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Yamaha YZF-R125

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Nt Realli, although they might Actualli Hav da same standard of abilities

bt derbi comes with underseat pipe n wider which will look like a 600cc bike on street when u put in high porformance tyers, n its frm spain

bt no dealer in sg iz importing it, so we are juz bad luck


by da way da bike was setted to aim to be da 1st owned bike for a rider,so streein iz actualli better (:


In plain english, pls

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Digital cum FI bike for 125.. Not bad .. i like the brake caliper most.



2002 - 2003 Yahama Tzr 125 (FH1687Z)

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All the way across the board with no limitation

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  • 3 weeks later...

Check out the exhaust....




Wonder how much it would cost for one...

think it would fit Sgp roads perfectly!!

http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k127/jytheorem/SV%20-%20Skinzo/SV_jy.gif http://i87.photobucket.com/albums/k127/jytheorem/jy_sv.jpg

Wonder y my ST11 dun look as good as my SV...

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at ubi heard that juz machine price 18k



18k!? Might as well get a cl2 2nd hand sportsbike

GIVI Touring windscreen for FZ1 2006 onwards for sale - $90



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the price tag shudnt be more then 13k definitely. but its a 4 stroke...


Previous Rides: RXK 135, S4 Project Big 1, S4 Vtec1, ST1100 Pan European, Cbr954, K7 600, FJR1300 ABS, SilverWing FJS 400.

Current Rides: FIT 1.3 GF MoonRoof.

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kps bro, relax the price will confirm come down 1. Last time TZM/SP used to be in the 10k region as well.. anyway, i rather bring it's bigger brother to the tracks, but this yzf125 seem to be a SOLID transportation bike. Great brakes, looks easy on fuel consumption and maintenance, the designs looks like it will give good handling and for the fact it looks like a R6 from afar is a plus point. All in, I think it be a great transportation bike in SG.


Might get it in a few years time for transportation and a YZF-R1 for Msia and track :thumb:

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The HYOSUNG Comet GTR looks :lovestruck: ... :thumb:

First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature's rules biker-sans. Not mine...


The more we get together, the FASTER we'll be..


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May 98 - Oct 05 : GSX R400R FN3306D

Oct 05 - June 11 : '02 YZF R1 FBF3637M

June 11 - Feb 19 : '11 ZX10R

Feb 19 - ??????? : '14 S1000RR

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  • 2 weeks later...

wow.. this bike definitely looks like rs125 except for his exhaust which look more like a cls 2 bikes..

When your heart skips a beat, that's simply my thoughts giving it a gentle embrace!




I wish to be a Happy Girl!


Class 2B [21st Aug 2006]

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Wat i heard is this bike yzf r125 most probably will be coming to Singapore around January 2008 or maybe after the Chinese New Year...What i am thinking is that if wanna compare this bike to Aprilia rs125 model 2006 in terms of pick-up and top end, i'm sure this bike cannot beat Aprilia rs125 cos this bike is 4 stroke while Aprilia rs125 is 2 stroke.But if concern about the price and maintainance, i would rather consider this bike cos what i heard the price is around 7 to 8 k plus only while Aprilia rs125, the price if i'm not mistaken is around 12k { so around 4k difference } So just wait and see till it fully arrive in Singapore.I not too sure about the max speed of this bike...Anybody knows here???



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hey checked with shops in queensway area, roughly cost about 12800 on road.


12.8K? 18K?


All nonsense pricing for what is ultimately a bloody kup-kia engine mounted inside a SP type 2B sportbike frame.


Pretty but overpriced and underpowered.



It should be rightfully be valued 8K at the most... based on what a buyer would be getting.

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