and too abruptly)

-must rev hard all the time

-expensive if need to replace parts

-puny storage



-my 2nd bike

-got me addicted to sports bike


** now the problem is...what bike to get next?? **

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Honda Wave 125



Almost impossible to break down

Comfort riding position



Cheap to maintain

Cheap to insure

Cheap to buy

Cheap to replace parts

Cheap to refuel ($5)




Uncle-looking bike unless u mod alot

Not powerful enough to get out of sticky situations quickly

Small fuel tank


'08 Leo-Vince Wave S


The day i quit riding,

Is when those whom I love,

Cry every time I get on my motorcycle.

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Yamaha X1



-Cheap bike


-Good FC(4litres can go 180km)

-save money from taking public transport

-bring me all the way to Batu Pahat and back

-very comfortable



-slow(crusing speed is 100km/hr)

-not tat good looking

-no legal after market exhaust


-too light,always blow away by big VEH


Honda Nsr SP





-tank big enff to asure me worth in going jb, inside jb for other purposes also

-consider cheap maintainace for a sportbike plus machine also cheap

-fast enough for me(highest 188km/hr)

-able to go touring with it(reach genting!)

-realli enjoy ridding it, wun bear to sell it

-parts easily find jb/sg



-engine not smooth

-fc quite high

-needs 2t(kanna caught 3 times for excessive smoke emmission)

-Pillion feels uncomfortable

-worry about piston jam if speeding above 160km/hr

-not enough storage spaces

Find a job you like and you will never work one day in your life. - Ryan

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Honda CBR1000RR 2005


- cornering very stable

- user-friendly power-band

- 299 capable

- Honda reliable engine

- nice looking front

- FC better than average (19.6km/l wit PC III)

- spare parts readily available



- underseat pipe! limited designs to choose

- very very little storage space

- put box very ugly

- stock pipe very soft hardly can hear

- signal not intergrated into mirrors

- no pole lights

- no hazard lights

- difficult to access spark plugs


stay calm and carry on...

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  • 2 weeks later...



- It's like the honda wave of all 2 stroke scrams

- It's great for enduro trails, and its fuel efficiency allows more focus and enjoyment on the riding than looking at the tank and wondering where is the next petrol station.



- Its not as pretty faced as the elder brother, the WR200


Yamaha X1


- Nimble



-Its a girlish bike


Yamaha RXK


- Its an underdog bike

- Great for transport

- Less worry about thefts

- Mods mods and more mods!


- Im not an ahpek

- Chicks dont dig ahpek bikes


Honda Version S


- Gr8 fuel efficiency, with the ever so useful reservie knob

- The legendary 'meter game' word u get to throw around

- Goes along well with the saying 'S4 is the best bike for Singapore Roads' I dont know who invented that saying


- Small rear tyre

- Ugly side panels

- Rear lights not so bad, at least better than project big but still ugly


Honda Spec 3


- The rear light

- A delight if youve rode previous S4 models

- Design


- Common bike

- I cringe each time i see a specIII with a box. No offence to box bros out there!


Yamaha RXZ

- The glory days of the 80s lives on

- Gr8 fuel consumption

- One of the few bikes that actually look better wit a box!


-expressway riding

-the occasional 2t top up


Yamaha R1

-to be continued...

When the game is over, the King and the Pawn go into the same box - Anonymous

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Heres an update on my RD350LC



Beautiful, striking head turner

Sounds mean

Smooth, reaches 100km/h before you even notice, then just keeps going (darn speed limits)

White (i like white)

Handles beautifully, stops beautifully

Lots of power on hand, very very responsive



Heavy (i am small sized)

Kick start

Fuel consumption :(

Need to buy 2T

Some parts are discontinued already, need to be quite creative sometimes

You worry about it being stolen

White (need to keep it very clean)

Noisy at night... when you come into the carpark all the dogs start barking

Edited by swiftee

boring rider. with a boring bike.

too old to want to appear interesting anymore.

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X-1R 135


likes :

light and nibble

decent pick up

ideal transport

lots of aftermarket parts to play around

good fuel consumption (50km per litre, full tank 4 litre), provided ya travel around 80km/hr+

stylish design

Easy on your pocket


dislike :

poor stability when the wind gets stronger

easily over load the vehicle (maximum load 110kg)

stressful, if the bike carries a pillion and conquering the slope

maximum speed approximately, 110km/hr


CB900F (2nd generation)


likes :

sporty street-fighter (CLS2 version of Super Four)

side cowl twin muffler

mono shock suspension

instant engine response

terrific torque

big tyres (180/55)

big and wide thick foam seat

big fuel tank (19 litres inclusive of reserve)

clock style tachometer & speedometer



dislike :

tends to heat up quickly during idling/ON-OFF traffic movement

heavy (196kg dry weight) and rather "wide"

limited accessories

CB900F discontinued, last production model 2007

conventional telescopic fork, non adjustable


CB1000R (2014)


likes :

good blend between super sports and street, very friendly on the road

compact design, agile, easy cornering

goodies of CBR engine, front fork and rear suspension (*both fully adjustable)

stylish digital speedo with tachometer

Pro-Arm equipped

seriously those whom rode a regular st bike, whatever you wanna have on your ride you can find it iin CB1000R

A head turner! Hardly seen on the road as well...


dislike :

engine heat up very quickly, do not wear shorts and ride

fuel consumption not as good as my previous ride

not many choices of st-legal exhaust

matte paint work, quite a big hassle maintaining it... still prefer gloss finishing.

Edited by mild_slevin

bike is a machine without soul, rider would inject new life and character to this machine


Xiao Rou Yi Hao & "Colossal" 919


Sin Ming Editor got 1 DAY jailterm and $2000 fine for pillion death!

Rally Point: http://www.singaporebikes.com/forums/showthread.php?p=5322898#post5322898

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1) Bajaj Pulsar 180 UG2



good FC + big tank(massive savings if top up at JB)

good pick up for a 2B bike

fat tyres + heavy, stable when cornering



cannot go anywhere to repair parts and get replacement parts

even though parts are sold cheaply in india, shipping them here is EXPENSIVE

engine and parts are not long lasting, cannot be pushed hard



it's a damn good bike for those who just wanna get from point A to point B. with weekly trips into JB, this bike can go anywhere without the need to top up in Singapore. 600km for a full tank!!


2) Yamaha DT125R



nice power for a 125cc 2-stroker

small, light and nimble

maintenance is very low, 750ml of engine oil and 1 bottle of 2T can last about 2 mths

electric + kickstart



parts are hard to find due to it being rare

drinks petrol at about 15km/l



a powerful scrambler yet small and easy enough to maintain, good for girls who are intimidated to get a wr200 for its height and lack of electric starter


3) Yamaha Nouvo Elegance 135



underseat box is big enough to put a spare helmet and raincoat

can put box at the rear to put in bags/laptops and etc

easy to ride, no need worry about gear

cheap maintenance, just change engine oil(800ml) every 1.5mths, gear oil(200ml) 3 mths and spark plug (6 mths), belting(a year)

no need to worry about tightening chain or lubing the chain

lots of aftermarket parts for this nouvo



the lousy rear suspension

the small tank, can last only 180km per full tank



better than spark or wave in my opinion. the extra space under the seat really makes a lot of difference. power wise and petrol consumption differences is minimal.


4)Yamaha WR400FS



massive pick up! can reach 100km/hr in less than a traffic light away

very light and nimble

when converted to a motard, it's truly a road hooligan

likes the torquey feel of the bike

a very powerful bike at only 18km/l for its fuel consumption

stable enough when riding at 140km/hr(clear meter so not sure if it applies for more than 140km/hr as well)



massive power loss when there's a pillion

discomfort when riding for a long time, thanks to the narrow seat

the wiring problem for lights and horns as the bike originally came to Singapore as a pure off road bike

the lack of legal aftermarket pipes, using the stock pipe will cause problem to the engine

higher maintenance for the bike

the lack of available spare parts in SG



When you want power, be prepared to pay for it. a value for money bike as it's sold cheaper than those new DRZ. just need to prepare to pay to maintain it. as good as a ktm 400 but minus the extra maintenance for a KTM 400. but price for parts wise, both are around the same price but of course, a ktm 400 looks prettier while a wr400 looks meaner.

Edited by firefox87
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Yamaha 125Z


  • cheap bike
  • light weight


  • not many aftermarket parts (bought back when it's first lauched)
  • no power if pillion (both me and pillion big size)


  • my 1st cub
  • my first kick starter

My Yamaha 125Z



Plenty of power provided you know how to ride at "supercharged" RPMs (no it's not "valve open then got power", please read up on 2 stroke exhaust design)

Can go 140-160kph with huge pillion (customised sprockets for 6000rpm @ 120kph on 6th

Very economical and reliable. Rev hard all you want for 6 years and still doesn't complain.

Big slap in the face for those who like to bully cupkias. Leave everyone (less skilled) standing still at traffic lights.

Cheap (and even optional for some parts) maintenence




Tiny fuel tank

Eats up 2T fast if you use stock settings

Wastes fuel on stock sprockets blasting away at 7500rpm to go 120

Tyres wear very fast

Does not like hot weather and fast driving.

It's a Yamaha, so she will dump you in the middle of the expressway if she doesn't like you, requiring expensive tow.


Honda Phantom TA200




Big, flashy, pretend-to-be-classic look. Lots of chrome. Will love you a lot if you polish well.

Small but efficient and torquey engine. Sounds great if tuned well. Can race in traffic light grand prix due to big torque and loud sound automatically making everyone else slower :D

Huge custom options.

Friendly & helpful Phantom rider community.

Huge tyres give great stability. Happily went 95kph in heavy rain when everyone slowed to 50. Super comfy due to long wheelbase and cruiser suspension geometry.

People will stare at a well kept Phantom and ignore a not well kept one. Take your pick!

Huge cargo space.

Big entertainment from hearing and feeling vibrations, intake sound, burbling exhaust, etc etc, with different feedback over the entire rev range, so many clues to help you maintain the bike and self-diagnose engine issues. Fun!

Unlike certain Yamahas, she doesn't leave you at the side of the road. Have Honda Will Travel.

Won't kill you since you can't speed easily. Will remind you immediately if any maintenance needs to be done, like your wife.




Bad weight balance, heavy, and long wheelbase. You have to think about driving a container truck, boat, or other large object to fully appreciate the machine.

Stock gearing is perfect for city driving but too short for highway speeds.

Everything will tarnish and rust easily if you don't clean religiously. Buy a Spark if you want an electrical appliance to get to work and back.

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Yamaha YBR 125cc




* Very cheap maintainance

* Unbelievable mileage 45-50km/litre

* Light weight

* Classic look of tail light (I like it)

* Stylish exhaust pipe(Default)




* Slow pickup (With pillion average 60kg, bike pickup like a duck)

* cruising is 80-90km only

* Less power compared to other 2B bikes


But i still love it

MaxSYM 400i (May 2013 onward)

Super Four (Jun 2010 - Present)

Yamaha YBR 125 (Feb 2009 - Jun 2010)

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